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🌲 Foirswald | Torrential Forest 🌲

🌲 Background 🌲

The town of Foirswald is located amidst a forest, near the coastal cliffs of the east.
Within these woods, a long lasting feud between two powerful witches left its scars on the landscape.
The first witch, Maria, also known as the witch of jealousy, rules a small town mostly comprised of humans.
As for the second one, Marie, also known as the witch of wolves,
plots her revenge against the townsfolk who killed her wolf familiars.
The rage she feels pushes her to try and conquer the whole forest and turn the small town to ashes.

Meanwhile, Maria protects the town from Marie. It might be worth noting, however, that it is not out of benevolence or love for the humans, but rather, they make for nice playthings.
Using her shapeshifting magic, she often wanders around town,
playing pranks and tormenting the poor villagers who only want to have a peaceful day.

While the villagers may not be too happy about it, they do stay loyal to the Witch of Jealousy,
as she is the lesser of two evil, when the only other option would be
to die by the fangs and claws of the creatures in the forest.

The main source of economy for the town are the traveling merchants who find their way to Foirswald.
Maria grants them the appropriate protection from the forest,
and in exchange, they trade with the town and its inhabitants.
Maria’s main source of income comes from the potions that she sells to those who dare approach her.

To this day, no one is certain which one came first. Foirswald, or Maria?

🌲 Temp & Climate 🌲

It’s around 15-20 degrees due to the winds from the ocean, however, the trees surrounding the town help blocking the winds enough to regulate the temperature.

🌲 Flora & Fauna 🌲

There are many flowers and mushrooms on the hill, as well as several kinds of fish in the nearby waters.

Wolves and other creature can also be found within the forest.

🌲 Location 🌲

In the northeast by an ocean’s cliff, close to a hill, surrounded by a huge forest. Maria's house is on the very top of the hill.

🌲 Special Occasions 🌲

At the beginning of spring, the villagers will go on a wolf hunt to reduce their population.
As the village relies heavily on their sheep for food, wool and the likes,
the wolves who have been eating much less during the winter become a danger.

To ensure they can protect their livestock, the villagers have to directly challenge the forest and its predators. Of course, they try to reuse the corpses of the wolves they hunt by turning their pelts into clothing and their meat to cook into a local delicacy. Tourists don’t seem to enjoy it though.

🌲 Architecture & Buildings of Interest 🌲

The houses are made of wood from the forest.
They are quite old fashioned and rustic, and not very advanced with technology yet.
However, they use a lot of crystals to make their life easier.
Maria’s house on top of the hill also functions as a shop.
It is surrounded by flowers and overgrown plants.

Marie’s hidden house in the forest is impossible to find due to her misleading spells.

🌲 Government & Laws 🌲

There is a small group of elders who assist with governing the town.
However, conflict often arises between the elders and Maria, who usually gets her way.
It is not rare when one or more of the elders do not return from meetings with Maria.
Frog sightings in the missing elder’s house seem to always happen around the same time.

🌲 Trade & Specialties 🌲

Thanks to a few travelers from Songbell who were found injured and unconscious in the forest,
the inhabitants now have access to a source of energy they did not have before.
After being saved and healed, the Songbell merchants taught the citizens of Foirswald
how to build a small barrage that would harness the waterfall’s water and create enough energy
to recharge the magical crystals used by the town.

Traveling merchants can pay a fee to help recharge their own crystals if they are compatible with it.

The witches sell their potions to the villagers and passing merchants
and form the main reason traveling merchants go to the village.

🌲 Population 🌲

It is a small village, so there are around 2,000 people. Barely any Annies live there.

🌲Annie Residents🌲

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