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Wolf pack

What I imagine Mowgli from The Jungle Book would look like if he had actually been raised by wolves lol
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I hate to run into these kind of wolves, unless I have a death wish.
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Very realistic, this is.
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wonderful detail on their coats
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I like the scars on Mowgli's body and his absoloutely filthy looking hair. Living with a wolf pack is hardly idyllic.

Just one criticism; the wolves look kind of based on European/American wolves. Indian wolves are much thinner, and have very large ears.
Not even the best lives are really idyllic. I’ve always been fascinated by the subject of feral children.
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thanks, yea I actually tried to make them based on indian wolves but I couldn't find much reference so I tried to just make up thinner, shorter haired north american wolves lol I see what you mean though, they still aren't quite right.
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Exactly, cuz red diapers suck. ;)
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haha yea I don't think wolves dress their young in bright loincloths
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Nor do they have ridiculous pumpkin-pie 'Moe' haircuts. :roll:

PS. You might admire this: [link] :nod:
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haha i like the link
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On a side note, Mowgli's Feral expression kinda looks like Chucky. :iconchuckyplz: ;p
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haha yea I wanted to make him creepy but now that you mention it, it does look like chucky lol
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I like this. Well done! *favs. By the way, do you mind if I put this drawing in a group that is about the jungle book?
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Thank you, I'm glad you like it! Sure go ahead, just link it to me in the description if you wouldn't mind :)
Ok, then. I will try to. Thank you.
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Lovely! He looks like he could have rabies...hehehe.
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haha He definitely has something :)
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