Annielender 2019

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Thank you all participating in our events this year!
Next is one of our largest, and final release event of the year, Annielender!! ♥

Annielender 2019

Join us for the most wonderful time of the year with the release of 24 new Annies!
 Will you be the one to take them home and keep them warm this holiday season?  

Want to be a part of the excitement during annie releases? Check out our discord server here:

If you're interested in being part of the Anniverse, feel free to check out our group:

If you're interested in learning about Annies, feel free to read our lore journals:

This Event will run from

December 1st to December 24th

There will be 1 Annie released per day
For a total of 24 Annies ♥


By buying, you are agreeing to our


Serious buyers only;
if you retract your claim you will be banned from purchasing Annies again.

An Invoice will be sent by the artist(s) in question.

You must be able to pay within 24 hours after you have claimed an Annie.

Payment plans may be discussed,
however, FTO (First time owners) can only have one plan at a time
& if you own more than one Annie, you can have two payment plans at a time.

There will be no snipe guards in place.

SEt price BASED

Each Annie has a base price and will be released each day at 7pm CET
(Countdown will be embedded on our page)

*Payment plans will be applicable*


For this event, the Annies are set price.


Super Rare




You must purchase a date on the released calendar deviation that will be released by Yamio at 7pm CET on December 1st!

FTO Only for 10min

1 claim per person per 24 hours (all)


:iconoma-chi: :iconshelselle: :icon01nu: :iconshiroesuna:
:iconn-shrio: :iconhen-tie: :iconvanilla-cherie: :iconmetanyu:
:iconstarlipop: :iconpemiin: :iconrain-ee: :iconfiyunae:
:iconhieihirai: :iconneko-rina: :icontippisuu: :iconskunkyfly:
:icontheogburrito: :iconbitter--coffee: :iconhele-bun: :iconantay6oo9:
:iconbabypippo: :icondeency: :iconhosha-usagi: :iconlittlebluemuffin:

Annielender 2019 [CLOSED CALENDAR] by Yamio


Day 1


Annielender 2019 | Day 1 by Yamio

Day 2 


Annielender 2019 | Day 2 by Yamio

Day 3


Annielender 2019 |Day 3 by Yamio

Day 4


Annielender 2019 | Day 4 by Yamio

Day 5


Annielender 2019 | Day 5 by Yamio

Day 6


Annielender 2019 | Day 6 by Yamio

Day 7 


Annielender 2019 | Day 7 by Yamio

Day 8


Annielender 2019 | Day 8 by Yamio

Day 9


Annielender 2019 | Day 9 by Yamio

Day 10


Annielender 2019 | Day 10 by Yamio

Day 11


Annielender 2019 | Day 11 by Yamio

Day 12


Annielender 2019 |Day 12 by Yamio

Day 13


Annielender 2019 | Day 13 by Yamio

Day 14


Annielender 2019 | Day 14 by Yamio

Day 15


Annielender 2019 | Day 15 by Yamio

Day 16


Annielender 2019 | Day 16 by Yamio

Day 17


Annielender 2019 | Day 17 by Yamio

Day 18


Annielender 2019 | Day 18 by Yamio

Day 19


Annielender 2019 | Day 19 by Yamio

Day 20


Annielender 2019 | Day 20 by Yamio

Day 21

Super Rare

Annielender 2019 | Day 21 by Yamio

Day 22

Super Rare

Annielender 2019 | Day 22 by Yamio

Day 23

Super Rare

Annielender 2019 | Day 23 by Yamio

Day 24


Annielender 2019 | Day 24 by Yamio

We hope you will enjoy Annielender!

Coded by somnolent-a
© 2019 - 2022 Anniverse
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Umeboshi-Art's avatar

How is it possible to buy one? Im really intrested in getting no 10 and dont know where and how can I get it >.<

Aspintacular's avatar
The calendar opened on the first and unfortunately sold out that day! For future reference, there is a deviation posted in Yamio’s gallery where claims take place!
Umeboshi-Art's avatar

Just noticed it ^^´ Its a pitty but I will know for next time *3* Thanks so much for your response!

kor-d's avatar
Just wanted to be clear, if you're a FTO and happen to claim an Annie from this month's calendar, that means you would not be able to claim for the first 10 minutes of another upcoming Annie from this month right? Since you would no longer be a FTO after the day you claimed one
kittengeist's avatar
You can only claim one Annie per 24 hours! Most times the Annies for this event are gone within the hour (especially once free for all comes). Hope this helps!
mufifins's avatar
ooo oop I just saw an answer to my question >.< !! so sorry but I hope I'm able to get one!
Aquariiaa's avatar
Hello! I had a question about claiming! ♥
Last year, we were able to comment something like 'Can I claim 16, but if that's taken I'll get 17', that kind of format!
Is that allowed again this year or are we only allowed to have a comment like 'Can I claim 16'?
Thank you in advance! /v/ ♥
Cammiio's avatar
Hii Aqua! ❤️

You are allowed to comment using the same format as last year for claiming, it hasn’t changed!

Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-02 (Kawaii) [V1] 
Aquariiaa's avatar
Okay! Thank you so much Carmen!! >v< Love 
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