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There is a small number that pray to the Annie deities, but they are further divided on the specifics, such as polytheism vs. monotheism; whether or not Mythicals are demigod-like remnants; or if the blessings are the gods themselves (this is a fringe minority), etc. And due to certain circumstances, it is possible for cults to form. As for the priestesses that can actually see the blessings, even they often argue about the truth when it comes to religion.

Dancing is a huge part of Anniverse culture. When you're interested in or have a huge respect for someone, it is common to dance for them. Asking to dance with them indicates your wish to be equals with them. Walking towards someone in a dancing/skipping manner is a blunt and common way to show affection to your crush or someone you love. There is a wide variety of dances that convey various things, and all Annies have their own tastes. If an Annie is forced to dance against their will, it can be seen as one of the biggest cultural humiliations.

Both monetary currencies and trading are common in the Anniverse. Coins called “Petalie(s)” are the most common currency. They have a Petal engraved on them and have a range of values.
They are called Pcoins for short.


An Annie may trade their wares for some else’s services instead of paying with Pcoins.

Mythical-class Annies are given high expectations and responsibilities, as they are at the top of the social hierarchy due to their greater magical output and longer lifespans.They are viewed as being knowledgeable and wise, with the ability to grow and master magic more rapidly than other classes. A lot of the world relies on a Mythical’s power and knowledge, as some mythicals have longer lifespans and therefore more experience, etc.

Annies can both leave their parents early or stay near them until they're much older, depending on their blessing. For example, if their parents live in a colder climate and they receive a blessing of a polar bear, they are more likely to stay with them longer. However, if instead the child was to receive a butterfly blessing, they may move out sooner to a climate that better fits their blessing.

It is common for Annies to have jobs, including internships if they're interested in certain professions. It is just as common for Annies to go to school up until around the age of 15.

Most Annies are classist. They walk among most Annies but are expected to be treated with the utmost respect. Most of their prejudice tends to be against humans however, but this has been getting slightly less common since the meteors fell.

Annies interact with other species, but the mass majority are against Annies dating or marrying humans, as their child would be a human. Annies don't see a future out of it, therefore it is seen as a taboo. We can estimate that around 90% of Annies feel this way, there is still a great importance placed on giving birth to a child that will be blessed.

Schools teach similar subjects to the real world, but there are also courses for magic and those related to blessings and cores. Getting in touch with your blessing is seen as essential and mandatory. Not everyone studies to become a powerful mage/warrior however, and treats it more as an everyday life thing. Certain schools will perhaps focus on only one aspect, such as getting close to your blessing, practicing magic or scientific advancements and would therefore be specialized as that type of school if they gain a good reputation.

An Annie is seen as "educated" if he/she has gone to school, taught as an apprentice by a master, or experienced in a profession. For example, someone may deem you ‘educated’ if you are a master magician, or be the ‘best’ at making food.

One is more respected if they are a scholar, or a successful defender that protects towns from various threats (i.e. monsters, other Annies, humans, etc.) The most looked up to role is usually the Guardians, who are above the police and normal Guards. Their utmost priority is to be the head and leader for security and handle the bigger threats.

It isn't illegal for humans to learn or be taught magic, but there is a lot of prejudice and stigma around it. Some humans may get enrolled in magical schools, but would hide their identity as a human. But if their identity would ever be revealed, they would be met with a considerable amount of prejudice.

There are witches; they are very independent and use magic selfishly to benefit themselves or their own goals over society. They possess incredible knowledge and magic, and are capable of making shady items such as poisons or love potions, even craft their own spells and curses. They are often respected and feared for this. Witches usually ‘latch on’ to a certain town and take control of it. They tend to torment the town residents in order to gain the things they need to survive e.g. food. Witches are incredibly hard to take down as they usually possess huge amounts of magic and can curse you for generations. Angering a witch is really not a wise decision. Witch is more a term for selfish magic users.

There is no convention of dress when it comes to profession in Anniverse. Annies can be magicians with witch hats, but not necessarily be witches themselves. Annies are very particular about fashion and how they dress. To make sure your outfit matches your social standing, is expected. However, they are plenty of Annies who dress “higher” than what they are, to gain a favorable impression of their social status.

There are priestesses, and they are capable of seeing blessings. They can be any rarity, and a vast amount of Magic is needed in order to see the blessings. They are expected to be very in tune with their blessings. Each established town usually has one. Not all priestess can see the Blessings properly, and fewer can communicate with them. However, with great focus, they are expected to be able to tell if somebody is blessed or not. Some Priestesses however have trouble turning “off” this feature.

Ice cream exists! Annies blessed by cows can create and sell their own milk. Events such as a cow Annie selling their own milk whether it be in liquid or frozen form, is seen as quite normal.

Annies can have tattoos. Tattoos can be artificially put on an Annie, but can also be formed with magic. Tattoos can be removed magically as well.

Annies can have a powerful position, but it requires a lot of effort from common Annies to be granted a lot of power and even so, it's a rare occurrence; they will still experience prejudice. If you would like a common Annie to have a powerful position, they need to have struggled to get the role.

An Annie's blessing or rarity does not determine their living status but may for their social status. For example an uncommon rarity or above annie may be held in higher regard than a common one if their accomplishments are equal.

Anyone can have a reputable occupation like a doctor or lawyer, however they still require the right training. Some occupations will have split branches due to an Annies magical biology. This results with Doctors who address physical ailments and Healers who address magical ailments. Annie Healers can also use their magic to heal some physical wounds in addition to magical ailments. However there are some illnesses that cannot be healed by magic. Also if the injury or disease is unknown, even with magic, it can be hard to heal.

The world of the Anniverse is much larger than Our Earth. The Planet of the Anniverse is named Erde. The Continent our stories take place on is named Aster.

The equator is very thick and contains lots of jungle plants, massive magical beasts, predators and fauna which makes it dangerous to travel in. It would be unwise for an inexperienced traveler to wander through the equator by themselves. Travelers should be well versed with what to expect before going into the equator and have a means to protect themselves.

The world covers a wide range of biomes. Some biomes are even affected by magic such as Floraveras, Oogies, Petius, D’abres etc.

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