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The first great major war of the continent of Aster occured about 3000 years ago. The rise of unblessed Humans who eventually became segregated by the blessed ones, spurned the creation of the Annie name. At first, everyone would refer to themselves as human, but as the tension rose, the unblessed ones, jealous and abused by those with blessings eventually started treating them like animals. They say the conflict first started with smaller issues, like people believing that being unblessed was a disease or a curse, and as time went by, violence between the unblessed and the blessed ones escalated quickly.

Murders, hate, discrimination, each side suffered through all of these as they were trying to prove their point. Annies believed that nature should not be tamed, that what it does, happens for a reason, and that humans were wrong when they were trying to fight the elements.

Humans on the other hand had seen nature take what they cherished the most from them, losing shelter and loved ones to the fury of meteorology. More and more they tried to fight back, expanding their cities and taking more from nature to ensure their survival. Being unblessed meant they couldn't use magic to solve their problems and even if they wished they could harm nature less, they were still persecuted by the crimes of their ancestors who disrespected nature.

When the conflict finally reached war status, both side had reached a mentality claiming that you either were with them, or against them. No compromise. Over time, Annies were victorious, they magical superiority giving them an edge over those who were limited to the bare minimum of what they could craft. They were banished and forced to rebuild their society from the ground up.

The second war was not as much focused on the differences between Annies as much as their attempt at stopping the creatures of the equator from invading Aster. The most powerful Annies and mages all joined forces to create a barriers and seals, to keep the powerful creatures away. After the battle, those who fought chose to reside in a town near the equator and helped it prosper for years to come. However, rich Annies eventually claimed the town as their own, they knew that a town sheltering so many heroes would forever prosper into greatness.

Many royal families fought over who would reside on the throne and after killing each other for a while, only one General remained. That general would then become the king of Bord the Etoilicia. He ruled well for a while but when his time to hand over the crown came, successors were selected over their blood lineage instead of their ability to lead. One such successor’s greed led to misery and suffering from the townsfolk and no one dared to challenge him. No one, but one woman named Villian. She challenged him to a duel, which he refused. For years she returned to challenge the king, defeating his soldiers again and again until she finally made it to the king’s chamber.

She beat him to a pulp, dragged his body to the public plaza and finally executed him in front of the populace. She then claimed the throne as hers. She promised to correct the wrong of her predecessor and the townsfolk all cheered at their savior. Nobles were expelled and the armies of the king all vowed they loyalty to Villian. Thus, is how her reign as the next tyrant begun.

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