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❀エイノ花 - The town’s name is a blend of the Japanese words for “eternal” and “blossom”❀


Long ago, a common human and an Annie princess fell in love. However, they knew that their families would disapprove, so they decided to ran away with the help of the princess’s closest friend. When they arrived on an island off of the eastern shore of Aster, they began to form a small town together. Unfortunately, the humans in the area felt threatened by this new settlement and banded together with all kinds of new technology to take down this settlement before it could grow. That was not all, however, as, the princess’s family sent an army of their own to bring their daughter home and destroy her town as a lesson.

In a series of unfortunate events, all three armies began their attacks within days of each other, and Einohana became surrounded by the clash. As he wanted to prevent the death toll from getting any higher, the princess’s lover ran out to end the conflict. He jumped in-between the two clashing leaders and managed to convince both sides to withdraw, sacrificing his life in the process.. The Ivory Princess, wracked with grief, decided to send a lantern up to the skies in memory of her lover. When the remaining people joined her with their own lanterns, she no longer felt alone, and resolved to build a haven where humans and Annies could live in harmony.

❀Temp & Climate❀

Sunny most of the year round, temperatures ranging from 5°C (41°F) at its lowest to 32°C (89.6°F) in the peak of summer. It rains on the odd occasion, snowing around the town due to the magic residing within it's walls. The magical crystal forms a circular (but invisible) barrier around the city that prevents snow from entering (not rain or anything else though) , so it does snow around Einohana just not inside of it.

❀Flora & Fauna❀

Most plants in the Anniverse, common and rare alike can be found in Einohana, and with it a large range of Fauna. Two magical species can be found here (referencing to the hummingbird and elk (WIP) species), more info can be found in the detailed link at the bottom of this form.


On an lush island off of the south coast (but not as south as Laoluzia.)

Special Events ❀

The Kioku Festival 
Meaning 'Remembrance

The Kioku Festival is the most important festival in Einohana. It is held to celebrate the founders of the town and is exclusive to those who have citizenship within Einohana. It is used as a reminder that war is futile and only causes people to lose their loved ones. Each day has its own meaning and theme with the first one being the most notable: where people mourn their lost ones in a calm and serene atmosphere. It is a week long event with each day representing a stage of grief. 

The Festival of Luòrì
Meaning 'Falling Sun

On the last week of summer, Einohana’s citizens celebrate the Festival of the Falling Sun. During that time, crystal themed items and trinkets are sold, as well as decorative salt crystals meant to be served with food. Those participating in the festival also donate offerings for the great crystal of Einohana, which is tended to by the two priestesses. Food will be left around the shrine for animals to feast on and the crystal is adorned with fabrics and other trinkets. During the festivities, the priestesses channel a lot of their magic into the crystal to increase its beneficial properties that protect the local flora in the upcoming winter.

Notte D’Inverno

Meaning 'Winter Night' 

A festival to celebrate the winter solstice, lighting candles or producing magical flames in containers around the city of Einohana is customary to prepare for the days being shorter than the nights. Often, the glass smiths of the city will hand-design ornate lamps that are placed throughout the town. It is a solemn festival, yet many take their sleeping schedules and set them to late at night in order to talk with each other, and tracking constellations in the sky with the children.

Tailor’s Jubilee
Meaning as it is written

The Tailor’s Jubilee event is held in the midst of summer. Tailors from all over Aster compete in various categories, such as quality of enchanted clothing, which materials they used, and how stylish they are. During the event, everyone is expected to dress up lavishly and those who don’t may receive quite a few judging glances from the townsfolk. Even the food is presented in the most creative and astounding ways to impress the festival goers. The event closure has the Guardians of the city show their outfits specifically designed for the day as they bid everyone farewell.

Mamoritai Festival
Meaning 'I want to protect you"  

At the midpoint of spring, couples come to the river in hopes that the myth of their bonds becoming everlasting will come true. Cherry themed products and food are sold in abundance as Annies come together to celebrate the beauty of nature alongside their family.

The Festival of Haokaeru
Meaning 'changing leaves'

When Autumn is in full swing, the festival of changing leaves incites the inhabitants of the town to dress up in vibrant and varied fall colours. The focus of the event is around fashion shows, dances, and showing off one’s attire, akin to animals’ mating dances. Food harvested from the nearby farms are used to feed the locals in all sort of cooking competition and the likes. As people enjoy the sights of the gardens and the river, everyone prepares for the end of the festival when the Guardians hold a speech to thank the great crystal for the boons granted by it. The rest of the day is then celebrated with feasts and dances around the edge of the river.

❀Architecture & Buildings of Interest❀

Houses in this town make use of glass, allowing light to stream into rooms to feed the numerous plants that are kept there. Most inhabitants keep their houses immaculate and dotted with a great number of flora in varying pots. (Or any object they can find really ~ e.g. Deep tea cups adjusted for water drainage). Though there are some that prefer to furnish their house in a way that it looks like it has been lived in.

A mix of Renaissance, Greek and Elvish. Examples here.

Floral Library
The Great Greenhouse
School (more information needed)
Mieko & Penny’s perfume/flower shop
The Harbour
Bridal Shop
Spa (name needed) run by Maro & Antoinette's family
Einohana Ruins
Crystal Shrine
Town Square
Post Office
Hummingbird Nest Area
Tour Guide Information Centre
Biggest floral research facility in all of Anniverse
Airship landing area
Guard areas (living,prison etc.)
Main Inn (needs a name - mix of the two Einohana guardian’s blessings)

❀Government & Laws❀

Crime is punishable by permanent banishment from the city. If the Annie/human is found guilty, their entire family will also be banished along with them. The government is democratic. Each family nominates a spokesperson who draws together the family’s thoughts and presents them at a quarter-yearly meeting. The only rules of the chosen spokesperson is that they have to be aged 16 or over and be a citizen of the city. Both Annies and humans can be a spokesperson. The ‘highest’ in power in Einohana are Senka and Sybil, they are considered the city’s patron guardians. There is also a private city guard.

❀Trade & Specialties❀

The town is known for its clothing craft. There are specially made clothes here too, the materials of which are also plants, and if you’re lucky enough to find a powerful Annie, they can be enchanted as well. Most inhabitants use parasols / umbrellas made from flower petals to protect them from the sun’s rays, these parasols are also specifically made within the town. In addition to clothing trade, Einohana is known for their beauty products, health products (medical and non-medical) and herbal tea.


Only around 7,500 Annie’s / Humans inhabit the area, preferring to keep their population controllable and sustainable. However, there are quite a few more Annies than Humans.

❀Annie Residents❀

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