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🌱Its for the Ivy that grows on all its buildings.🌱


Originally, Ivy was founded as a small suburb for the main hub of the Postal Service and waystop for travelers going to and from the capitol. It thrived as a small community and a few years later, natural hot springs were discovered up the mountain. Aqueducts were constructed to help carry the heated water to the town. Soon a variety of resorts and hotels popped up around them. The town quickly became known as a tourism and healthy hot spot with a unique small town feel. Most residents never leave, they work at their families establishments and keep the town running with the exception for those who want higher education and the postal workers.

🌱Temp & Climate🌱

Temperate Climate year round (22°C or 71°F) except for the winter months where for a very short time it snows.

🌱Flora & Fauna🌱

Flora & fauna that prefer warm climates. And a volcanic specific flower called Cordis.


It’s outside the capitol close to the Air Docks. (1 and a half hour carriage ride and 45 minutes for a single person on horseback) Its nestles near a small mountain range.

🌱Special Occasions🌱

Summer Festival
The Summer Festival is a yearly festival for families to sell travelers their unique wares, art and games. It starts in the middle of summer and lasts 4 days ending in fireworks at midnight on the last night. The first day is about Sports both organized and pick up. The events and games take place in the large grassy fields just outside of town. Tourists are invited to play and have a good time with locals and their children before the finale. Later, the final showcase of the day is the preliminary rounds to Etoilicia’s famed Gladiator Fights. The second and third days are slightly lower key and about artistry and showing off the creative side of both passing travelers and the citizens. Contests and classes are held for art, sewing, crafts, traditional Etoilicia food, poetry and short stories. Travelers often commission the local artists for family portraits during these days as the prices are specialized for the events. The last day is more akin to a carnival with fun games, shows, some shows even hire famous Laoluzia singers and dancers to draw more revenue and ends with a famous firework show.
Winner Festival
This festival is shorter than the Summer one and more localized. It takes place on the two days before the new year. The two days consist of gift giving to friends and family and visiting the shrine on top of the mountain. The children are often given money inside decorative ornaments and adults often share homemade foods and beverages.

🌱Architecture & Buildings of Interest🌱

Lots of buildings have hot springs built in  and due to their advanced aqueduct system they have easy access to running water. The common houses are built to have a house in back and a workshop up front with long windows so tourists can see craftsman at work and an open air shop covered by a roof connected to the main building. Some houses have water wheels on the side as well as gardens. The hotel and spa owners usually live in their establishments. The buildings are semi-modern looking(decently simple) with semi-flat roofs made of wood and pretty red brick. Some more expensive houses have tin roofs from the local blacksmiths that collect rain water and make soft tinkling sounds that echo through the rainy nights.

🌱Government & Laws🌱

It serves as a small suburb of Etolicia for mostly tourists, travelers and postal workers so it closely follows their laws.

🌱Trade & Specialties🌱

Volcanic and charcoal based products, art supplies, postal services(particularly long distance runners) and decorative cordis flowers. The cordis petal’s when crushed are often used as a special sweetener for their foods.


2000 residents ⅓ are traveling postal workers (Mostly postal workers, restaurants owners and their families who serve travelers who stay at the hotels and spas, and small traders) it's about 70% Annie 30% human but the humans are not really seen as lesser they’re more or less equal as the community, aside from the go-go-go nature of the postal service, is based on creativity and relaxation.

🌱Annie Residents🌱

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