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Sonic the Dorkiest Knight



You'll need to see the very final ending of Sonic and the Black Knight to get it (beat the game or search for it on youtube!)

So when you hear Sonic talk to Amy after the credits, he's all excited about the adventure he was just on, while Amy's giving him her usual attitude. Going over the history of Sonic in the last few games (especially in Shadow), Sonic has become the king of exposition, where his dialog sounds incredibly dorky, and even more campy with awkward VAs. Hearing that line makes him sound like a D&D fanboy, "WOW I was the REAL King Arthur!"

As a reminder, he IS 15. Both Griffith and his JA VA make him sound like he's 30 (which doesn't help prevent the numerous amounts of porn people still do). That line is a funny line, but I think it needed a better VA to really bring out the dorkiness of what was said. Regardless, it's always funnier to hear Sonic Engrish, then Sonic in English.

I didn't draw what I had in my head, I wanted to make Sonic look like a real nerd, but the expression is on model enough that's it's not seriously altering his appearance, and yet still funny lookin.

On a side note, this game lacks a serious amount of Monty Python references.
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Shame they never said what would happen if Sonic stayed in Camelot. Sonic can barely run a bath, let alone a kingdom.