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Vriska robot arm TUTORIAL 2of2

A bit different Vriska Serket robot arm tutorial: Part 2 - The Colors

Part 1 - The Glove…

OH GOG. This took longer than I expected! I'm sorry for the delay. ;-; traveling, school exams, social life.. you know the drill. But now it's here!

I explained pretty much EVERYTHING in this part, so this might sound like a tutorial for dummies haha. I just wanted to be thorough and explain ALL the pros and cons I went through with this process. ALL OF THEM. I hope this'll be helpful on your own path of Vriska cosplay~ <3

:heart: PS: I'd LOVE to see your results! <3

character Vriska Serket from Homestuck © Andrew Hussie
all else © me
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aaaaaaaaaaaa thank you im gonna do a vriska cosplay with my friend whos doing terezi 
GumiMiku99's avatar
This is really helpful for me 'cos I'm cosplaying as Vriska and I didn't want to make it out of foam.
Dredorida's avatar
Amazing!! How do you think this would work with sharpies instead of copics? 
WinterX-X's avatar
Wow, great work!
Count-Hoshioni's avatar
freaking majestic!!!! Howd you get the sleeve?
Firestarpower's avatar
I feel bad for lefties trying to draw this..
DasyTaylor's avatar
At least someone thinks of us *i cry evrytiem*
lupineOffset's avatar
YOU. HAVE. NO. IDEA. I quit 
InuMistyYasha's avatar
I'm not sure what commission means. I want to make this for my sister for her birthday, but she would likely see me making it for her plus I am a terrible drawer. Can you make one and sell it to me? Somewhere in $5-$8?
lolnopesaway's avatar
commission means making and selling it to someone.

so no, she won't do that.
rontusikiyu3's avatar
Is there a reason it should be Copic markers? like do they work better on fabric or...? I'm wondering if regular Sharpie markers would work.
chaygarth's avatar
This looks awesome :3
I'm gonna try making this for my Male Vriska cosplay c:
asinineArSoN's avatar
Oh my god that looks amazing!
Thanks so much for making this- I'm cosplaying Zombiestuck Jake English, and he got his arm chopped off so he wouldn't become a zombie after one took a chuck out of his arm- so Dirk built him a robot one.
this is utterly amazing.. i am trying to see my options for a metallic arm and this could very well be the winner. Thank you! 
fangirlattack14's avatar
This is really cool! I plan on going to a con soon, and I'm going to cosplay as Vriska so this is really helpful! :D
TalkativeTiaD's avatar
imagine getting a tattoo like that on your whole arm
indigophonix's avatar
Sactach's avatar
Whoa, thank you about this tutorial very much! Now I know which would work.. 
Dredorida's avatar
This looks freaking impossible! XD I will try anyway! Never really done any real-life shading on an object, let alone using pens, but I will certainly try!
TwiggyTheGiraffe's avatar
Can you describe the sash-tie system you used for securing the arm?
asinineArSoN's avatar
She took some fabric and attacked it to the glove so she could loop it around her shoulder and under her arm as well. Theres a diagram in there somewhere.
sarabi's avatar
Your tutorial is great!  I used it for my winter soldier arm, and my friends thought it was a great idea instead of fabricating something bulky.  =D

Just one question though, is there a way to lock the copic ink into the stocking before it gets washed?  the heat in atlanta, georgia was more then I was expecting.  x.X
Francymaru's avatar
Absolutely great!
GrilledCheeese's avatar
This is amazing! I've been strugling to figure out how to make an arm for my Winter Soldier cosplay and this really helped a lot so thanks! 
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