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Well known for its houses made completely of ice, and its renowned onsen. Despite this, however, Elurra is extremely isolated and keeps a very minuscule population due to the harsh climate and steep restrictions on residency.  Many Annies choose to reside here to become closer to their blessings and to live with the assurance of peace and safety within its borders. Due to its location, Elurra is always covered in snow, regardless of the season. The temperatures fluctuate somewhat, but never go above freezing. Elurra, despite its climate, is suitable for Annies of most blessings. The fabric used to make clothing in Elurra is specifically designed to insulate and amplify body heat, enabling Annies to survive year-round in sub zero temperatures.

Elurra had been home to both humans and Annies alike for nearly a century. Originally, humans and Annies lives harmoniously among each other. However, as more Annies moved in and the human population dwindled due to the harsh climate, Annies began to take control. Over the years, tension began to build between the two. The humans felt betrayed by the Annies, whom they had once regarded as allies. Humans began to steal resources, vandalize homes, and start fights. Decades passed, and eventually the humans withdrew to the outskirts of town but continued their antics. Elurra was in disarray with fear of an uprising from the humans.

Roughly ten years ago, A man named Absalon moved to Elurra, and quickly took charge of its policies and security. He created a defense system for the town, as well as affiliating with the Imperial Trade Alliance. Many respected Absalon as Elurra's new leader and commended him for the work he'd done to make the town flourish. They felt comfortable with him in charge and viewed him very highly. While some believed he was a bit too harsh in his new policies to completely ban humans within Elurra's borders, few disagreed with his motives or morale.

Just a few years after Absalon became Elurra's leader, he discovered that the humans living outside the town had been kidnapping young Annie children. Appalled by this and took it upon himself to save the children regardless of the potential repercussions. However, for the humans this was the final straw. While they had been considering a revolution for years, this act caused them to begin preparations for a formal assault on Elurra. A few years later, the humans finally ambush Elurra, soon after the sun set that year. The civil war between the Elurrans and the humans resulted in the complete decimation of the human settlers, and the victory of Elurra.

Currently, Elurra is very stable. After the civil war, the tension between the humans who previously lived on the outside of town was completely alleviated. Politically, Elurra tends to be very isolated, as Absalon makes decisions primarily based on what will benefit Elurra without considering anything outside. He refuses to make alliances or to have Elurra involved in any sort of disputes. Elurra is a very safe place, shielded by the wings of its protectors.

❅Temp & Climate❅

Winter:(-50 ° F) - (-80 ° F) / ( -45°C) ( -62°C)
Summer: -27C (-18F)   -17C (0F)

❅Flora & Fauna❅

Plant and animal life in Elurra is very limited due to its harsh climate. Many animals native to the arctic region frequent the area, or are kept as pets. In recent years, Polar bears have been tamed, and used in place of horses for long distance travel where boats aren't available.

As far as plants go, most of Elurra's plants are imported from warmer regions, although there is select indigenous plant life. Elurra is littered with snow covered trees that serve to block out harsh winds when storms do happen. Snowdrops and other northern plant species also grow naturally in the town.


Elurra is within the arctic circle, and the furthest north of all of the towns in the Anniverse. In terms of location, it's just shy of the north pole, only a couple hundred miles south.

❅Special Occasions❅

Twilight Festiva

The twilight festival is one of Elurra's most renowned yearly events. It is held on the first day of the year that the sun begins to set.

New Years Festival

The new years festival is held to celebrate and welcome the new year.

Dawn Festiva

The dawn Festival is held on the first day of the year that the sun begins to rise.


Weddings in Elurra are a HUGE event. Everyone in the town attends, and all contribute something. In Elurran weddings, it’s important to have both the bride and groom’s blessings present.
Weddings always happen during daylight. If a couple is engaged in the months where Elurra has no daylight, they wait to be wed. The month leading up to daylight, namely February, is the most common time for proposals due to the fact that the sun rises on the Spring Equinox, March 21st.

❅Architecture & Buildings of Interest❅

Elurrian houses are made entirely of ice. Like igloos the ice and snow serves to insulate warmth within the household, as well as the use of candles to generate extra warmth, because of this Eluriran houses are fairly small in order to seal in as much warmth as possible. While houses are warm inside the ice within them doesn't melt due to the sub-zero temperatures outside serving as a balance.

Elurrian architecture is based on traditional Japanese architecture, although as stated before, each building in Elurra is made completely from ice.
Some buildings of interest are the town guard building that lies near the entrance of Elurra, the Pub, which is located near the center, and the Onsen, which is one of Elurra's most renowned tourist sites, although tourists are rarely permitted within the town.

The town uses no electricity, just magic!
Despite being made of snow and ice, the homes are able to sustain warmth inside, much like igloos, as snow insulates heat. Candles are also used as a more natural heat source inside of the houses.

Elurra House Concept  by ShiiroHanaYume And Absalon's House Copy by ShiiroHana

❅Government & Laws❅

Elurra has two guardians, Absalon and Ithandul. Absalon being Elurra's sole political leader.

Elurra thrives based on a traditional economy. Many goods are received through trade rather than a set currency although a currency is in place. Their system of government was previously Oligarchy headed by village elders, however, it has recently been replaced by sole leadership under Absalon.

❅Trade & Specialties❅

Elurra is affiliated with the ITA, making trade there very common. Many Elurrians work via trade (specializing in a skill and selling it). Given this, Elurra is very well known for its skilled blacksmiths, seamstresses, etc.


Elurra is a very small town with a population of around 400. The population is only made up of Annies, humans are hated by most here.

❅Annie Residents❅

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