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Any species within the Anniverse except Annies are allowed to be sold on this market!

Sometimes owners aren't able to connect with their critters, or something in their life occupies them, or they just want to exchange their critter for another one and still make sure they get an owner who has time and love for them!

This is the place for that! 
A Critter Market for Trades, Resells or Giveaways!

All critters still fall under the


Make sure to read this through properly before you decide you want to own a critter.


You cannot resell for more than you bought the critter for.
Extra art does not add onto the price.
All trades, resells or gifting should happen within the COMMENTS and not in private!
After a transaction has happened both the old and new owners MUST comment on the relevant masterlist of your critter!

This journal will be updated every once in a while when needed.

Critters for Sale


Critters for Co-own


Critters for Trade

Trading Common Ownership

Broken Hearts Club
Claim here!
Broken Hearts Club by Gachadex

Trading Common Ownership

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Snickerdoodle by Gachadex

Trading Common MYO

Claim here!

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Hello there! I just found this journal, but I actually traded my rare gachagoop myo slot to @Foxfrost143 ! I just wanted to post it so the new ownership is documented! Apologies for not posting sooner as I had put it up for trade on toyhouse!

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Here's the TH!! I'm confirming btw >w< Thanks again! <3

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Goopy Watermarked by mino-erika

Looking to resell this Gachagoop for the $25 USD it was purchased for ! 
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Apologies for the delay, they've been added to the market!

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