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✲The name means ellipse & orbit.✲


One day, a group of travelers went looking for crystals in hopes of bringing some back home. The travelers begun to harvest, but accidentally damaged one of the crystals in the process. The crystal exploded, causing more explosions to be triggered within the ground. A large anti-gravity crystal was launched into the air, taking a large landmass and all its inhabitants with it, and in the air it remained. While plans were made to evacuate those on the landmass, the island did not stay in one place and it was a while before the island was located again. By this point, those on the island had settled in and decided not to leave with the airship, and instead made plans to have the island’s location tracked and have airships sent regularly.

The town now orbits around the continent because of the crystal's anti-gravity magic, though oddly enough it does not seem to venture far outside of Aster. Other smaller anti-gravity crystals in the town allow the residents to make other objects float within its borders, often creating levitating ornaments.

The town left a valley filled with a mysterious and strong energy behind on the ground. The energy has still not dissipated to this day, but none have been able to gather results from a distance, and all those who enter are not seen again.

✲Temp & Climate✲

The town takes on the same climate as the area it happens to currently be travelling over, though floating as high as it does, it typically sits at 10°C cooler than the ground it passes over. It also tends to be windier than on the ground.

✲Flora & Fauna✲

Northern plants, such as pine and oak, flourish in the town. They typically grow extremely large, which is rather beneficial for the architectural style of the town, since it so often relies on building around the trees. Northern animals, inclusive of squirrels and rabbits, are native to the island, but after the island’s upheaval some of the larger animals, such as deer, dwindled due to the smaller land-area present on the island, though they were few in number to begin with.


There is no set location, as the town constantly moves. Its original location, however, was the southwest of the continent, near Verletzen but further Southwest.

✲Special Occasions✲

Different hotels tend to organize their own regularly-held special events in an ongoing competition to see who can attract the most tourists and get the best reviews on the island.

Culture from Below
When the town ventures near another existing town, the locals typically change their offerings and decor to match that of the nearby town a bit, and stay as such until they wander further away. If there is a festival going on in that town, they will occasionally throw the same festival on the island itself. This doesn’t happen every single time, but it does happen quite often.
Origin Festival
A special celebration held as the island passes close to its original location, at which point people drop light objects, such as feathers or leaves from their blessings, into the energy itself (or, rather, close enough to it). Restaurants typically also like to bring out their finest dishes, bars their finest spirits, and merchants typically bring out special items around this time. A small play about the town’s origins usually occurs, with children occasionally playing parts in it.
Gravity Ball
While frowned upon by many, the youths of the island infrequently manage to gather together and find enough floating crystals to make themselves float and use themselves (or, usually, one or two unlucky attendees) as “balls” to toss at one another, though the exact rules of the game vary each time it happens. They treat it as an island-wide event (though it is most definitely unofficial), often with some sort of prize for the last person standing. This usually ends badly, but it keeps happening and some of the adults support it out of nostalgia and tradition.

✲Architecture & Buildings of Interest✲

Buildings are typically erected around tree trunks in order to lend them extra stability on the moving island. Most of them are built to account for large groups of people, thanks to the resort nature of the town. Only the smallest buildings are built independent of tree-trunks. Buildings are generally made from wood. Many of the buildings qualify as attractions themselves, each with their own quirks that set them apart from the rest on the island.

Aster on Elytte
A museum containing many curiosities from around the continent. For an extra fee, they offer guided tours where knowledgeable staff will further explain the known details of each item, It’s famous for being the oldest of the museums on the island.
Sky High Hotel
Known as the highest building on Elytte, the staff here works around the clock to make sure guests are treated like royalty. Some claim they have never enjoyed sleeping as much as in that inn. When the island is colder, guests claim they have the best hot chocolate on the island. Some claim it’s the best in Aster.
Underland Observatory
A glass-bottom (closer to crystal reinforced with magic and turned transparent) compartment located on the edge of the island that allows people to safely watch the land below pass by. Admission is 50 Petalies for the day.

Continental Concourse
The market spans a good portion of the outer edge of the island and is close to the port where airships dock. Merchants from across the continent come to bring their wares to the island to sell off. Merchants will buy at higher prices because they know they can get away with selling at higher prices on the island, since most can only get off when an airship docks there, but at the same time they’re both the most convenient market on the island with the highest quality standard.
Her Restaurant
The founder wasn’t great at names, but she was apparently REALLY good at cooking. This restaurant is known for importing its ingredients from some of the best sources, and they always seem to come up with the most varied assortment of specialty dishes on the entire island.

✲Government & Laws✲

The town functions under Democratic rule. All residents can be elected to any office (unless they do something that warrants an exception to the rule) and all residents can vote between them. A parliament makes decisions for the town. Travel is unrestricted for both humans and Annies to the island, guests or otherwise. Those who bring harm to the village get sent off the side, however, and can only hope they fall in water.

The government is affiliated with the ITA to obtain necessities, but trade doesn’t happen very often due to the island’s constant movement.

✲Trade & Specialties✲

The town is known for its popularity as a vacation destination with a large assortment of attractions. It has a wide array of resorts, museums, and other destinations unique to it. It’s also known for gathering many odd items from across the continent into one place. Visitors often find rare or odd items in the various markets scattered around the island. It does not produce many of its own products, and the town likes to keep its floating crystals on the island alone, but it has become a sort of culture hub instead, building on the cultures of others to create something both familiar and new to everyone who visits it.


About 3,000 residents are present on the island. However, there is often a 1:1 ratio between residents and tourists. Occasionally there will be a 1:2 ratio.

✲Annie Residents✲

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