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Anniverse Discord

Please make sure to read all channel rules and descriptions carefully!
We hope you enjoy your time here~
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Feel free to read about the Anniverse lore by clicking on the image below!

You can also check out all our official Annie designs here!

Welcome to Anniverse!

The Anniverse has an ever growing community, and we all tend to
hang out on our Discord to bring those interested in Annies together.
A strong community bond is what we all are striving for!  

We chat, talk, share art & even host mini events from time to time!

If you would like to stay connected with the Anniverse's upcoming events,
Annies, community and more, why not join our Discord today?

We frequently update our server with the newest announcements! ♥

Announcements Include:
♥ New Annie releases
♥ New Annie Market updates
♥ Art/design sneak peeks
♥ Annie Petal (AP) Bank openings & closings
♥ Guest Designer streams
♥ Events and contests
♥ Blessing discussions

...and more!

* Below are more in depth explanations of each channel we have in our server! *


*Hover over for more information*

♥ Rules

• Banter is acceptable, but don’t go overboard.
• Change the topic if it’s making people uncomfortable.
• Religion/politics should be kept to a minimum.
• Bigotry/hate speech of any kind is not allowed.
• Harassment is not tolerated in any shape or form.
• Do not post too personal information in public.
• Keep the different text channels on topic as much as possible; they are there for a reason!
• We reserve the right to remove anyone from this server if we feel that they're having a negative impact on our community.
• No blatant advertising/spam, the exception being linking something of yours within the flow of a conversation as long as it's on topic. This also includes other unrelated closed species.
• Do not private message anyone who has not consented to you doing so.
• Tell us your favorite fruit in the intro channel after you've read the rules.
• Once in a while we will go through the server and remove members that are inactive in 30+ days or haven't made an intro during that time span.
• Cursing is to be kept to a minimum in order to maintain a polite and welcoming atmosphere.
• Profane usernames are prohibited within the server.
• If you block a mod, you are required to state your reasoning either publicly, or directly to any of the following: @/Creator, @/Guardians, @/Knight, or @/Community Manager. Blocking mods without a heads up is not permitted.
• NSFW should not be posted in the art channel, please contact a @/Community Manager for access to the NSFW channels.

If you agree to follow these rules, you can go into the #intros channel and post about yourself there! This is so that we can keep track of the users on the Discord and make sure everyone is on the same page before giving permissions to access and talk in all channels.

♥ Intros

Write a self introduction with the form provided after you have read through the rules!

Username: dA/Twitter etc.
Most used social media: Don't link more than 3.
Short intro:

We have several people monitoring and accepting newcomers, so you should get access to the main chat channels relatively quickly.
If it's been over 24 hours and you feel you might have been missed, you can message one of our staff members.

Members who have not written an intro in 30 days will be removed from the server,
but are free to re-join if they wish!


*Hover over for more information*

♥ Announcements
News for upcoming Anniverse events, market updates, guest designer streams, and more!

♥ General
Annie discussions, generalized chat. You are allowed to talk about topics besides Annies here, but if someone else wishes to discuss Annies please move to #offtopic.

♥ Lore
Discussion and developments about the Anniverse world and its towns/stories/characters. Lore questions are asked here!

♥ Guessing Game
Guess the Guest Designers for each Annie release! The name of this channel changes with every Annie release event. No cheating!

♥ Server Discussion
A place to address concerns with the community/discord. Please keep things civil.

♥ Resources
Find all Anniverse related resources here!
(refresh Discord to view if an old member)

♥ Art
Share your awesome art here.
Please use the !nsfw command to make sure your art follows the rules.
NSFW art does not go in this chat!

♥ Requests
Here you can offer requests/receive notifications of people offering requests. Those requesting can use the @/here command in this channel in order to tag anyone! Those that are here should be comfortable with these tags, but they can also mute the channel if they would like.

♥ NSFW Lewd
ALLOWED: Erotic art, bodily fluids, genitalia, consensual intercourse, pin ups, and nudity.

NOT ALLOWED: Self harm, Suicidal themes, Non-consensual intercourse and photos of real people

♥ NSFW Horror
ALLOWED: Body modifications, blood, violence. and non-realistic gore.

NOT ALLOWED: Photographs of gore, self harm themes, and extreme realistic mutilations.

♥ References
Link your Annie’s bios and references to be used in fan art and gifts

♥ Promotions
Pay 300 AP in order to promote commissions, adopts, and more.

Staff Roles

*Hover over for more information*

♥ Creator

The server creator

♥ Guardian

The people that watch over the server while the creator is away

♥ Knight

Third in charge and to keep an eye out on the server

♥ Soldiers

Official moderators on both Discord and the Anniverse dA Group.

♥ Squires

New moderators who are still on their one-month trial.
*Tagging this role in Discord is okay!*

♥ Community Manager (CM)

The Community Manager handles the community on discord. This includes any disputes, adding roles, and any questions in regards to how this server works and/or if there are any problems. DM them for a role or ask to DM if you'd like to talk about something in private.

♥ Lore Overseer (LO)

The Lore Overseers help develop lore in regards to towns or individual Annies. Feel free to tag them if you want to create a town, discuss the development of a town/individual, or if you have any questions about Annies.

♥ dA Group Mod

The dA Group Mods oversees the dA group. They answer questions, add Annies to the Masterlist, make new journals, and approve/disapprove submissions.

♥ Coder

Coders create, fix, and update dA journals and pages for the Anniverse.

♥ Bot Manager (BM)

Bot managers create and manage bots for the discord & twitch channels.

♥ Twitter Tweeter (TT)

Tweeters tweet out Annies, events, and set reminders out for anything Anniverse related.

♥ AP Bank Manager (APBM)

They manage the bank spreadsheet where the community inputs their achievements as well as answer questions pertaining to the bank.

♥ AP Shop Holder (APSH)

They design outfits, accessories, and other items to be bought and used by members either with cash or AP.

♥ Anniverse Artist (AA)

They help Yamio create artworks pertaining to the Anniverse. This includes banners of all kind, calendar previews, town banners, landscape concept art for towns, and more.

♥ Proofreader (PR)

They help look over all pieces of text to be released publicly and fix spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

Server Roles

*Hover over for more information*

♥ Requests

This channel & role is only visible to those who ask for it. You can take and/or ask for requests here~

♥ NSFW-Lewd

This channel & role is only visible to those who ask for it. You can post erotic art, bodily fluids, genitalia, consensual intercourse, pin ups, and nudity. Not self harm, suicidal themes, non-consensual intercourse, and photos of real people.

♥ NSFW-Horror

This channel & role is only visible to those who ask for it. You can post body modifications, blood, violence. and non-realistic gore. Not photographs of gore, self harm themes, and extreme realistic mutilations.

♥ Streamers

This role is to be notified when a Guest Designer is streaming!

♥ Promotional

You must pay 300 AP in order to promote things such as commissions, streams, adopts (as long as they aren't other closed species) and personal promotions in #promotion, however, if you're unsure on if you're able to post it please let a CM or Staff member know! (TBA)

♥ Town Roles

We now have separate town roles for each town! Make sure your Annie's town has been confirmed before tagging a Community Manager for the town your Annie(s) is in.

Tips & Tricks

♥ No Thumbs

Ever wanted a link to not show the thumb?
Just use the < > signs before and after your link!
Example: <https :// google . com>

♥ Formatting

Need to break your sentences? Just hold Shift + Enter!

♥ Nickname Changes

If you would like to change your server nickname, please make sure to bracket your online handle after it to avoid confusion!
Example: Yamitine (Yamio)

You may not have Commissions / Trades Open in your nickname as it is counted as promotion, which we have a separate role and channel for!

* If your nickname violates any of these rules and/or Discord terms,
our mods reserve all rights to change your nickname without prior notice,
and may issue a warning if deemed necessary. *

* If you've read this far, click on the Discord icon at the very top of this journal to join us! *

Please tag any moderator in Discord if you have any more questions!
Thank you for being a part of the community! ♥
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Coded by somnolent-a and aeriphie
© 2018 - 2023 Anniverse
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