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🐛The name Astreea derives from the words
"astral" (relating to stars) and "tree"  🐛


7 Annies came together to form the town of Astreea.

The whistling sound of an arrow split the silence of the night, followed by the scream of a child.


Two Annies turned around to help their son, now writhing in pain.

“Don’t stop, it’s too late for him! Keep running!”

But they would not budge, they had to try and comfort their son who had just fallen.

There were only four of them left, four still on the run from the falling sky. The four friends who had been always together, who would never be separated, were fleeing from that would change their value of how fragile life is, forever.

Rain started falling, the grass became slippery, and the vision of the Annies became obscured. A sharp turn was all it took for the four of them to slip and fall to their demise. They tumbled and tripped until they finally crashed at the foot of the hill. The yells of the people around them were growing stronger, and the four were now too injured to escape once more.

“If we’re going to die, I would rather it be while we still have eachother. I would rather choose my fate than to let that decide for us!”

The four friends all agreed. They clung to each other as tightly as they could and let their blessings take over their bodies. By the time other peopel on the run, reached the area, all they could see was a tree, standing defiantly. 

As years passed, the hybrid tree grew to colossal sizes, eventually becoming so big that citizens from all over the continent of Aster were able to see it from miles away. The tree became known as the Astral Tree, the tree that could reach the stars. Fruits eventually began to grow from it, falling off the tree one by one as they ripened. The fruit would burst open as it hit the ground, exposing its sweet flesh and juices to all kinds of bugs and animals. Annies blessed by bugs also became attracted to the sweet aroma and investigated the tree. They soon discovered a large gaping hole in the bark, and when they explored the insides, they found that the tree was almost hollow. A gigantic column rose from the middle of the Astral Tree up to some sort of ceiling. The bark was thick enough to allow one to dig in and create home within it. Over time, Annies blessed by creatures craving the sweet fruit colonized the inside of the tree. Legends say that the inhabitants can sometimes hear the voice of 4 entities telling them they would keep them safe from outside harm.

🐛Temp & Climate🐛

The climate around Astreea is temperate. The tree keeps its insides cool in the summer and helps keep the warmth in during winter. When the first snow starts falling, the citizens cover up any gaps or holes in the tree to ward off the cold air.

🐛Flora & Fauna🐛

The Astral Tree attracts all kinds of tree-dwelling animals such as squirrels, birds, and of course, bugs. To keep Astreea brightly lit over the nights, the inhabitants figured out a way to attract fireflies. The insects added to the beauty of the town, softly eating away at the night’s darkness.

Climbing flowers and vines can be seen everywhere upon the bark. It is also quite common to see wild mushrooms scattered here and there.


North of Foirswald, on the peninsula.

🐛Special Occasions🐛

Every season has its own event.


During the winter, the citizens of Astreea all work together to create ice windows. These are used to plug in any holes or openings in the bark. By covering them with ice, they isolate themselves from the cold temperatures, while still allowing warm sunlight to pierce through.


When the snow starts melting, the residents all climb up to the treetop to play in the foliage of flowers that will one day become fruits and giant leaves. The sap of the tree also flows much faster than in any other season, allowing the citizens to collect the sap and prepare maple syrup.


Sometimes, the tree branches become worn out and fall from the tree. The residents keep the branch around until summer comes and during that time, all are welcome to try to create wooden sculptures out of the branch. The branch itself is kept as a single long sculpture that will remain around the tree until it eventually decomposes. Any wood chips or pieces left from the branch are then preserved for the winter so they can make fires.


The Harvest Festival starts when the giant apples are ripe and start falling from the tree. Everyone helps to gather the fruits once they’re grown and ensure that the fruit can be kept as food for the upcoming winter. Pies and all other kind of pastries are baked for days following this event. There’s also a sport event, which involves the residents making it to the top of the tree and riding the giant leaves on their way down. Some call it wind riding or leaf surfing.


2000 or so Annies, as well as occasional humans who are curious about life in the Astral Tree.

🐛Architecture & Buildings of Interest🐛

Getting around town is fairly simple in Astreea. Firstly, there are spiraling ramps made out of large mushrooms and branches on the outside of the tree’s bark, which allows people to reach the openings on the outer side of the tree. Inside, the same kind of ramp can be seen spiraling along the walls and around the central shaft. Small bridges connect the wall ramps to the shaft ramps every few meters. Houses are built within the walls of the tree, with all kind of shops and stores built within the central shaft. At the very top of the tree, a gap allows inhabitants to reach the tree top and find a small shrine believed to remind the townsfolk of how this town came to be.

🐛Government & Laws🐛

Astreea has a few rules to make sure everyone in town plays a part. Every citizen has to help during the seasonal events, and everyone must work together to clean the tree town. There are a few soldiers in charge of maintaining peace in the town, all of them directed by Astreea’s Overseer. The Overseer is chosen depending on their wisdom, contribution to the town and connection to the spirits. Some say that whoever is named Overseer is able to communicate with the Astral Tree itself, but no one is certain.

🐛Trade & Specialties🐛

Sugar Maple Blessing

The town of Astreea is well known for its seasonal products. When spring comes, the citizens work to collect sap from the Astral Tree. The Sugar Maple blessing is allows for it to produce a massive amount of maple syrup.

Australian Buloke Wood Blessing

The branches that fall off in the summer share the same durability and hardness of the Australian Buloke wood, its second blessing. Carpenters are able to use that wood and make new furniture to help develop the town.

Sequoia Blessing

The Sequoia blessing allowed the tree to grow so tall that the leaf surfing sport was created. Those who participate in the sport uses the leaves that fall in autumn as aerial boards. The leaves fall from quite the height, making it very tricky to stay on!

Pink Pearl Apple Tree Blessing

Finally, the fruits from the Pink Pearl Apple Tree blessing provide giant fruits that can feed the town for months to come if prepared right. When they are ripe enough, bakers make all kind of baked goods and the town sells the unused fruit to tourists.

🐛Annie Residents🐛

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