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Most of the Anniverse history is unknown, encrypted or lost, making it a mystery to understand in the present day. There are still places that may hold the ancient records of the Anniverse history, such as Songbell’s Library.

10 years ago, an esoteric meteor shower rained from the sky and caused chaos to fall upon the land. Due to the destruction, Annies and humans alike were left vulnerable and fearful, having to learn how to coexist with each other and rebuild their world. This resulted in towns that have a mixed population of Annies and Humans, however one party may be more dominant than the other.

Many wars led to what Aster is today, to read more about it,  Click here.

Today, the Anniverse is at peace; however, there are still tensions between humans and Annies, primarily over resources or prejudice. There are still some towns that do not accommodate the opposite species. An example being Elurra, a town full of Annies with no human residents.

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