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☆ Star's Clearing ☆

☆ Background ☆

Founded by Perennia several hundred years ago as a sanctuary for lost Annies.
Asterglean is a huge luscious forest filled with a variety of flowers blooming
from across the Anniverse, and a safe haven for Annie outcasts.

Very few humans are accepted due to Asterglean being a refuge for outcasted Annies.

During the evenings in Asterglean, the whole town places food in lanterns to attract fireflies,
in order to light up the darkness.

Asterglean is mainly a town of trade, where various Annies gather to exchange
for items of personal value rather than monetary value.

☆ Temp & Climate ☆

As a town at the base of a mountain range, they are sadly stuck with hot summers. Spring and fall, however, are more on the temperate side. The temperature can range from 31°C in the summer to 8°C in the winter.
10C (50F)  25C (77F)

☆ Flora & Fauna ☆


☆ Location ☆

Central, near Asternaive.

☆ Special Occasions ☆

Harvest Festival

☆Architecture & Buildings of Interest☆

The houses are very similar in design to European/Elvish ones.

Treehouse Home

A grand treehouse in the middle of the forest. Jialin resides in Perennia’s house.

The Floral Library

Very big and is separated from Perennia’s house.

Dance School


Cherry Ann’s Waffle Shop


Nature Spa

A place of relaxation, and where various spa techniques from across the Anniverse is applied.


Where barter and trade takes place near water.

☆ Government & Laws ☆

Perennia is the guardian, but is generally considered to be part of Asternaive and its laws.

☆ Trade & Specialties ☆

Flowers, fruits, vegetables, honey, spring water, beauty- and health products.

☆ Population ☆

5000-6000, mostly Annies.

☆ Annie Residents ☆

Founder: Yamio | Coded by rollingpoly
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