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Kumou Tenka coming through!

By Anniina85
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Waltzing through Desucon Frostbite 2015~

I had a great time, all the nice people I met, oh gosh! <3 My wig caught quite a lot of attention which was nice, I'm proud of it myself, being my first spiky anime wig and all, yay! The kimono took the most years of my life though, the gradient and patterns were quite a task to align right. Stencils, stencils everywhere. That sums this cosplay progress pretty well. : D I'm still missing the fan, but I'll get that done for Desucon & Tracon.

DNW GROUP. I have a mighty need. If you're interested, let me know! : ) I made some recruitment work (lol I'm horrible) at Frostbite and it was cool to hear how many had dnw charas on their cosplay lists. Let's make this happen. \'<'/

-This Photo in my tumblr -->…
- cosplay WIP stuff can be found at there as well -->…

Kumo Tenka: me
Series: Donten Ni Warau
Photographer: Antti Tenhunen /

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Your Tenka cosplay is beautiful!
I hope you managed to do a dnw group :)
It's such a great show.. sadly we rarely have any cosplayers from it at our conventions.
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Thank you! ;<;
Yeah the group happened, and a second one is happening too in a month! Yay! I'm just a lazy bum to upload pics here yet, my tumblr has all the goodies for now that I've managed to edit…

Aw, I'm sorry to hear that. Maybe you'd need a recruitment strategy of your own hehe. Also, your Shirasu, well done. _b I'm on a mission to cosplay him too, can't resist that fuuma gear, just can't <3 (also dying from the recent gaiden events)
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Ok turns out I'm following you on tumblr, I just have the memory of a goldfish ><

Well I did find one person and we plan to do the twins from rengoku ni warau but it would be so fun to do bigger groups :) maybe I really should start working on a recruitment strategy.
Thank you and I'm looking forward to see your Shirasu cosplay :) 
Yeah I know.. every time Shirasu just breaks my heart in Gaiden. I really hope he will come back and this isn't the last we saw him :/
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: D happens, I mix internet people all the time. cool!

Ohhh, god I love those twins, good luck with 'em! Asking around doesn't hurt, you might find a hoard of people before you know it . )

..Just before I spoil anything, are you aware of this great person who translates the newest chapters? she just released ch10 and that's what I'm referring…
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Thanks I'll try ^^
Yes I read the new chapter :)
And I really hope this wasn't the last time they met T.T or wasn't that the part you were referring to? 
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Ok splendid, I wasn't sure so I had to check : ) so ooooh yeah, they're totally gonna meet. the fuumas headed west also so I expect a grand finale with everyone joining forces and making ups and happy endings or I swear to god
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La la la la Tenka is going west too? I didn't catch that.
Yeah that final would be so epic but I'm a bit scared what will happen.
I mean it is supposed to be laughing under the clouds, but I wasn't laughing at the end of dnw T.T
And not just Shirasu what about Botan and the Yamainu :( 
and Tenka is still in a wheelchair :/
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yeah.. laughing... ahah hah.. ha..
yeah shiga is west from where they are atm, I had to check the map to be sure haha. I bet shirasu was ready to leave there on his own already before bumping into tenka. gotta still protect the family and all. much shadow very ninja. conceal don't feel don't let them kno.

true, there's a lot of keikakus that need to unravel yet. I'm not pretty much buying any of the shit the yamainu are doing, I mean it's pretty much an over again occurring theme by now in this series for things to eventually be what they didn't first seem. Botan too, aw. (it's a bit frustrating habit for the author to write things but meh)

imho tenka's wheelchair fate is just a good character development even though being sad, I mean after all that he's been through, that's the least what would happen. Poor cinnamon roll, still alive and reflecting things. yes good. hurt me more.

...sorry the long post, i have feelings going on. : D
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Ihan täydellinen cossi! Niin kaunis kokonaisuus, jota voisi ihastella koko päivän. Lisäksi tuo peruukki jo itsestään kuuluisi museoon ihasteltavaksi! :D
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huahhhh vauhhh mitä ylistystä sataa!! ://////O kiitoksia! :heart:
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