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Would you like to design your own Annie?
Here’s a neat little journal all about Annie MYOs for you!

Common: 1500 AP | $150
Uncommon: 2000 AP | $200
Super rare: 3250 AP | $325

What is a MYO?

MYO = Make Your Own

❝ The act of designing an original character for yourself,
either on your own or by commissioning an artist ❞

This is different from pre-existing designs that are created
by Yamio or other guest designers for the Anniverse.

You may commission artists to design for you if you'd like.
You can also make a pre-existing design that belongs to you
into an Annie using a MYO slot!

Your MYO slot will expire a year after it was obtained. However, you can contact a mod on our Discord server or note Anniverse to purchase a MYO extension.

If you would like to upgrade your Annie,
here are all our available upgrade shops!

Art Upgrade | Rarity Upgrade | Traits Upgrade


What is Anniesthetic?

❝ Anniesthetic is a play on the words ⸢Annies⸥ and ⸢aesthetic⸥,
which pertains to a certain aesthetic Annies prefer in the Anniverse ❞

Annies use make up, regardless of gender,
and they love showing off their legs,
as they think that is the most attractive part of the body!

But incorporating their blessings into their clothing,
 is the most important part of all!

They also love fancy and elegant designs,
preferring to adorn gold details onto their clothing.

There is no modern clothing however
(e.g. converse, jeans, modern hoodies etc.),
as well as no modern technology because
Anniverse is set in a more traditional setting!

* Please follow these guidelines to design your MYO! *

Check out our species sheet for more information!
Annies species sheet by Yamio

How do Annie MYOs work?

Obtain a MYO slot

There are many ways to obtain a MYO in Anniverse,
ranging from buying them to winning them
through contests, events and even raffles!

Read the How to Gain an Annie journal to learn more about
how you can obtain a MYO slot and gain an Annie for yourself!

Once you have acquired a MYO Slot,
follow these steps below to designing your MYO!

* Hover over for more information *

♥ Research blessing(s)

There are different levels of blessing rarity that you must take into account when choosing the blessing(s) of your MYO Annie. Be sure to read up on the Annie Rarities to check what type of blessings you are allowed to make based on the rarity of your MYO slot.

♥ Sketch out your Annie design

Yamio has compiled a list of designing tips that may be helpful to designing an Annie! You can also look at all the official Annie designs to get a grasp of the Anniesthetic.

♥ Submit the design sketch for Yamio's approval

You may send the design to Yamio through the Anniverse group. Alternatively, you can contact her through Discord. Please join the Anniverse Discord server first if you wish to contact her there! (You do not have to ask her permission to DM her as it is Anniverse related work!)

Yamio may then suggest slight changes or make slight adjustments to your design to make it fit the Anniesthetic.

♥ Submit your approved Annie to the Anniverse Masterlist!

After your design has been approved by Yamio, finish it and follow these steps to submit it to Anniverse:

1. Upload the MYO Annie to DeviantArt (as a deviation or as a stash file)
2. Submit the MYO Annie into the MYO Annies folder in the Anniverse deviantart group gallery
3. Comment on the Annie Masterlist with the form provided for your new MYO Annie.

And tadaa!
You now have your very own official MYO Annie!
Congratulations! ♥

How long do MYOs last?

Obtain a MYO slot

MYOs usually expire a year after obtaining the slot.
Expiry dates do not change by obtaining MYOs through the market.

However, you can purchase an extension for your MYO
by contacting a mod on our Discord server or by noting Anniverse.
The rules for buying an Annie MYO extension are:

♥ The extension would be exactly ONE year from it's original expiration date
♥ There would only be ONE extension per MYO
♥ The cost of an extension is the AP value of the MYO Rarity, but if you do not have enough AP you can supplement up to 50% with money

We hope this journal has helped you better understand Annie MYOs!
Happy designing! ♥

Coded by somnolent-a and softely
© 2018 - 2021 Anniverse
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Hi I joined the discord and I saw in the intro channel and requires me to fill a form, and I saw 'Annie' in that form, does that mean I need to make an Annie first and then I can fill the form? Thanks in advance

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Hello there! >v<

You're free to join without having an Annie!

You can simply say that you don't own an Annie, which is completely fine and not required to join our server! <3

pink heart {big}

chiruubi's avatar

ah I see, that's a relief! thank you for your answer