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Tron Legacy Quorra3

My Quorra costume was constructed by me. Chest and arm armour constructed from scratch out of craft foam, cardboard, styrofoam and tons of super glue ;) Suit and identity disk are made with reflective tape. These photos are taken with flash photography which create the light up effect. I am currently working on lighting the suit for the movie premiere December 2010.

Tron Legacy Quorra Annissë cosplay sci-fi Dragon Con 2010
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AND by god this is a great outfit!
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Im trying to figure out how to light an entire set of Tron costumes. including Identity disks :( Care to share an idea on how I should go about this task?
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Great job! :clap: You've inspired myself and my friends to do our own Tron cosplay now, thank you! :aww:
This is awesome. If you're looking for a self-lighting component though, I would go with EL Wire. It's not too expensive really and comes in lots of colors. I've been working on a tron costume myself so I thought I'd let you know. =)
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I absolutely fell in love with this movie!!! and I also intend on getting the game for my X-box. And I’m planning to crossplay Luka and a Tron player.
XZombieEaterX's avatar
I love this photo!!♥♥
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ok THAT WAS know anyone who can make the orange energy rods?
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reflective tape? so that brightness is just an effect from the camera flash?
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very cool! the suit came out great! :D
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very well made. inventive!
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Soooo awesome!!!
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Superb Costume!!
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I can't get over how fantastic this is! You really take cosplay to a whole new level!
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