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Despite being two different species, Annies and humans share common genes. Annies and humans are biologically the same, with the main difference being the blessings that Annies have. Those who are not granted blessings are called humans.

Plant blessings can affect an Annie's way of living; they can photosynthesize to gain more energy, and sleep a lot less. Annies with a strong connection to their blessings will be able to use some of their abilities in daily life. Being blessed by a plant means being able to use sunlight in place of other nutrients and sources of physical energy recovery.

Annies blessed by marine life can live underwater without problems. However, their children may not be born as a sea creature, so they have to surface when giving birth. Since the baby is not born blessed by anything, giving birth to them underwater would guarantee them drowning. The mother has to be near the surface to ensure the baby is able to breath and can be taken care of.

Annies with jellyfish blessings aren't all capable of self-age regression. However, they could be able to age slower or appear younger. The jellyfish blessing, even with a very strong connection cannot grant true immortality. It all depends on what specific jellyfish they are blessed by. But the cell regeneration ability from these sea creatures can allow an Annie to slow down their aging greatly and look younger for much longer.

Annies that have blessings with medicinal properties are not immune to the diseases their blessings prevent. While a blessing can grant resistance to some diseases, it cannot make an Annie completely immune to it. The blessing will however help them fight it and recover easier than normal.

Incurable diseases exist. And it is extremely difficult to remove one if you don't know the specific causes and lack knowledge about the disease or the magic necessary to dispel it. If an Annie or a human contracts such a disease, their chances of getting cured from it are nearly zero. Only the most astute and wise healer could potentially heal the patient, and even then, it would be quite unlikely.

Annies who synchronize with their blessings are capable of achieving a feral form similar to the original version of the spirit that blessed them. This is a double-edged sword though. Staying in this form for too long can cause an Annie to lose its humanity and remain in the form permanently. When an Annie changes to a feral form, the instincts of the blessing will gradually take over their mind. After a while, the Annie will eventually forget their true identity and become truly fauna.

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