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Einohana, now a seemingly peaceful and flourishing town was once a town of uncertainty. Founded by three individuals, each hoping that it would become a free and amicable community, unlike the world they grew up in. An Annie princess, her human lover and her childhood friend attempted to fulfill a vision of a better life together where no one would be judged based on the species they belonged to.

Having been forbidden to be with the one she loved, the Ivory Princess ran away from her kingdom together with the aid of her closest friend. Finally free from her kingdom’s walls, she met with her lover and the three set off together to what would become Einohana.

After several long weeks of travel, the trio eventually found refuge on an island just off the mainland of Aster. Sadly, their brief union was cut short as humans came to invade the peaceful town which had barely begun to rise from its shaky foundations. They had but one goal: to squash the new supposed Annie civilization from being set up on their land. Knowing the strength that Annies carried with the help of their blessings, the humans armed themselves with the strongest weapons they had.

At the same time, on the other side of the continent, the princess’ family became more and more outraged. Months upon months of sending out troops to find the princess only for them to never return, and the ones that did return, did so with odd scarrings on their bodies. Anger only continued to grow between the young lovers’ households as the two leaders became closer and closer to biting off each other's heads, blame and rumours growing like wildfire regarding the disappearances of the three individuals.

On a cold winter’s morning, the princess’s father received a letter from a spy that was presumed to be missing. The first half of the letter spoke of her location and how it could be reached safely, as the forests surrounding the fledgling town were highly dangerous to traverse. However, the letter came with a warning as well, it spoke of a large human civilization preparing for an attack on the vulnerable civilization his daughter had started to construct. Fear overtaking him, the king immediately began preparing to take out the human forces that threatened his child’s life. But not without destroying the town she had begun to create. She had to be taught a lesson for leaving her home.

Eventually, the three armies clashed, with Einohana having to defend itself on two different fronts. The town was soon surrounded by the shouts and screams of the dying and wounded. The loss of life on all sides had reached the point where even trying to count the fatalities was futile. Even Einohana was not safe from fighting outside of its walls, as they were suffering from being cut off from the outside world.

No longer able to watch his people suffer, the princess’ beloved rushed towards the center of the fight with all the power he possessed. By some miracle, he reached the two opposing leaders who had locked themselves in a lethal one on one battle.

Knowing that they would both kill each other, leaving the two armies without direction, he decided to risk it all. As the two prepared to finish each other off, something appeared between them. The princess’ lover, who would be known for generations to come as the Sunset Dove, dove between them. The chaos was immediately broken by the sudden flash of light as the two forces clashed, and the armies turned to watch as the light faded. As the figures became visible, many stood in shock at the frail body pinned between the two leaders, the ‘Dove’s’ mortal frame pierced by both steel and light from rival hands, crimson blood pouring from his wounds like petals of a red flower. With all the energy he had left, The Sunset Dove spoke fearlessly to them all.

Sadly, the Dove’s words will only be remembered in their entirety by those who were present on that day, his last words inspired peace within the hearts of those nearby. As his last breath left his paling lips, the shock, and sadness that hung in the air as the realization of the lives that had been needlessly lost sunk in.

The two armies quietly packed up their camps and collected their fallen, paying their respects to the grieving Ivory Princess as they left, promising to help to rebuild what had been destroyed by the senseless war. A small number of the soldiers, who were deeply moved by the words of the Dove, decided to stay in Einohana.

The evening the two armies left, the Ivory Princess held a private ceremony for her beloved. Lighting a lantern decorated with doves, she released it into the sky. However, unbeknownst to her, her maid had spread the word of what the Princess had planned. As soon as her lantern was visible for all to see, the people of Einohana released their lanterns to the heavens. The princess was touched by the people's actions and although her beloved was no longer there, she knew she would not be alone.

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[-ai- ROMANCE] Light Pink Heart Bullet by Gasara +trying not to cry+
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