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Hello everyone!
Here is a guide to Annie Petals and how to keep track of them!

AP Bank Info

Openings: 25th of each month
Closings: 1st of the following month
Time: 8pm CEST

* You may not have someone else submit your earnings in your place;
It must be submitted by yourself! *

What is AP?

How do I earn AP?

         Annie Petals (AP for short) are a member currency that you can use to purchase goodies within the Anniverse! 10 AP = $1. It is not an in-universe currency used by the Annies themselves. With enough AP, you are capable of buying customs, MYOs, coupons, clothing, accessories, and pets. AP can also be used as partial payment for certain Annies that Yamio designs outside of events. Here are all the shops where you can use AP!

       Please note that you are not required to own an Annie for everything listed above. However, there are restrictions within the AP shop where you must own an Annie to be able to purchase items.

       You can still make your own clothing, accessories and weapons for your Annie(s), but the AP Shop will hold themed designs that are limited and made by designers picked by Yamio.

         There are lots of ways you can earn AP in Anniverse! You can earn them by being part of the Anniverse community, participating in events, entering contests, offering prizes, drawing and/or animating Annies, writing Anniverse related stories, or making Annie merchandise!
 Some things to keep in mind:
 ♥ You can earn AP even without owning an Annie.
 ♥ You can buy an Annie (if available) with AP
    (such as MYO slots or Annies sold for partial AP).
 ♥ Outside of purchasing one, you can only use AP if you own an Annie.

       When the AP Bank is open, you write in all of the activities you've completed for that month that would earn you AP.  Mods will then oversee your submissions to make sure your calculations are accurate and will officially total your earned points in the AP Bank Total.

How much AP can I earn?

* Hover over each point to see how the points are counted! *

♥ 10 AP

♥ Drawing your own Annie (counts for co-owned annies too)
♥ Gaining an Annie
♥ Purchasing a Common MYO

♥ 20 AP

♥ Drawing somebody else's Annie
♥ Joining an event
♥ Purchasing an Uncommon MYO

♥ 30 AP

♥ Being a judge
♥ Getting paid art (i.e commissioned works - must be completed)

♥ 50 AP

♥ Donating contest prizes (has to be completed)
♥ Making Annie merch

♥ 100 AP

♥ Placing in an event
♥ Contributing to official worldbuilding

♥ 200 AP

♥ Being a Guest Designer (the design must be released)
♥ Hosting an official Annie Event

♥ 250 AP

♥ Being a Mod

♥ 500 AP

♥ Being a Guest Artist

♥ Annies

♥ Buying a Common Annie
= 30% AP of the price in USD
♥ Buying an Uncommon Annie
= 50% AP of the price in USD
♥ Buying a Super Rare Annie
= 70% AP of the price in USD
♥ Buying a Mythical Annie
= 100% AP of the price in USD

♥ Other

♥ Some AP can be earned exclusively through certain events. AP listed in the prize list of an event will be added by the AP Bank Managers.
♥ Writing literature for the Anniverse will reward you varying amounts of AP depending on how much is written.
♥ You welcome to offer AP Commissions as well! Just be sure to let an APBM know so we can properly transfer the AP.

How do I use the AP Bank?

Click on the link leading to the AP bank spreadsheet at the top of the journal to begin.
The following image is the available tabs you will see on the sheet.

The AP Bank opens for 6 ~ 7 days at the end of every month
and is locked again until the following month.

This time period is your only chance to fill in your AP earnings for that month.

* Please note that some cells will have black corners,
meaning there is useful information attached that will show when you hover over the cell. *

Go through each of the pink tabs that are applicable to you and fill them out.
Remember to finish your input by summarizing it in the Totals tab at the end.

You do not need to add in AP earned through the prizes of an event or for the commentary event.
* Those will be added by the AP Bank Managers once the Bank closes. *

Explaining AP Bank tabs

* Hover over each tab to see what they're for! *

Each cell has an AP value attached.
A majority of the tabs will ask you to input a quantity unless otherwise stated.
(i.e. if you drew your own Annie 3 times, you put a "3" in the cell under the "Your Annie" column)

* Examples are provided in the document! *

♥ Annies

General contributions to the Anniverse! Such as:
♥ MYO and Annie purchases, including ones from the Annie Market
♥ Paid artwork of Annies (completed commissions)
♥ Hosting, participating in, judging, or placing in events
♥ Contributing prizes for events (these must be completed to count)
♥ Being a Guest Designer, Guest Artist, or a Mod

♥ Art

For artwork related to the Anniverse. By listing how many Annies you have drawn, the tab automatically treats each submission of an Annie as a sketch headshot. The rest of the columns are treated as multipliers based on extra quality (i.e. if an image was colored and shaded, you would input it under those columns as well).

♥ WIPs do count, however you're not allowed to submit it again after completion
♥ Full chibis count as full-bodies
♥ Partial-bodies covers busts, waist-ups, and thigh-ups, but not headshots
♥ Backgrounds/constructs are calculated per picture, not per Annie
♥ Backgrounds only count if they depict a realistic scene or landscape
♥ If you are submitting a partial body without a face, it must be recognisable as the Annie's body part to count
♥ Lineart, colour and shading is counted per annie and not per piece

♥ Literature

For written work. It is based on how many pages of literature you have written related to the Anniverse. Pages are only categorized as wholly filled or half-filled. When writing literature for the Anniverse, please keep in mind that:

♥ A4 pages are used as the comparable standard
♥ Size 12 Times New Roman font and single spaced lines must be used for formatting pages
♥ A page of a poem is treated as half of a page of prose
Anniverse towns, constructs, or species qualify here if they are written in prose.

♥ Animation

For animated work. You gain more for higher quality art (i.e. if it includes lineart, color, background assets, etc.) and a bonus for every second the animation lasts. Please note that blinking animations are treated as one second only.

♥ Merch

For sculptures/plushies crafted by you. Mods determine the detail of these assets.

♥ Proof

Proof columns are available at the end of every tab. This is where you link a sta.sh or document that shares all of your contributions in one place. These are necessary for us to verify your AP submissions.

♥ Please try to keep it as one link for each tab outside of the Annies tab!
♥ Commissions and Annie purchase proof go in the Annies Tab.
♥ Artwork you made goes in the Art tab.

♥ Totals

When you're done with all of the previous tabs, please fill in your totals here! Here is where extra AP may sometimes be rewarded for submissions that don't apply to any listed category. A multiplier is included for Patreon or Twitch subscribers!

♥ Bank

This is where you can view your AP score. The Bank tab mainly contains information on AP gained and spent, and mods keep track of this so it can be updated properly. If you had a name change or see a possible mistake, please inform an AP Bank Manager!

What do I submit?

What do the APBM add?

♥ Any artwork/animations/literature drawn or written by you
Annie and MYO purchases
♥ When you join an event or place in an event
   (not applicable for honorable mentions)
Completed prize donations from our events
Artwork/written work created for Monthly Prompts
♥ AP gained from winning an event (found in the prize lists)
♥ Additional AP gained from Monthly Prompts
   (75AP - 100AP, APBM do not award the AP for the the artwork itself)
♥ AP given for detail (this includes detailed art pieces, written work, etc.)
Guessing game AP (Discord exclusive event)
Who's That Annie AP (Discord exclusive event)

What is the AP limit?

1500 AP/month

This limit is in place to prevent the system from being abused.

Yamio's Patreon and Twitch subscribers have twice the cap.

* Some events are excluded. *

Submission Quarters

Missed a submission last month? Do not fret!
We have a quarterly system for when you can submit previous AP submissions!

1st Quarter: January, February, March
2nd Quarter: April, May, June
3rd Quarter: July, August, September
4th Quarter: October, November, December

* You may only submit AP for previous months in the same quarter!
Submissions for previous months in a different quarter are not eligible! *

Feel free to ask us anything in the comments if you have any more questions!
You can also reach the AP Bank Managers on the Anniverse Discord.

Click on the icon below to read more about our discord server!

© 2018 - 2021 Anniverse
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zerozeronii's avatar

Excuse me, i want to ask the part of that we can earn AP.

  1. AP by commission, how's that work? i mean is it commission from one of someone who have an annie or just general commission outside? (I'm sorry i still don't get it)

  2. AP by drawing someone else Annies, is it work like we make fanart for it? does we should have permission to the owner and Yamio -san to draw other Annies?

I'm sorry for so much question, Thank you~

Caeldea's avatar


1. When you record AP for commissions, that means you have commissioned someone else to draw art of your Annies.

2. When you record AP for drawing someone else's Annies, it includes fanart! If you draw a gift and it has someone else's Annie it also counts. You do not need to ask for permission to draw Annies except if you are going to draw nsfw works.

Hope this helps! Feel free to let me know if you have any more questions <33

zerozeronii's avatar

I got it! Thankyou. And once question again, does we allowed to post the fanart of others Annie on our social media?

Caeldea's avatar
Yes you are welcome to share art you draw of Annies!
zerozeronii's avatar

Okay then thankyou so much for the information`~`. Have a nice day cael -san 💕

foleso's avatar

Is using bases allowed?

Imugiki's avatar
Hello, I just realized I made a mistake ; v ; ) /

My discord username and dA username are different from each other, and I just realized I have two names in the AP Bank now because of it! nervous neko emoji
Is there somewhere I can go to correct it? Sorry for the inconvenience too! Aha~
tippisuu's avatar
[-ai- ROMANCE] Light Pink Heart Bullet by Gasara hello!
that's no problem and we can fix it! :heart:
what is your discord tag so we can combine them?
and would you prefer we use your discord name or dA name? :heart:
Imugiki's avatar
Thank you so much for such a fast reply on this!
My Discord username is " - Blueberry - " and I would prefer to use my dA name in the bank.
I sent the info to Cammiio as well since she messaged me too ^.^

Thank you again~!
tippisuu's avatar
[-ai- ROMANCE] Light Pink Heart Bullet by Gasara thank-you so much for your quick responses as well!
an ap bank manager has fixed it! :heart:
please let me know if you need anything else!
Imugiki's avatar
Ahhh, that's so good to hear! I hope it wasn't too much trouble ; v ; ) /
iirc that's all I needed, thank you again ahabunny emoji (love) 
Cammiio's avatar
Hi Forru! ❤️

Please could you tell me your discord username and which one you would prefer to be known as? We’ll correct it for you ASAP!

Pink Heart Icon 
Imugiki's avatar
Ah, discord username is " - Blueberry - "
Would prefer for Forru to show in the AP Bank if that's ok~
Thank you for fixing this so quickly! <3
Lucacrafts's avatar
Hello, I just wanted to point out that my username is misspelled as "Ludawick" in the Bank tab ;u;
Aspintacular's avatar
Just wanted to let you know that this was fixed for you! <3 Thanks for letting us know!
Lucacrafts's avatar
Thank you! I'm also wondering, where should I inquire about AP from the icon contest I should've won? I have 300 AP from the commentary event and 500 from winning one of the 4 icon contest categories, but I should have another 100 from being a runner up in one of the other categories to put me at 900.
Aspintacular's avatar
Lucawick multiple entries were allowed but only one was be eligible for a prize! Congratulations on winning .:Bunny love:. 
Lucacrafts's avatar
Ahh, okay, I thought that just meant the main prizes :'D Next time for the MYOs, then. Thank you!
ChicaFoxygurl24's avatar
I have a question: It says that you can earn AP by participating in events, but you also say that you can’t submit an Annie unless you win a spot in an auction. I would very much like some clarity and thank you for your time! ^^
Cammiio's avatar

Apologies for the late reply! You can earn AP by participating in events, yes~ To submit in the bank that you’ve gained or purchased an annie, you do need to win an annie auction for it to be applicable! You don’t need any annies to join in any events~ I hope that clears up your confusion o/

*Free Icon/Emote* Molang (I Love It!) 
ChicaFoxygurl24's avatar
Yes! That indeed helps! Thank you and have a lovely day!Kawaii Derpy Lenny Face emoticon 
FlauscheBaellchen's avatar
little question i was very inactive the last year but now back and i never submittet my artwork of thze annies for the ap
so my question is can i only submit the new drawings i made or can i also the old ones from last year?
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