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Gachagoops have chubby and gooey ears, tails and chests. Most have horned features, along with a jagged mouth and sharp, short claws. 

All Gachagoops hold a symbiotic relationship with a small creature called Leafies, which lives in the gooey chest area. 

General Information

Size & Weight

Height: 30cm - 42cm (12in-17in) 
Weight: 40kg - 55kg (90lb - 120lb)
Length: 33cm - 40cm (13in - 16in) 
(without tail)


They are omnivorous. Gachagoops eat minerals and rocks, but prefer Floravera mucus above all. Leafies help process the hard matters to digest food.


They tend to make guuh-sounds and use lots of body movement to communicate.

Base age of 20 years + lifespan of blessing.


Wet environments or where they are have access to moist or damp areas.  

Species Status

Due to the rise in hunting after the meteors, they have become more uncommon in the world.

Behavior & Relationships

♥ General demeanor and temperament
Gachagoops are an energetic and perky species! They can, however, become aggressive when cornered. Still, personality is individual to each one.

♥ Behavior with others of their own species
They can be seen in both small packs of 2-4 or solitary, but will  always be found near Floraveras. 

♥ Behavior with other creatures
They have a symbiotic relationship with Floraveras, Gachagoops trade fruits, berries, and flora for Floravera mucus, which they consume as food. They are fond of Nilrisa bulbs as they find them very tasty, but do not eat fully grown Nilrisas. 

♥ Behavior with Annies
They are very versatile pets as their goo can be used for various things. When Gachagoops shed, their goo crystalizes. This hardened form can be used for smithing and crafting. It is quite durable after it has been forged using high heat. Their goo is also used as a fertilizer for Nilrisas, but applying this fertilizer is done mostly by Annies since Gachagoops tend to eat the bulbs. 

♥ Behavior with Humans
If a pack of Gachagoops have been hunted by humans, they will be on guard against them. Otherwise, they'll be fine when near humans.

Reproduction, Growth, & Health

♥ Reproduction
Gachagoops are born from eggs. These eggs must be laid in an environment with high moisture or in water, but they are not are not laid in clusters.

♥ What does the offspring look like?
Smaller, softer, and less gooey than their parents.

♥ What are the parent’s responsibilities towards the young?
Parents never stop being protective of their young. Do not get too close to a wild Gachagoop with younglings! Gachagoops tend to stay with their parents for a long time unless they are being taken care of by Annies. 

♥ How long does it take to reach adulthood?
They are considered an adult around 3 years old, but Gachagoops continue to grow until the age of 5 or 6.

♥ Weaknesses and health issues 
Gachagoops are dependant on moisture or water to keep their goo hydrated. If the goo dries out, it can be fatal.

Due to the crystal fragments they are able to produce within their goo, as well as being on the smaller side, they were over hunted after the meteors fell due to lack of resources and the competition to get the towns running again.

Gachagoops and Leafies must be in close proximity to each other. They also must live in a location with a plentiful source of food. Lastly, Gachagoops need company of some sort, like other Gachagoops, Floraveras or Annies. Otherwise, they can become incredibly lonely and sad. 


Gachagoops and Leafies live in symbiosis, Gachagoops provide a safe place for the Leafie to live and in turn, the Leafie helps to digest food and separate the useful nutritions from the waste. If a Gachagoop or Leafie gets sick they can be separated from each other, but must be kept in close proximity to each other.

Gachagoops are born from eggs that are laid in a moist environment or in water, but unlike most aquatic creatures, Gachagoops do not lay eggs in clusters. Blessings are determined when they are in their incubation period. They are excellent swimmers and prefer to live near water but as long as they have access to moisture and company they can live anywhere. 

They require a lot of food and are omnivores, even eating rocks, metals, minerals and gems. However, their prefered food is Floravera mucus so where there are Floraveras, there are Gachagoops. They trade fruits and flowers from their blessings or scavenge to get mucus from the Floraveras.
Gachagoop goo is very valuable as it can be used for fertilizing Nilrisa bulbs. When Gachagoops shed, their goo hardens, and can be used for smithing and crafting. The goo is very sticky and Gachagoops use it to protect themselves, spitting it at possible threats. They have jagged mouths that are very strong and short sharp claws for digging. If you ever encounter an aggressive Gachagoop, it is best to back off since you can quite easily lose a finger or arm to them. If they are blessed by a toxic plant, it is best to seek help quick if you sustain an injury from them!

They are naturals at finding metals, minerals, and gems, so Annies tend to have a Gachagoop with them when looking for materials to use for their weapons. This species is a bit more intelligent than the average dog, making them pets that are very loveable, caring, and loyal. However, when the shedding period comes, most tend to leave them at a daycare where they can shed freely. If you however get goo in a place you don’t want, Floravera mucus is a good way to clean it off since it can have dissolving properties. Gachagoops like to stay warm when they sleep, often seen cuddling up to Floraveras. So don't be surprised if your Gachagoop tries to sneak up into your bed at night!

They have limited magical abilities that strengthen their bite and claw attacks, This also helps with digging and devouring rocks and minerals. They have a keen nose for finding metals and gems that they eat to empower their goo.

In legend, it is believed that powerful dragons created the Gachagoops to help them find valuable gems and metals. Long before the meteors hit, it was seen as a sign of high social status to have a Gachagoop due to this reason.  

Original species concept by moonbeani | Lore by Yamio

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These are really cute creatures..
< totally not feeling like eating gummie bears >
cant wait to see how they integrate with Annies
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They surely are ahhh! //V// We will have so much fun with them!!
As soon as the transition period is over, we will make sure to include them in event! ♥
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the artist is part of the anniverse now????! -gasp- -so excited to see more of these cuties-
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The species is officially part of Anniverse now! //V//
Moonbeani will return as a Guest designer for events!
Right now we are working on transitioning Gachagoops over to Anniverse, Making new Masterlists and Species sheet to go hand in hand with the other creatures of Anniverse. ♥
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Congrats on the acquisition! I'm interested in seeing how Gachagoops pair with Annies in the future.
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Thank you so much!!! We are too! //V/// ♥
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it's one of the species found within the anniverse!
Yamio purchased the rights to it from the original species creator ^^
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there's going to be more coming out soon ^o^)/
They're all wonderful species ♥
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