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The first blessing of an Annie shows up when the annie reaches around the age of 8 or 9. In very rare occasions, their blessing will manifest later and if they reach the age of 12 before getting a single blessing, then they will never be blessed.
However, it is possible for an Annie to manifest new blessings past the age of 12, which could potentially increase their rarity.

Once an Annie is blessed, they cannot lose the blessing under any circumstances.

For instance, if an Annie disrespects spirits or chooses not to accept the blessing, it will not leave them. The effect that will result from disrespect will be their ability to have any blessed children.

Blessings come from the spirit of deceased organisms such as animals, plants or fungi. An Annie can be blessed by any living organism that falls into the above categories. However, these are separated according to their rarity, Common being common organisms, uncommon being endangered organisms, super rare being extinct organisms, and mythical being mythical or legendary creatures. Spirits choose their masters, not the other way around. What the Annies believe or know on that matter is another thing though.

The gender of your blessing can differ from the gender of your Annie. In other words, a Female Annie could be blessed by a rooster or a male Annie could be blessed by a goat. Spirits do not discriminate and choose their master based on their own preferences.

An Annie is unable to know how long their blessing lived while they were still roaming the world. Being able to communicate with a blessing and learn about their past life is nearly impossible. Only very rare and gifted annies will be able to see their blessing, and even fewer will be able to communicate with them.

Blessings come one at a time, it’s rare for 2 to show up at once. While gaining more than one blessing at a time can happen, it is extremely unusual. Annies who do receive more than one blessing at a time are seen as prodigies.

Annies will thrive better in an environment which benefits their blessings. An Annie who is blessed by a sunflower, can be born in a town of colder climate. To be able to take advantage of their blessing, a warmer town would be suitable for them.

Plant blessings can affect an Annie’s way of living; they can photosynthesize to gain more energy, and sleep a lot less.The annie will need to have a strong connection to their blessing to be able to gain these benefits. Annies who are very skilled with magic may be able to get these benefits.

Annies with certain blessings are capable of changing their limbs, but it’s difficult to change an existing body part compared to adding a new one. For example, it would be easier to grow a pair of wing than transforming arms into wings.

Annies blessed by flying creatures may only use their wings to fly if their connection is very strong. They can manifest their wings in varying sizes, but only one who practices hard enough will be able to use them for flight. It is possible for most annies with wings to learn how to fly, for common Annies however, hard work and effort will be required to even be able to hover above ground. Most common Annies who can summon wings are unable to summon functional wings until they really put their heart into it.

Becoming blessed can either be a pleasant or painful feeling. The Annie won't know exactly what they've been blessed by, and figuring it out requires intensive research or visiting a priestess.

Sometimes, when an Annie gets blessed, they will temporarily manifest some features of the spirit who now inhabits them. These can be used to help identify what kind of spirit now lives within the Annie.

If a UC Annie has only one endangered blessing, and the blessing is no longer classified as endangered, the Annie can gain either shaped pupils or a second blessing to keep its UC rarity.

Neither Immortal Jellyfish nor Roses are currently allowed for use as blessings.

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