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Are there any plans for the future for this group or is it going to just be an archive of the past designs and events? 
Eu quero tentar entrar no grupo a ver com é ☺️
Obrigado pelo seu interesse! 
Hello! Can our groups be affiliated with each other? We're also a CS ARPG ^^
Hello! Unfortunately we'll have to decline your offer as we do not share the same world!
Thank you kindly for your offer and interest though! ヽ(・∀・)ノ

No problem! Thanks for notifying me ^^b

Hello there! I was wondering if I can have permission to make the species “pacapillars?” Moon beanie (I think that was their name..) told me to ask a person named Anniverse to get permission to draw one, so I’m wondering if I’m in the right group to ask for one. I’d love to have one, thank uou!