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Characterized by it's long nights and short days, Csilla is a very lively town. Annies who enjoy late night parties and performances can find a comfortable home here. Csilla runs mainly off magic, seeing as the majority of its residents are Annies.

Csilla is a young town, created after the meteors fell. It was founded by a group of Annies who loved the sea. The town was built on the cliffside by the sea with a pathway leading down to Csilla’s port. Despite the town being built by the seaside, the beaches are not popular with many as the water is too cold to swim for most.
Along Csilla’s shores are many caves, which were once filled with a cloudy blue crystal unique to Csilla’s region known as Azzurrel. Azzurrel is a highly popular crystal as it can store large quantities of magic making it an ideal container. Upon discovering this property, the most skilled jewellers created an elaborate necklace as a gift to the Empress of Aster.
However, as the townsfolk were not moderating the amount of Azzurrel they mined, it is no longer found in many of the coastal caves. Due to this, the government now places heavy restrictions on who is allowed access to gather the crystal. Those with permission are typically Csilla’s top jewellers or surveyors that keep track on the amount in the mine. Currently there are only a handful of caves left that still contain crystal with the largest known as Foamime-Lhea Cave.
Each home in Csilla is powered by their own crystal. There are also numerous other crystals situated around the town which may act as an emergency supply of power if it is ever needed. At night these crystals glow, acting like lamps, lighting up the streets. The largest crystal is housed in Csilla’s lighthouse. Those who see it at night from the sea claim it looks like a star.

✧Temp & Climate✧

-6C (20F)  20C (75F)
There are four seasons, fall and spring being the longest. In the fall and spring, the ratio of day to night hours is 10:14, in summer and winter the ratio is 11:13. There is an equal amount of precipitation and sunlight in Csilla.

✧Flora & Fauna✧

Any plant or animal that can survive in Csilla’s temperature and climate can be found living in Csilla’s surrounding regions. The town itself is surrounded by a forest that is a mixture of pine and deciduous trees, common forest animals thrive within.


West of the continent, in line with Asternaive, the central city.

Special ✧Occasions✧

Not so much a celebration, but more of a routine of life. Every weekend, the inhabitants of Csilla channel their magical energy into the crystals that supply their homes with power.

Seashell Gathering

On the 3rd weekend of every season, the inhabitants go down to the beach to gather seashells, washed up coral or stones that strike their fancy, and bring it back to the town to create jewelry or similar items out of their findings under the guidance of the many jewelers of the town. They have the option of keeping their crafted item or gifting it. The participants are mostly young families, but it is also a great way for Jewelers to scout out potential apprentices.

Jewel Sea Festival

On the first weekend of spring, every jewelry store has a massive sale to show off their newest creations. Inhabitants are encouraged to decorate themselves in their most prized or beautiful jewels. On this day many senior jewelers will announce who they will take as their apprentice. Many ‘free lance’ jewelers also make their debut on this day hoping to grab the attention of one of the bigger store names.

Seashore Dance

A dance performance held by the Csilla dance school once every three months. The performances vary, with each usually telling a story. It is usually held in the evenings on the beach lit by crystal powered lanterns. As each performance has their own unique set of costumes, each performance is sponsored by a boutique who provides the outfits for the performance in exchange for the dancers showing off the clothing.

✧Architecture & Buildings of Interest✧

All homes in the main city are apartments and townhouses, apartments going to the least wealthy and townhouses belonging to the wealthy. All houses are made of stone and are generally very open with windows and balconies. The townhouses have patios and are bigger than apartments, with 2-4 floors and lavish furniture. The apartments are smaller, with 1-2 floors and they can also be rented. Every home has a fireplace for warmth during the winter, with townhomes usually having a fireplace per room. The house types vary in the forest, seeing as the people who live there usually build them. Every house usually has a shrine dedicated to their blessings and the crystals, as the crystals run off the power of the inhabitants.

The town is heavily inspired by Italy and France, but there are also American influences (1800's New York, Chicago, etc.)

The 6 Gardens

Located on the edge of town that backs up to the forest. The 6 gardens is a actually a large park comprised of 6 sections or gardens, each garden is filled with plants with a specific colour theme and a crystal of its own. The gardens are a popular place for young couples to go on dates and are maintained by a team of gardeners.

Post Office

Although many inhabitants have a habit of delivering their letters themselves, a postal service does exist. Letters and other deliveries being sent out of town are often entrusted to the trade ships to deliver to the next town or post office. There are only 3 trade ships in Csilla that are entrusted with this added responsibility of post delivery.

Csilla Dance School

A small dance school/company that teaches a variety of dancing styles. There are casual classes for those that come every now and then. Learning programs for those who want to take regular lessons/take up dancing professionally and the company dancers who sometimes double up as the teachers. Once every three months, they hold a dance performance on the beach performed by the company dancers. Select students from the dance program are sometimes asked if extra help is required.

Foamime-Lhea Cave

The largest coastal cave along Csilla’s beach where a majority of Azzurrel can be found. It is off limits to the public with only select individuals having access to the cave.

Csilla Port

A small port, home to Csilla’s trade and fishing ships. There was a rumour that one of the visiting trade ships belongs to a member of a mafia, but no one can prove it.

The lighthouse

A white tower that houses the largest crystal of the town, it is covered with engravings of seashells, coral and other marine life. It is known as Csilla’s Star.

✧Government & Laws✧

Csilla is based in democracy, where they elect leaders to deal with certain matters in the city. No one person has too much power. There is very little violence but there are officials to help with any issues that may arise. There is a currency but some shops, mainly in the market, allow trade.

✧Trade & Specialties✧

Csilla specializes in jewelry, and is known to have some of the highest quality jewelry available. One of their most unique items is the jewelry made from Azzurrel and those from seashells and coral. The town's unique craft has earned it the nickname ‘Sea Jewel’. The city also specializes in sea-themed decorations and seafood.
Azzurrel is a deep blue gem with a white cloudiness that often covered a majority of the crystal. The size of the crystal on jewelry is never larger than 2 cm due to its Csilla being the only known location where the crystal can be found. Despite it size, the crystal can store large quantities of magic making them a popular container for those with large cores.

A famous specialty Csilla has is the tea created by Miila who lives on the edge of town. She, along with her mother, sell it at a small stand at the market three times a week.


Csilla is a moderately sized city with a population of roughly 7,500 people. The population is mostly dominated by Annies but humans are also present, the ratio being about 70% Annies and 30% humans.

✧Annie Residents✧

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