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🔥Means fire in Icelandic. Sounds like Elder.🔥


Despite its relatively small population size, Eldurr is one of the oldest towns in Aster. It began as a humble outpost for those who worked in the nearby mountain mines. The population went about their daily struggles thinking little of the future, and instead living in the now. However, one year, a terrible snowstorm triggered an avalanche in the surrounding area and the much-needed imported goods could no longer be obtained. As the townsfolk struggled to clear the snow and form a path, they were suddenly blessed by the presence of a kind-hearted phoenix.

The phoenix, seeing the people’s struggles, gifted them some of its sacred fire. This magical fire cannot be put out by normal means; it’s a mystical flame that can only be extinguished when a Phoenix or Phoenix blessed Annie takes it back. If no such person does so, it will continue to burn for eternity. Soon, with the help of the Phoenix’s fire, the little outpost grew into a thriving small town which bathed in the orange glow of the 30-meter-wide blaze.

While experimenting with the fire, one smith discovered that using it in the forge allowed them to easily add enchantments and special attributes to their crafts. This discovery, combined with the plethora of raw minerals and ore in the region, had lead Eldurr to become known as a smith’s dream town.

Although the divine fire brought great joy to the populace, many of the Annies were worried that the humans would misuse and disrespect the gift, as the town had been a mixture of Annies and humans. They worked together to survive in the cold climate of Eldurr and had relatively peaceful relations, but the doubt was always there. Thus, the Annies began to slowly chase away the human population and provided excuses as to why they should leave. The humans, without any magical capability to defend themselves, left with only a few remaining. The rest of them were forced to reside in the outskirts of the town, far away from the fire.

Those that lived closer to the fire wore fewer layers of clothing, and those further away wore more due to the lack of heat. The Annies have also since developed and passed down heat resisting spells, so that they and others may be closer to the great fire. Any children who occasionally fooled around with the sacred fire for silly spells and such were quickly told off by the elders.

🔥Temp & Climate🔥

10°C (50°F) to -30°C (-22°F)

🔥Flora & Fauna🔥

Thanks to the sacred fire in the center of the town, the area surrounding the fire slowly transformed into a meadow of winter blossoms that bloom in springtime.
The town is also surrounded by coniferous forests, which contain trees such as pines, spruce, alder, and larches. It also has a wide variety of berries, that includes Cloudberries and Cranberries.

All animals that can be found in the tundra can be found in the Eldurr area. Reindeers are used to pull sleighs that transport the ore from the mines to the town. Huskies are also an alternative to Reindeers, but not as popular. When it comes to non-domesticated animals, like wolves, many dangerous packs live near the western mountain region. They particularly reside around the Ulfurr mountain specifically, so the town avoids that area as much as possible.


Eldurr is located far to the mid-North, near the North ocean. However, although close, the ocean is blocked by a long range of mountains that are to the east of Eldurr. The usual route through the blocked mountains happens by following the Arcmar river. Any other path is deemed too dangerous. The town of Elurra is towards the northwest of Eldurr, and is the closest surrounding town.

🔥Special Occasions🔥

Every time the population takes some of the sacred fire to their homes for use, they engrave beautiful designs on a piece of wood and throw it into the blaze. They do this ritual to exchange for the fire they take.

Summer Solstice Barbeque

During the summer solstice, a multitude of cooks gathers together around the beloved fire to grill a huge feast for the entire town. The cooked food is sold at stalls that are set up in the meadow, where many professional and mature performers come to perform. These performers include singers, dancers, and those of similar professions. The town uses this day to relax and enjoy themselves, and to celebrate the prosperity of the town.

Winter Solstice Gratitude Festival

This festival is more solemn occasion than the summer solstice barbeque, and on this day the population engraves words of thanks on small flat pieces of wood. They can write about anything they are grateful for, therefore many choose to write down their thanks to the Phoenix that blessed them long ago. Next, after writing down their words of thanks, they throw their pieces of wood into the fire.

Armour and Arms Fete

This day is dedicated to the smiths and weapon crafters of the town, who love to show off their latest work here. As this is quite a popular event, many people travel from all across the land to get their hands on a weapon crafted by the most esteemed smiths in Aster. Tournaments also happen here, where Annies can try out their new weapons in friendly spars.

🔥Architecture & Buildings of Interest🔥

The houses in Eldurr are made of stone and contain grand fireplaces lit with the eternal flame. The houses are well-insulated, and each house has its own private bath that is heated by the fire. There is also a heat-conducting element underground that helps keep the baths warm. The richer folks live as close as possible to the center of the town. Regarding the housing style, the architecture is based on stones, flowers, and metals for smithing.

The Phoenix Fire

The great 30-meter-wide bonfire in the middle of the town is called the Phoenix fire, otherwise known as the sacred fire. It is bordered by a small enchanted stone barrier that prevents it from growing any further. The fire is protected by the Eldurr guards, and the distribution of the flame is overseen by the rich, who make sure it is not given out freely.

The Evergreen Meadow

The meadow that surrounds the Phoenix fire, where many winter blossoms and berries grow in warmer times of the year, is called the Evergreen Meadow. It is also the gathering point for many of the town's festivities. The berry patches are overseen by gardeners who happily hand out the berries to everyone. They even include the children who play in the meadow, so long as they do not wreck the garden beds.

Grande Forge

The Grande Forge is biggest forge in the town, run by a talented team of smiths who work together to create some of the most intricate and beautiful weapons. Being accepted into their circle is a dream to many young and aspiring smiths.

Mountain Mines

Eldurr has a long history of being a mining town, an origin it has not forgotten. Although many mines have been closed, there are still some active ones where the town gathers the ores and gems needed for forging their famous weapons.

Arcmar River

This river is a wide river that breaks up into collections of smaller rivers. It runs through the mountains from the ocean, passing close to the west of Eldurr. Many go to this river to catch fish. Following the Arcmar river north is the only way to lead one safely through the mountains to the ocean.

Arcmar Harbor

The harbor is a very small port on the other side of the mountain. It is mainly home to fishing boats, however, a couple ships are said to go to Elurra for trade.

Ulfurr Mountain

The largest mountain to the west of Eldurr is Ulfurr, and is home to many rabid wolf packs. The people of Eldurr commonly avoid going to this area. Although the Ulfurr mountain is said to be rich with precious gems, there has been no attempt of creating a mine, due to the wolves who are believed to be the protectors of the mountain. As no explorer has ever charted the mountain in full, there are many legends regarding the mystery of the mountain and its wolves.

Meadow House

Despite the name, this house is more akin to a mansion, and it belongs to the richest Family in Eldurr. It is also the house that is closest to the Phoenix fire. Despite no official government existing in Eldurr, it is treated as the official meeting point for the towns leaders.

🔥Government & Laws🔥

The town does not have an official government, but any major decision is made by the rich, as they are looked to as the leaders of the town. None of the leaders are humans, and the leaders strategically make sure that no human can never rise too high in Eldurr. The rich enjoy the status and respect their wealth gives them, and often offer food to the poorer members of the community. Whether this act is out of the kindness of their hearts or part of a complex power statement, no one can be certain.

🔥Trade & Specialties🔥

The Phoenix fire is not for trade, as it is what keeps the town going. Plus, it would be a disastrous move since the fire cannot be put out by normal means. The fire itself is used in small portions, usually in objects such as lanterns and only within the town itself. Bringing any of the fire outside of town without authorization would result in being sent to jail or worse.

The main trade of Eldurr is their enchanted weapons and armor. Blacksmiths are often known to form contracts with the town Guardians. The blacksmiths are not in charge of providing the ingredients needed in specialized weapons, these must be provided by the buyer or commissioner. If the buyer is unsure what to gather, the blacksmith will give them a list of the ingredients needed. Many weapons are coated in rubies, sapphires, and diamonds, as they are the most fire-resistant gems. They are some of the only the gems that are able to withstand the phoenix fire without becoming damaged.

Following the town's origins, they still export some of the ore and gems they mine to other towns, but they mainly keep most for themselves and for their blacksmiths.


2000 to 3000 Annies live here, along with less than 500 humans.

🔥Annie Residents🔥

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