Feature of my WATCHERS (Part 3)

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I know it's so lame coming back to this over 2 years (!!!) later, but I really wanted to do it before my subscription ran out again. The first two parts are now kinda ruined, as they were submitted as news articles, and seen as they're now converted into journals... Well, they can't hold that many thumb codes ^^;

Without further ado, a continuation of a feature of my watchers, inspired by my lovely friend Tea of :iconteaphotography: This is YOUR artwork, ENJOY! :heart: Thank you for all your support over the years!! :cuddle:

Friends/Watchers from July 20th, 2009 to September 30th, 2009

:iconenglish-rose08: pretty in Pink by English-Rose08 Heaven can wait by English-Rose08 twinkle little star by English-Rose08

:iconmatananar: Just Good by matananar still got the blues by matananar Untuk DIA,....ATALANTA by matananar

:iconkrissyorange: Ashley by krissyorange Derek [2] by krissyorange Good Night by krissyorange

:iconflamingwaffles: Princess Molestia animation by FlamingWaffles cupcake by FlamingWaffles melting by FlamingWaffles

:iconbloodymariathefirst: Listen : Graffiti by bloodymariathefirst  Grace the evil dead by bloodymariathefirst Batman Pin Up by bloodymariathefirst

:iconwallpapermania: The Happy Channel by WallpaperMania Kirby 2 by WallpaperMania Skull Coin by WallpaperMania

:iconanystasia: The Beginnings by Anystasia Summer Flower by Anystasia Cherry Tree by Anystasia

:iconschwester-von-2: Vy by Schwester-von-2 Roger Doger by Schwester-von-2 Don't Drink The Water by Schwester-von-2

:iconnyh-win-95:  the good die youngdear aaron,
you once said you hated eulogies, so i'm writing you a letter instead.
i'd like to think you died peacefully, but i'm quite sure you didn't. i wonder if you yelled 'i'm toast' the split second before the car crashed into you, the way you used to right before it was announced that i won the bet. maybe you did, maybe you didn't.
i won't ever know.
you survived hurricane katrina, but you couldn't stop a human being from being irresponsible. you left behind a family of three minus one, an unborn child who will never be able to call you 'daddy' and a cellphone. you weren't even twentyeight yet, for fuck's sake; i guess it wasn't in His will to let you have thirtyseven more days to live.
thank you for giving me two years of OMGWTFLOLBBQROFLMFAOs, for single-handedly doubling my vulgarity vocabulary and corrupting twentyfivepercent of me, for my first ever mr accessory, for telling me what vodka tasted like when no one else would [although you weren't much help tbh], for being my
  he is not a butterfly.the doctors claim they have tried their best to save her.
it is not enough for him; nothing is.
'hanging in by the skin of her teeth' is the very apt metaphor they use to describe it.
more like the skin of her heart.
'doctor? i have a request.'
her ears hurt. her torso hurts. her body hurts.
the first thing she does upon waking up is to cry out for him.
the next thing she does is to realise that she is alive.
and then, of course, she is told the truth. the very cruel truth.
three letter phrases no longer mean anything to her.
yes, the only organ that exists between the rack of bones in her chest is not even her heart; she cannot love.
for there is nothing to love, now.
she goes to a party for the first time in three years. three long years of desolation [isolation?] and [broken] wholeheartedness.
she decides that the corner, obscured by the curtains and nestled with a pinot noir in hand, is the best place to be.
too late to retract; there is already a
  and i am sorryi don't understand. i don't understand how someone who is rainbows and sunshine concocted under moonbeams can possibly feel that way. it's how i don't understand why x is 73, when i insist it's 86. it's how i don't understand why you do what you do, how you do what you do.
i'm sorry the way you're sorry. i'm sorrier you're sorry for nothing. i just can't empathise; how one can can possibly think that her thighs are fat when they are, quite obviously, rock hard mussles and mine are but shellfish. i don't know why you're always sorry, or tiptoeing around me. what i do know is that people are icebergs; yes, it's true, i keep ninety nine point seventy three percent of myself hidden from sight. i guess you keep ninety nine point eighty six percent tucked away in a really pretty treasure chest somewhere in your messy cupboard.
because you do your homework and i always end up copying yours somehow. because i snap all the time but you only ever end up crying when i stab you in the chest

:iconlindelokse: Queen of the Rain by lindelokse Surprises by lindelokse Silence by lindelokse

:icongild-a-lily: <da:thumb id="344326003"/> <da:thumb id="167657146"/> <da:thumb id="154933428"/>

:iconyiyi9556: Lisral by YIYI9556 Frozen Tendrils by YIYI9556 Midnight by YIYI9556

:iconchelle-66: Whirling Dervish by Chelle-66 Kashmir Revisited by Chelle-66 Vibrant Vortex by Chelle-66

:iconlarissa-sp-brasil: Flower 3 by Larissa-SP-Brasil Walking colored by Larissa-SP-Brasil Colored 2 by Larissa-SP-Brasil

:icondaydreama: Champagne by Daydreama My favorite Disney girls by Daydreama Ocean speed by Daydreama

:icon50calwolf: <da:thumb id="102654609"/> <da:thumb id="134258045"/> <da:thumb id="135420405"/>

:icondon-shazz: Iris 19 by Don-Shazz Charlie 8 by Don-Shazz Trisha 4 by Don-Shazz

:iconariceonly: Rainbow fairy by AriceOnly Butterfly Girl by AriceOnly Panda bear by AriceOnly

:iconangelichikari94: :wave: revamped by AngelicHikari94 AngelicHikari94 Avator by AngelicHikari94 MilkShake, my pet Eevee... by AngelicHikari94

:iconstarichi: what are the stars made of? by starichi Dear Alice... by starichi A Pair of Wings for me by starichi

:iconprintsheaven: :thanks:

:iconirishconnection: potential by irishconnection colonies by irishconnection mardi gras by irishconnection

:iconnightsbo: <da:thumb id="255765662"/> <da:thumb id="185582706"/> <da:thumb id="149889973"/>

:iconeyadness: Cat 27 by eyadness Al Karak - Jordan by eyadness Flowers 30 by eyadness

:iconanimepixieprincess: I guess I taste good by AnimePixiePrincess Evelynn My Neice by AnimePixiePrincess Waterworks-9 by AnimePixiePrincess

:iconthepolishyogi: h o p e by thepolishyogi PREVIEW 'Vote for 'America's Sweetheart'' by thepolishyogi Warhol's Bokeh by thepolishyogi

:iconliloaznangel: Almost a Kanzashi Flower Heart by LiLoAznAngel Who recgonizes this? by LiLoAznAngel Crafting by LiLoAznAngel

:iconcosmoretro: Beat by cosmoretro Juturna by cosmoretro Light of fairy by cosmoretro

:iconschoggifroeschli: Val Roseg by schoggifroeschli Yellow by schoggifroeschli Butterfly-77 by schoggifroeschli

:iconshadow-angel-10: love.. by Shadow-Angel-10 leaf maiden.. by Shadow-Angel-10 shepherds warning.. by Shadow-Angel-10

:iconcupcake-wish: Welcome home by cupcake-wish Portrait 3 by cupcake-wish Midnight in the Garden by cupcake-wish

:iconhacheke: <da:thumb id="370645950"/>

:iconelly47: Free by elly47 Horizon by elly47 Water Lily by elly47

:iconsilvergypsie: FruitStillifeliteL by silvergypsie pink by silvergypsie Horses by silvergypsie <--- PAINTINGS!

:iconata-ur-rehman: Moon Stealer by Ata-Ur-Rehman T H E   P A R R O T by Ata-Ur-Rehman I love strawberry... by Ata-Ur-Rehman

:iconswmmp: Enchanted doorway by swmmp Any time your ready by swmmp Flowering Arch by swmmp

:iconsegnoz: Setting sun - wide by Segnoz 14 by Segnoz Setting sun by Segnoz

:iconshattermist: Trotter 6 by ShatterMist Stock Horse 6 by ShatterMist Trotter 4 by ShatterMist
:iconmarytanis: Alice in Oz? by Marytanis True Love by Marytanis Hello by Marytanis

:iconchromophobicrayons: <da:thumb id="176440164"/> <da:thumb id="156435548"/> <da:thumb id="153129891"/>

:icondrummer017: Mushroom Nymph by drummer017 colored naruto and sasuke by drummer017 paper children :3 by drummer017

:iconglitterally:  they called me harly by glitterally cupcake4 by glitterally Cashew Tree by glitterally

:icontomroney: Fractal by tomroney Fractal Art by tomroney Sepia Effect by tomroney

:iconokami-freak: Contrast by Okami-Freak Twins by Okami-Freak Morning Glory I by Okami-Freak

:iconfractalisa: Sierpinski Flowers by Fractalisa Black Thistle Spiral by Fractalisa pearls by Fractalisa


:iconkatigatorxx: earth by katigatorxx Ice Queen by katigatorxx My Personal Fairytale by katigatorxx

:iconipika: Risu goes Apple Pickin' by iPika Black Kitten stud earrings by iPika Mushroom says: I heart cake by iPika

:iconmladooko: <da:thumb id="123907531"/> <da:thumb id="134904828"/> <da:thumb id="135970412"/>

:iconestheryu: Rainbow by Estheryu Aries by Estheryu Kimono by Estheryu

:iconjimami: Drawn In by jimami Down To The Beginning by jimami Sliced by jimami

:iconfiercesoul: <da:thumb id="154993052"/> Whaaaat? by Fiercesoul Max Close-Up by Fiercesoul

:iconkuikning: <da:thumb id="135531749"/> <da:thumb id="135388485"/> <da:thumb id="132703362"/>

:icontthealer56: A Foggy Morning by TThealer56 Hyacinth Close up by TThealer56 Mexico Beach 10-20-13 by TThealer56

:icondeustriel: :thanks:

:iconwillowziggy:  whisper quietly... by willowziggy over you... by willowziggy quiet storm by willowziggy

:iconmagicoffmusic: Tiny flowers by MagicoffMusic Tower bridge by night. by MagicoffMusic raindrops on leaf. 2 by MagicoffMusic

:iconepsdesign: FOG AND TABLE by epsdesign DANDELION by epsdesign GOLDEN SEA by epsdesign

:iconalexanaphotography: Nigh in Timisoara 1 by AlexAnaPhotography Across the path'' by AlexAnaPhotography Excuse me by AlexAnaPhotography

:iconcajuncamera: Phoenix of The Dark One by CajunCamera Cancerous Lungs by CajunCamera