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Vriska robot arm TUTORIAL 1of2

A bit different Vriska Serket robot arm tutorial: Part 1 - The Glove.

Part 2 - The Colors…

At this half I explain how to make a glove out of 60 den grey tights. -Again, this is just a messy walkthrough with all the mistakes and everything of how I rolled with this. There are better ways, I bet. Learn from my mistakes, bro! :'D

So, my robot arm ended up a bit more complicated than the original design. I didn't want to just color my arm with few stripes for the cosplay and be done with it. I wanted it to look a bit more.. well.. AWESOME. I took influence from GUNNM and FMA etc. and the fab result surprised even me. : D Since people have been so sweet and curious about this, here's a 2-part tutorial just for you. <3

This method can be used for just any robot arm, not just Vriskas. Or simply just how to make a grey glove for troll cosplay etc, if you don't want to paint your skin.

:heart: PS: I'd LOVE to see your results! <3

character Vriska Serket from Homestuck © Andrew Hussie
all else © me
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Been looking for a good tutorial. Of course, I'll have to let you know if this works for only partial arms, as I need only go half-way up the forearm.
MissyS16's avatar
I have been thinking of doing FMA cosplay, and with a bit of creativity with the design this would be GREAT for Ed Elric's Automail!!! Thank you SO much!
NightShadeTears94's avatar

I'm gonna do a Winter Soldier cosplay but most tutorials use duct-tape and it would be way too bulky!
SchabeofDoom's avatar
Thanks. That really helps me making LARP Claws for my Vampire LIve character ;)
carnicoGodhead's avatar
Can you sew this using a sewing machine, or would it work better hand-sewing it?
JeweledAlchemist's avatar
verrrry cool, actually. I've got loads of old tights I'll probably never wear again, but in decent condition! Gonna make myself a pair of everyday cat's paws with this as a base. Gonna be cool as. 
TwiggyTheGiraffe's avatar
I love that you made this. I love you for making this <3
ElvisDitto's avatar
So this is hand stitched? Or machine stitched?
InsightfulPunk-Pixie's avatar
So glad I found this. I'll be using in the future very soon.
LlyonaFang's avatar
(too bad i wont be using it i already made my own terezi cosplay thing and i dont hav elong hair abd i haav ea firen dwho might be vriska but IM NOT LETTING HER HAVE A BETTER COSPLAY HTAN ME lol XD)
This is super awesome --I'm hoping to cobble together a Cinder (Lunar Chronicles) cosplay using this technique --and as a bonus, I think I can make a leg with the same technique and then I'm not wasting half of a pair of tights! Woo! I'll def. let you know how it turns out :)
posieh's avatar
Is there anywhere that I can buy something like this, that covers the arm and hand? I know you don't do commissions for it, but...
IAmJadeHarley's avatar
Does it have to be copied there pretty expensive
IAmJadeHarley's avatar
* copics auto correct suck s
Chocann's avatar
This is a great tutorial not just for robot arms but for skin tight gloves in general. I am using this tutorial to make a beast arm and using the same method to making the legs. Thank you so much for this tutorial!
Anniina85's avatar
cool! np and good luck with your cosplay! : )
Mya2001's avatar
do you really need copics?
JaxFenrile's avatar
Very informative thank you very much. This si going to help me with the costume I want to make. :)
Chibi-n-Ichigo's avatar
The thing i love most about this is that it can be used for other things than Vriska.
I for an example, are going to use it for a Robot!Phineas cosplay, and it've helped loads!
Not only with the arms, but how to make robo-legs as well! I can't possibly thank you enough!
- Josh
Anniina85's avatar
Ahh, I'm glad you found this useful! <3 and yes, this can adapt for many kinds of things.
Forsaken-Blue's avatar
I MUST DO THIS :excited: 
SrgtHamy's avatar
this would also be good when you don't want to paint your arms
victini13's avatar
you are a mother glubbing genius! I'm curently making this for my porrim cosplay
Anniina85's avatar
aaa sweet. makes the whole tattoo thing much easier.
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