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🌸Cherry Blossom and Flourish🌸


Over the course of several hundred years, Haneira has evolved from a small village of humans at the base of a mountain range to a bustling tourist town. Long ago, humans started to desecrate and disrespect the land they lived on. This caused an ancient Floravera to become upset with the humans. They triggered a landslide and pushed all of the humans out. A group of Annies moved in two hundred years later, and these new residents made sure not to take any more from the land than what they needed. The Floravera was pleased. They decided to bless the land with a giant cherry blossom tree, which grew along with the village.

Eventually, the town grew and started to branch out. They created more buildings and attractions, drawing in tourists and visitors from all over the world. Today, the town receives a constant flow of tourism throughout the year, but slows down during the winter.

🌸Temp & Climate🌸

As a town at the base of a mountain range, they are sadly stuck with very hot summers. Spring and fall, however, are more on the temperate side. The temperature can range from 31°C in the summer to 8°C in the winter.
31C (88F) 8C (46F)

🌸Flora & Fauna🌸

All kinds of flowers live and thrive here, but cherry blossoms are most the most common. Floraveras blessed by cherry blossoms also call this area their home.


Southwest of Asternaive, near the bottom of the continent. It is at the base of a mountain range.

🌸Special Occasions🌸


A festival celebrating the giant cherry blossom tree in the center of town. As it is said that an ancient Floravera blessed the tree, along with Senka’s magic, this tree is incredibly important to the town. During the event, residents sell all kinds of cherry blossom related items like charms, clothing, or household goods. This festival lasts 5 days, culminating in Senka’s return to bless the tree, along with a traditional dance performed by residents.

Summer Festival

A festival celebrating the start of summer, when most of the tourists begin to arrive. The inhabitants sell more summer based items like yukatas. It lasts 3 days, and ends with both a fireworks display on the summer solstice, and lanterns created by the residents with their blessings of choice being released into the river nearby.

🌸Architecture & Buildings of Interest🌸

The houses are very similar in design to traditional Japanese buildings.

Guardians’ House

House of the village guardians. It is rarely used as the two inhabitants live in another town.

Council building

Slightly outside of town square. This building holds the town council, who manage laws and decide punishments.

Mankai Inn

One of the two inns in the town. It is very well known because it sits in town square facing the iconic cherry blossom tree. As they receive the most tourists, the inn is rather substantial in size.


What they call the giant tree in the center of town. Having been placed there by the ancient Floravera, the residents consider it sacred. At the base of it lies the grave of the first guardian of the town, Genkei.


The town library. Houses the history of the town, along with many books donated by various travelers.

🌸Government & Laws🌸

The town has a council that manages day to day affairs. If two residents have a problem, they take it to the council to decide how to deal with it. Most members are elected by the populace; some choose to pass down their position to whoever they feel would fit the best.

As for laws, the one that is most ruthlessly enforced is: Do not harm or threaten the giant tree. It is a vital piece of history for the town, and even thinking of doing something to it is punishable by execution.

Murder, thievery, and other such things are also against the law, but the punishment is decided based on the severity of the crime. It can range from community service to execution or banishment along with a warning given to other towns.

🌸Trade & Specialties🌸

Haneira is known for the cherry blossom perfume that the Floraveras’ of the area produce. Another well-known feature is the crystal mine found nearby. Residents also make and sell various other cherry blossom themed items, including tea and mochi.


Roughly about 4,000 Annies live here, though most of them have arrived in the last twenty years.

🌸Annie Residents🌸

🌸More Information🌸

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