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My First Gay Thought

So yeah, this is the aforementioned comic I was talking about that I have finally completed. And it is but the 1st of many more to come. :)

It's going to be part of a zine I'm making about my awarness and understanding of LGBTQ topics throughout various and current stages of my life.

Here we have a thought I had when I was 5 and I almost forgot about until I began to look back on certain moments in my life; I remember thinking this to myself WAY before I even knew gay people existed(I would find out when was 10)!

I may post more of these, but when I'm able to(because classes start for me in 2 weeks).
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Never understimate a child. They are a lot smarter than they look.

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This was the greatest thought you ever had, you are wise and amazing beyond your years!

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Thank you very much!!
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You're welcome!

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D'awww This is incredibly sweet. You must have been a great little kid. 
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Thanks, though I'm certain my 1st grade teacher would likely disagree with that statement(surprisingly, a six-year-old who ignores the teacher's lessons by going to read stuff from the bookshelf and constantly corrects the teacher's spelling errors WITHOUT raising her hand first doesn't make for a good obedient student. But what do I know?) 

I find it interesting how unbiased my mind was at the time to be able to have these kind of thoughts without anyone telling me it was wrong or impossible. Imagine my surprise later in life when I found out such relationships existed!!!
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Okay, two things: 
1) Star, the princess of Mewni, is owned by Disney, so by that logic, she's already a Disney Princess. 

2) I was specifically referring to having a Disney Princess film about or including a GAY Disney Prince or Princess, perhaps with a significant other if possible.
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Dude, you realize you can find resources online that have better writing advice than I could give, right? 

And if you're not gonna include gay characters in your work, fine. That's none of my business.
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No worries man.
But I created this to receive comments related to the comic; you already told me about your project, you don't need to advertise it to me anymore.
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I have this deep memory of when I was little of seeing this ad. I don't remember much but it was either a PSA or a political ad of this kid coming home with a book they made at school that was titled Prince x Prince and the Mom looking at it like ('◉⌓◉’) "what do I do/say".

Like I said I don't remember much but I'm pretty sure it was an anti gay but little ole me just thought,"what the hell is wrong with a dude kissing a dude????"
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Sounds like an interesting PSA! 

And yeah, it's kind of interesting that our minds are completely unbiased as children until we(hopefully) learn to figure things out for ourselves.
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lol ya now i think girls are way cuter than guys
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This sounds great, I hope it happens soon! Also I like to see some nb characters too

By the way, I really like your comics, I hope you can continue doing in the future :3
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I hope it happens soon, but if not, then we'll just have to make it ourselves.

Also, you like my comics? Thank you so much!!!Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-02 (Kawaii) [V1] 
I do plan on making more if them if I have the time and energy(because I start my 2nd year of college soon).

Again, thank you so much for following my work!!!
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Oh, I like how you think ;3 I will never have the repercussion that disney has, but I'm so proud to work in create non-binary characters and non-heterosexual, among others

Of course I like! it's amazing to see how people express their experiences, thoughts, or send a message. It's like take a small part of you and show to the world, is something beautiful! Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-03 (Squee) [V1] 
Also, the comics you did talking about the autistic representation I saw them really helpful, I liked them a lot, they are in the head of my Featured  

Oh, how casual, I also start 2nd year of college, I don't know exact when yet but soon I suppose, and I understand you in part, i mean, the college takes a loooot of time, and can be very exhausting, well, at least in my case, the people in the classes are more exhausting that the classes buuuut, the point is you finish tired, if you have time to feeling something, so I understand perfectly that you submit much less or have periods without submit anything, possibly it happens to me too

You do not need to thank me, but anyway, thanks to you for doing your workHamtaro Mouse Emoji-06 (Kawaii Dance) [V1] 
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That's what I've been saying for YEARS, but Disney's a coward so I guess I gotta do this myself!!!
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I might have simplified my intentions in my previous statements, so let me clarify:
I agree with you that Disney's priority should be to make good movies, but they do have the capability, time and resources to make a good movie about a gay couple. The main reason as to why they aren't jumping to make one immediately is because Disney, as a company, is appealing to the masses and overall general public. The only way they feel that they would be able to do this type of film if they felt like it could be profitable and accepted by their potential audience(hint: people of particular values), not the LGBT community. 

And to reiterate my previous point, even if they were to do this. I find that it would be easier(and quicker) to create the media I want to see myself.
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