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☪ Star’s Edge ☪

☪ Background ☪

The town of Etoilicia has had its fair share of history and turmoil.
Once ruled by a despotic king, the reign of the tyrant was ended by the arrival of Villian.
A woman with enough strength to take on the king and his soldiers, claiming the town for herself.

During her reign, she bent the town to her will and implemented a new set of rules
to take away the corruption left by her predecessor.
Now, both loved and feared by the populace, she leads the continent of Aster with a firm iron grip.

The town was eventually reformed and now thrives as the capital of Aster.
As the largest city on the continent, businesses of all types and trades can be found within it.
Its proximity to the equator attracts all kind of creatures,
such as Floraveras and Oogies, creating a very diverse population.

Heavily valued as a tourist hotspot,
a coliseum and hot baths attract both humans and Annies from all across the continent.

☪ Temp & Climate ☪


☪ Flora & Fauna ☪

Mostly animals and plants that favor higher temperatures. Floraveras can be seen walking around and trading their perfumes to citizen and tourists.

☪ Location ☪

The very south of the continent, next to the equator and in line with Asternaive. There is a huge mountain in the south which you cannot see the top of because of it’s great height.

☪ Special Occasions ☪

There is a monthly festival where the Capital’s services provide food and baths to the population by inviting them into the castle. This is one of the most prosperous towns in the entire continent with little to no poverty.

Twice a year, the city is ordered to help clean out the streets and other public areas.
Everyone is expected to help out however they physically can.

Once a year, a gladiatorial tournament is held to put the might of the best combatants to the test.
Killing is forbidden but occasional death due to accidents or a contestant who is too stubborn to give up occasionally happen. To promote unity and increase tourism with the rest of the towns on the continent, the matches prior to the quarterfinals are held in other towns.

Once a year, the strongest and wisest researchers and fighters are selected
for an opportunity to explore the equator and its mysteries.
Many curious to explore this untamed land work hard all year
to earn the privilege of being selected for the expeditions.

☪ Architecture & Buildings of Interest ☪

The houses are made mostly of a white/light brown stone & tend to be surrounded by vegetation.
They have large streets that are paved with stones in the marketplaces.

The coliseum and bathhouses are big attractions as well.

The Empress’s Palace


Large Air Dock


Several Temples


☪ Government & Laws ☪

The town is controlled and ruled by Villian and her guardians. Punishments can vary between banishment to execution depending on the crime. They do not typically take prisoners, as it is a waste of resources and time.

The guardians, as Villian’s most trusted, are often sent on missions, and also oversee the towns of the continent.

☪ Trade & Specialties ☪

Due to the size of the town, it has many specialties in food, flora and rare dragon eggs.
They have services around the town, such as carriages drawn by horses or Floraveras.

☪ Population ☪

Made up of both Annies and Humans, with a majority being Annies.
Overall, there is a population of roughly 75,000.

☪ Annie Residents ☪

Villian | Airoette | Lumiie | Arcina | Nercina | Meecko | Lemon | Sububu

☪ More Information ☪

War History

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