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Join the community for a night of games and fun!

Date/Time: TBA


There will be a community manager in each group to monitor cursing. If you are getting visibly angry or aggressive, you will be asked to take a break and calm down. Please listen to the mods if told so. We want this to be a fun and happy experience for everyone!

  • Games can get really frustrating at times, but please refrain from cursing and keep it to a minimum!

  • Do not pressure any member into buying you a game that you do not have.

  • Be respectful, if you don’t win a game please be polite.

  • It is your responsibility to check if a game is okay for you to play. If certain things upset you or trigger negative feelings, then you must check out the game tags beforehand and exclude yourself accordingly. The same goes for games that may be NSFW. If you are below the minimum age, do NOT partake in these games. We as a server/team will not be held liable if you are underage.

  • Let a community manager or event planner know at least 48 hours before if you cannot make a game night that you’ve signed up for!!! Since we have allocated groups, this will throw them off if we are not told ahead of time.

How it Works

There will be a Strawpoll to decide on a game if Game Night gets chosen over AnnieTIME. If multiple games are chosen, there will be multiple groups that will all be monitored by a community manager. There will also be multiple groups if the game chosen can only have a certain amount of players. 

If a stream game gets chosen, there will be Strawpoll to choose who will stream. 

Must have a good computer and stream setup

We will then have a sign up sheet if we need to allocate groups for certain games!

To participate in Game Night, join our Discord server!

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