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☪ Star's Middle ☪

☪ Background ☪

Asternaive is located in the middle of the continent with Yami Rose as the official guardian of the town. Floraveras tend to enjoy the town by making their own perfume and having their own businesses.
The perfumes made are sometimes traded within the town, in exchange for food and other goods.
They also roam the town freely. Asternaive relies heavily on Yami to protect it from criminal activity.

In the north-west part of the town is the Asterglean forest and the town of Asterglean.
The area is beautifully decorated with flowers, and has a large flower field where loved one's ashes are often scattered. The process is very beautiful and heartwarming, Annies and other species often plant their loved one’s favorite flower/flora in the field when they pass.

☪ Temp & Climate ☪

Around 25C in the summer and around 18-20C otherwise.

☪ Flora & Fauna ☪

This town is brimming with flora species from all around, and many fauna pass through freely due to the town’s open borders to animals.

☪ Location ☪

In the center of the continent.

☪ Special Occasions ☪

They have various traditional dance performances year round.

☪ Architecture & Buildings of Interest ☪

The houses are made mostly of a white / light brown stone and tend to be surrounded by vegetation.
They have large streets that are paved with stones in the marketplaces.
The town brims with houses and many small shops, including: hairdressing, flower shops,
perfume stands and clothing shops, which are most common.

The town’s size and location are major factors as to why many traditional items and buildings can be found. Asternaive has plenty of dancing schools, especially of the traditional variety.
The town is also an airport for the flying airships which goes directly to the capital Etoilicia.

Yami’s mansion, ornamented with a grand rose garden for the eyes of all to see.
Not one person could say they were unaware of the guardian within the beautifully decorated home.
The (air) dock is of high importance.

☪ Government & Laws ☪

Asternaive is directly controlled under the Capital’s order.
Yami is in command with the town’s elders (very conservative elders).

☪ Trade & Specialties ☪

Floravera perfumes & traditional fans and general traal collectables.

☪ Population ☪

The town is quite large and made up of Annies, Humans, Oogies, Floraveras and many other species.

☪ Annie Residents ☪

Yami Rose

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