How to Gain an Annie

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Welcome to our How to Gain an Annie journal!
Here we will explain to you the many ways you can obtain an Annie!

General Rules

What is a Closed Species?

❝ A species where you may not make your own character
without the permission of the creator, either by obtaining a MYO slot or adopting one from the creator themself ❞

Annies are Yamio's closed species.

You may not make your own Annie without a MYO slot.

Additionally, please do not DM any of the GDs or Yamio to help you with your MYO designs until you have acquired a slot

Check out our species traits sheet here!

Annies species sheet by Yamio


What is an auction?

❝ A public sale in which goods or property
are sold to the highest bidder ❞

Auction events are the most popular way to gain an Annie.

They usually happen once a month or every other month.
If you would like to know when the next event happens,
you can check out our schedule!

SB (Starting Bid) | the lowest bid you can place on an auction
MI (Minimum Increment) | the smallest amount you can raise a bid by
AB (Auto Buy) | you win the auction

Annies are usually released @ 11pm CET or CEST!
Unsure what time that is for you? Try this timezone converter!

The current prices are as listed:

*Prices are always subject to change*

SB: $180
AB: $400

SB: $220
AB: $520

Super Rare
SB: $350
AB: $750

SB: $450
AB: $950


Recently, we have gotten several questions and comments in regards to the AB prices.
These amounts were set by Yamio to make it more difficult for people to AB.

We have been receiving several complaints from the community,
that people were upset that they hadn't even had the time
to look at an Annie before it was auto bought;
sometimes within 2 minutes of the auction going live.

There are different ways that this could be prevented,
but for now we are trying this method,
as the general community seems to be happy with it.

* However, if this no longer proves to be effective, it may be changed accordingly. *


There are times when we want to give back to the Anniverse community,
we do so through raffles! These are relatively spread out across several platforms.


Yamio often streams on her Twitch channel! However, this does depend on her schedule/health.

To find out when she streams, you can follow her on Twitter or Twitch.


Occasionally, we will reach
a goal in our Discord server.
(Example: 500 member milestone)

You do not need an Annie to join the server! It is open to everyone ♥

* Click on the images to go to their respective pages! *

Events & Contests

All throughout the year,
Anniverse hosts multiple events!

Keep your eye on the schedule we update annually,
and the group front page to make sure
you do not miss any events!

We hold a wide variety of events throughout the years.
They include writing, art, design contests and more,
so everyone is included and can join in on them
depending on their skill!

Make sure to go check our front page for currently ongoing
events and contests to take part in and win amazing prizes!

Make Your Own (MYO)

* Please go through these journals first
for a better understanding of our MYO system! *

Annie MYO Information | AP and Bank Guide

Here are all the ways you can obtain an Annie MYO Slot!

♥ MYO Sales

Make Your Own (MYO) sales usually happen three times a year over on our MYO Shop. However, they are very competitive and slots tend to be gone within five minutes of opening.

You may purchase a MYO Slot with either $USD | AP or $USD + AP.

♥ Convo Points

Convo points are a point system we set up over on our Discord server, which rewards you with points for chatting and being active in the server! You can gain a point each day from our bot, Botami!

Save up points for these rewards!
Half a year (180): Common MYO slot
A year (365): Uncommon MYO slot

♥ Milestone Events

We also hold Milestone Events to celebrate the community hitting an AP goal! This is our way of giving back to our community for being active!

Once a certain AP goal has been met,
a MYO slot will be raffled off for purchase!

Keep In Mind

Twitch subs and Patrons get
early access to one slot each!

Other Ways

The Annie Market

Sometimes Annie owners just
don't connect with their Annies
or do not have the time to
develop them properly,

so they put their Annies up for sale
on the Annie Market.

Annies can be traded,
resold for the price they were bought, or given away if they were gifted!

Guest Designers

If you become one of the
Guest Designers of Anniverse,

you are offered
one Common MYO slot.
It is limited to one per GD!

* Do not ask to be a GD!
They are handpicked by Yamio! *

If you are considering purchasing an Annie, please make sure to read our

Terms of Service

Additionally, you can choose to co-own with someone else,
but you must split the price of the Annie.

We hope that this journal has helped out!

* Please remember to update the ownership(s) of your Annie(s) on the Masterlist so we can keep track! *

Coded by somnolent-a and softely
© 2018 - 2021 Anniverse
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Blackstardusk2's avatar
Are there any applications avaliable.... 

(i am trying to not misread so if i did, I am so sorry)
Meihia's avatar

What applications are you referring to? If you are looking to apply for the chance to design an Annie in one of our release events, we have a journal available for you to post examples of your work here ->Annie Guest Designer Application.

If you are talking about applications to gain an Annie, those are not available! However, we do have an Annie Market [34 up] where many Annies are available for sale, along with some MYO slots! As well as the MYO Shop | CLOSED that opens periodically!

I hope this helps you!~  759 Stufful by Chibi-Scketch
Blackstardusk2's avatar
Well i wanna try the guest application since i dont have much money or points but i was aiming for trying to make my own. I guess ill do the guest. 
Blackstardusk2's avatar
I am looking for an application to design one. Thank you very
I-am-Ayla-Cat's avatar
Really beautiful species!

Pity it is so expensive. I guess I'll just have to keep my eyes open for any events that I can earn a free one from!
Yamio's avatar
Aww thank you!!! ♥
Yuh, best of luck!
If you join our discord server, you can get a free MYO through activity points there as well! ♥
0jady0's avatar
umm, what is "AP"? sorry.. im new in this...lovey heart kitty 
tippisuu's avatar
[-ai- ROMANCE] Light Pink Heart Bullet by Gasara hi, hi~!
information about ap may be found here → AP and Bank Guide
ComfyNeko's avatar
But can you make a fanart of annies?
tippisuu's avatar
[-ai- ROMANCE] Light Pink Heart Bullet by Gasara of existing annies? you may!! :heart:
Annie Masterlist you can find the existing annies here!
(you will need to click the list to see the annies!)
everyone in the community loves to get art of their characters :heart:
ComfyNeko's avatar
Ok! Thanks for replying!
YunYeurei's avatar
How Many AP To Make Them?
Cammiio's avatar
Hello~ Love Pink 
The current cost of a MYO slot to make an annie is currently 700AP for a common slot and 1200AP for an uncommon slot, these prices are subject to change in the future!
Bunny Emoji-10 (Loved) [V1] 
YunYeurei's avatar
YoiKokon's avatar
Mmm, I Have A Question If You don't Mind, Can I Sale Annie Adopts With Points And The Price Is Lower Than 1000 Points?

Thank You For Attention..
kittengeist's avatar
Hello! You can't sell any Annie adopts as it is against our rules. You can only sell Annie adopts if you are a guest designer chosen by Yami herself <3
YoiKokon's avatar
M-More, Question.. Can I Earn A Free MYO Slot?
kittengeist's avatar
It is possible to earn a free MYO by entering contests and raffles! You can also earn AP (Annie Petals, the currency for Annies) and buy a MYO slot using those when the shop opens! For more information on contests and raffles, please read the journal above ^^
BluAjisai's avatar
I apologize for the question, it's not my intention to seem inappropriate. I wanted to know if by chance there is some way to volunteer as a guest artist, perhaps showing some works as examples to be reviewed and let you decide if the style is perhaps to your liking.
I'm very sorry if the question had already been asked before and you have already answered, I haven't found anything about it, you can delete my comment if you wish cute blush 
Meihia's avatar

Thank you for your interest in becoming a guest designer. Unfortunately, there is no application process as Yamio hand picks them all. However, she has taken note of your interest in being one.
BluAjisai's avatar
I understand ^^ 
thank you very much for the kind answer, I really appreciate it.
My best wishes to Yamio too. 
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