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I wanted to draw Cows and these are the things i came up with.

I've kinda come up with anems and stories for them, but really I jsut wanted to draw when I drew them. The brown one is a male. I'm always a bit upset when cartoons give male cows utters so he's attaomiclly correct. He's also the most messed up one. I've given him the name Beffy the Suicidal Bovine, he's bread for being eaten but saved from a slaughter house by PETA and is not as happy as he looks. For those of you who've seen that episode, he has a stricking resemblance to a Cow in Tiny Toons but I don't care.

The other two are fun I drew the big one with teh intent of having her on a mission to kill those stupid CA cows promoting CA cheese (if you've seen the comersials you'll know what I'm talkign about). SHe's from Siberia, known as Comrad Cow, and she's really just jelious. The little one is Mad Cow...and she's excatly the way you see her...she's just about everything. In the very literal sence she is a mad cow.
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Thoes cows are GANGSTER!
Espesualy comrad cow!
I can imagen her speaking in a deep 
voice with a heavy Russan accent!
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this reminds my of a show a old one
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I like the cooty on the far right^^ I hope they get rid of those sleazy CA cows.

Do you know how dairy cows work? Welp, they take the dairy cow, put her on what is known as the "rape-wrack", knock her up so she'll produce milk, then steal her babies and turn the males into veal and the females into more dairy cows. They hook her up to those milking contraptions, which often rubs her titties raw until pus starts getting mixed in with the milk (But we don't have to worry, since it's pasteurized so we don't get sick off of the puss). When she's done lactating, its back to the "rape-wrack" until she's infertile, upon which she becomes leather & animal chow. That one in the middle should put those CA cows on rape-wracks and violate their stink-holes!
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those r awesome
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:lmao: XD I really like the mad cow one XD I also love the PETA saved one too XD the story behind him made me laugh
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LOL, these are fab.
Hell yeah! And I agree with the male/female cow.
I'm not sure if you remember it, but there was a beer advert a few years back, and it had a cow (with udders) in it... being all smooth, with the ladies... O__o. It obviously was a man and not a lesbian cow. Jeeez.

I love the lil' bull on the left, he's very 1920s. I like that style generally anyway. ;)
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Muu! :moo:
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Haha, that's a good plot. :D They're so crazy...*hugs the PG-13 cows!*
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Comrade Cow is my favorite. Fantastic expression and body language there. Yay for cows! Also: The CA Cheese concept is a great one. I'd love to see a comic of that! :D
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Lol the brown one looks like a sort-of tex avery creation. i like em!
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awwww the last one is cute!!! =^^=
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they are absolutely MOOOO-VELOUS!!!! :giggle:
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