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☂Derived from Iara (Eye-are-a) from Tupi y "water" and îara "lady, mistress".☂


A long while ago, a town called Oren was established by a human kingdom, Sasaka, to attempt to branch out into colder territory and experiment with different types of crops. They established a unique architecture for their buildings, living in the trees among the very vegetation they grew. They performed many kinds of farming to both supply Sasaka City and develop more fruitful methods of vegetation production, often by utilizing crystals created from Sasaka’s few Annies. However, eventually they realized that the soil in the area was diminishing in fertility and sought help from their capital, only to realize their nation had fallen under mysterious circumstances. Unable to support themselves, the humans gradually abandoned their hopes of developing the town or died trying to hold onto it.

Many generations later, the surrounding lands were still left unable to grow thanks to the crop experiments performed by Oren’s settlers. One day, a group of Annies came upon the ruins of the old town. Finding old logbooks left behind by the settlers, they took pity on the area and dedicated themselves to restoring and supporting the land. Building up into the trees to both avoid the frequent flooding, and to allow the land more freedom, the Annies worked tirelessly to restore the land that the humans had left so scarred. In order to signify the repurposing and rebirth of the settlement, they renamed the town “Iiara”.

Today, though the land is on its way to recovery, the Annies still remain, as it isn’t quite ready to sustain itself yet. As less needs to be done to restore the land, Iiara is gradually branching out into a more generalized research site, especially as they are sure other lands will also need to recover from the meteor shower’s destruction. Nevertheless, they have little income to work on. Those who don’t research ecology often stay because they are simply captivated by the vegetation and the crystals still scattered about that still glow in the dead of night.

☂Temp & Climate☂

Averaging -1°C (30°F) to 27°C (81°F). The land under the trees floods regularly due to excessive rain, the water levels usually do not rise up too high.

☂Flora & Fauna☂

Many of the houses are built around native Douglas Fir and White Oak trees. Many Black Cherry trees also survived the trials of the land like the pioneer species they are. Unfortunately, most other vegetation have died off before the Annies arrived, so very few of the native plants survived. Instead, Annies have spent their time bringing in various kinds of flora to attempt to repopulate the area. To this extent, Heather had been brought in countless times due to its hardiness, although measures are taken to make sure it does not become an invasive population.

Squirrels are especially common among the trees, using the oaks and their acorns as a plentiful food source. Woodpeckers are also rather common. In general, most fauna survived purely based on the trees available. However, recently the residents have started introducing new species of fauna into the area, including bees that form hives among the plentiful heather and rabbits.


North of Asternaive, but south of Luminoire. Surrounded on all sides by a massive forest.

☂Special Occasions☂

Monthly Ecology and Environment Progress Report:
The MEEP Report is held at the start of every month. All ecology staff gather to report on the status of their portion of the forest. Restoration efforts for the rest of the month are planned at this time. Occasionally, prospective ecologists attend these meetings as observers.
Arboreal Mastery Competition:
An annual competition-turned-holiday that any Iiaran may participate in. It consists of a cooking-from-the-land competition, a woodwork competition, and an ecology quiz. This event is so popular that select craftsmen from outside the village will sometimes attend..
Singing in the Rain:
When excessive rains fall, the ecologists are unable to do much of their ground work. However, in light of research stating that singing can help plants grow, a tradition of singing on days of long rain, or when the ground is too flooded to work on anything sprung up. A team of judges will assess who is the best for the job that day, and the best singers that come up are put on a mic to sing for the village, plants and all. These chosen will, of course, be compensated for their services.

☂Architecture & Buildings of Interest☂

The ground of Iiara is mainly untouched by any and all forms of construction. Instead, buildings are constructed three stories into the trees with bridges spanning between them. Buildings are constructed so that only those looking to work on restoring the land need touch the ground at any time. Wood is used extensively for much of the construction, though they only construct with as little impact on the environment as possible.

The Nursery:
A greenhouse where smaller plants are nurtured and where sickly plants are brought in to be treated until they are ready to be planted in the soil below. It is one of the few buildings to have a dedicated guard posted around-the-clock, especially since some specimens within are reportedly extremely endangered.
Ecology Directory Center:
A central hub for directing all the restoration efforts of the land. They have a library dedicated to records of the land and ecology books of all kinds. Weather prediction techniques are also researched and employed in this space in order to ensure the loss of plants is minimal at any time.
The Workshop:
Located on the edge of town, the building is made to store lumber supplies and contains a large ramp. This ramp is lowered and raised via a simple rope-and-pulley system assisted by magic to bring goods to the ground. Most woodcraft occurs here, though all goods being sent and received between Iiara and other locations go through here and the small building the ramp connects to.

☂Government & Laws☂

Iiara is run by a small council consisting of a few head ecologists for managing the land’s continuing restoration and some politicians for everything else. Sections of the land below the town are divided among the residents, such that care for the land is evenly distributed among them.

In addition to laws against thievery and murder, there are laws in place explicitly protecting the environment of the ground below. Anyone who enters the ground below in a section they are not responsible for is swiftly punished, though the first offense warrants a mere warning so long as no noticeable damage has been inflicted on the ecosystem. However, there are cases of a few repeat-offending humans that were eventually used as nutrients to restore a huge swath of land they had damaged in the process of an attempted murder.

☂Trade & Specialties☂

Most of Iiara’s population works on ecological research to find new techniques to restore the land. Occasionally, when a researcher discovers enough techniques on their own, they’ll compile their info into a book and sell the information off for publishing. Most ecologists in the area get their funding this way, though anything they find of the job requires that the town itself get a decent portion of the profits.

Additionally, the town often sells some excess lumber off as building materials, and more frequently in recent years, furniture. Furniture made from the cherry wood is highly desirable, and it’s not as hard on the environment due to the tree’s hardiness in its growth.


The tree houses are difficult to construct, so Iiara’s population sits at about 1,500. Nearly all residents are Annies, though there are no official rules prohibiting humans are in place.

☂Annie Residents☂

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