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Cosmo by anniefarokh Cosmo :iconanniefarokh:anniefarokh 2 0 whaaaaat? by anniefarokh whaaaaat? :iconanniefarokh:anniefarokh 0 0 Patrick Star by anniefarokh Patrick Star :iconanniefarokh:anniefarokh 0 0 Princess Bubblegum by anniefarokh Princess Bubblegum :iconanniefarokh:anniefarokh 0 0 Charmander says Hi! by anniefarokh Charmander says Hi! :iconanniefarokh:anniefarokh 0 0 Cool Darth by anniefarokh Cool Darth :iconanniefarokh:anniefarokh 3 0 [Drawing] Marceline (Adventure Time) by anniefarokh [Drawing] Marceline (Adventure Time) :iconanniefarokh:anniefarokh 0 0 [Drawing] Mulan by anniefarokh [Drawing] Mulan :iconanniefarokh:anniefarokh 1 0 [Sketch] The Little Mermaid by anniefarokh [Sketch] The Little Mermaid :iconanniefarokh:anniefarokh 0 0
The moment the doctor saw his coat flying,
John froze, staring
at the beautiful and, yet, terrifying picture
of Sherlock’s body falling down
while his soul burnt and went up.
He called it a suicide,
but John knew better.
Sherlock was, in fact, a murderer,
Sally was awfully right!
It was the detective himself
who put that body there,
no one else.
And as John took his pulse,
all his dreams and joy fadded away.
There wouldn’t be Sherlock Holmes anymore,
as there wouldn’t be the same soldier as before.
The fall did what that bullet couldn’t:
the sound of his skull cracking on the floor
hit John thoroughly like a bolt.
John Watson was finally dead
And the war wasn’t at fault.
Sherlock’s final problem, at long last,
enclosured their friendship
on a burial vault.
:iconanniefarokh:anniefarokh 0 0
Madam-Lulu's Kariban by anniefarokh Madam-Lulu's Kariban :iconanniefarokh:anniefarokh 1 7
The (almost) lost diaries of Sherlock Holmes, ch.3
Dust. Fire. Bullets.
A dull and throbbing pain in his shoulder.
He’s falling in the ground. His vision is blurry.
John’s eyes snapped open, a cold shiver passing down his spine. Panting, he looked at the window: still dark outside.
Trying to regain his breath, he laid down on the bed again, looking at the ceiling, pensive. He hadn’t had this dream for years. He was almost fifty years old - for God’s sake! These nightmares should have stopped by now…
Sighing deeply, John tried to sleep again, but it was useless. Only if Sherlock was here, he perhaps would have a companion to talk to on that lonely night!...
John closed his eyes, a worry that was increasing inside his heart becoming even stronger than before. Sherlock had never refused his help before - on the contrary, the doctor was the one to refuse, having to work or to watch over Mary or Julie. Now, the detective was being pretty obtuse - and John
:iconanniefarokh:anniefarokh 3 1
Mature content
Stronger than a cuppa (a Johnlock drabble) :iconanniefarokh:anniefarokh 0 0
The (almost) lost diaries of Sherlock Holmes, ch.2
John smiled and hugged Julie tightly.
“I can’t breathe, papa!” she said, not even trying to hide her laugh.
“I can’t stop to hugging you, my dear. You are so beautiful!” He let her go with a sigh. “You’re really growing up. It would be lovely if you remained with six years old for the rest of our lives…”
Julie blushed deeply.
“Ugh, daddy. I want to be tall like Uncle Sherl!”
“Who is talking about me?”
“Uncle Sherl!” Sherlock let out a laugh and opened his arms to her, grabbing her and spinning around. John only watched the scene with a bit of jealousy of both.
“Wait, I sense something…”
“What is it, uncle?”
“There is… someone in your school with you’re in love, isn’t there?”
She blushed even deeper.
“What?... Uncle, stop saying it. That’s not true.” Then, she looked deeply at his eyes (still in
:iconanniefarokh:anniefarokh 3 1
Second dances (a Johnlock drabble)
"What is it, Sherlock?"
"We were practicing a waltz before…"
"Mrs. Hudson came in? Right." the doctor chuckled.
"Precisely. I was wondering and I believe a man has to learn the woman’s role too if he wants to guide her properly."
"Are you saying you want to guide me?"
Sherlock looked away, trying to hide his blush. “No, I want to teach you how to dance.”
"Fine." John stood up and turned off the lights.
"it’s a lesson, the real situation will probably be in a dimmed room. Why not?" He chuckled and went to the middle of the room, close to Sherlock, but not too much. "Shall we begin?"
"Yes. First of all, you need to approach her carefully." He bowed. "May I?"
John chuckled again and nodded, extending his hand. Sherlock grabbed it and they started spinning around the room, without any music, just eyes locked and no cares about the world outside.
Sherlock tightened the grip and John could feel the other’s heartbeat. It was… very fast
:iconanniefarokh:anniefarokh 2 0
Lucky charm (a Johnlock drabble)
Six years after "the Blind Banker"…
"Sherlock?" John approached the detective sitting in the main room and gave him a quick peck, extending a beautiful package. "This is a gift for you. For us. Our first anniversary."
Sherlock rolled his eyes. “Oh, for God’s sake, John! You didn’t have to…” Sherlock frowned as he opened the package. “What is it?”
John smiled. “A lucky cat.”
"Excuse me?"
"Do you remember "The Blind Banker"? Or the chinese shop in the vicinity of Soo Lyn Yao’s apartment?"
Sherlock’s eyes widened.
"John, you don’t…"
"Of course I did. The shopkeeper told me my wife would like it and since you’re a drama queen…" He kneeled in front of Sherlock. "Will you marry me?"
"You’re an idiot." Sherlock kneeled in front of him as well, smiling and kissing him with a whispered "yes".
Rumour has it Billy and the Lucky Cat are good friends now.
:iconanniefarokh:anniefarokh 3 0


YURI ON ICE by RevolutionGraphics YURI ON ICE :iconrevolutiongraphics:RevolutionGraphics 162 10 Fluffy Doodles by pinkpandacutie Fluffy Doodles :iconpinkpandacutie:pinkpandacutie 32 0 yuri on ice by mokonosuke yuri on ice :iconmokonosuke:mokonosuke 182 13 Daily dose of viktuuri #13 by VodkaaKola Daily dose of viktuuri #13 :iconvodkaakola:VodkaaKola 46 2 3/14 by a-zebra-was-here 3/14 :icona-zebra-was-here:a-zebra-was-here 169 4 Victuuri by EryenArt Victuuri :iconeryenart:EryenArt 1,032 46 YOI: VICTOR'S IN TROUBLE by Randomsplashes YOI: VICTOR'S IN TROUBLE :iconrandomsplashes:Randomsplashes 470 17 YOI: DRUNK LOVE LETTER by Randomsplashes YOI: DRUNK LOVE LETTER :iconrandomsplashes:Randomsplashes 591 27 YOI: GREY HAIR by Randomsplashes YOI: GREY HAIR :iconrandomsplashes:Randomsplashes 573 21 YOI: LOVEBIRDS by Randomsplashes YOI: LOVEBIRDS :iconrandomsplashes:Randomsplashes 535 13 Yuri on Ice - Rainy Spring by maXKennedy Yuri on Ice - Rainy Spring :iconmaxkennedy:maXKennedy 564 22 so which do you prefer? by ceefam so which do you prefer? :iconceefam:ceefam 117 14 YOI: Viktuuri by Shuukaku92 YOI: Viktuuri :iconshuukaku92:Shuukaku92 255 11 A BEARy Special Present by pinkpandacutie A BEARy Special Present :iconpinkpandacutie:pinkpandacutie 27 0
Kiss and Cry
Viktor Nikiforov x Yuuri Katsuki - Drabble
Tears dripped down Yuuri's cheeks as he sat on the bench, expressive brown eyes wide.
"Yuuri, you're crying, aren't you," Viktor asked, a hint of nervousness in his voice.
"A-ah, no, I'm not," Yuuri replied, raising his arms to shield his face, blinking rapidly in a weak attempt to halt the seemingly endless flow of tears.
By the tone of Yuuri's voice and the way he was trying to hide his face from view, Viktor knew he was crying. Wrapping his fingers around Yuuri's delicate, slender wrists, he applied gentle force, assuming Yuuri would comply and move his arms. 
Not this time. Yuuri's arms remained locked in place, muscles tense, stubbornly hiding his face from Viktor's curious gaze. Viktor decided to switch tactics.
"Yuuri, let me see your face," Viktor whispered, voice softly pleading.
Yuuri hesitated, his arms lowering a slight millimeter. Viktor took his chance, gently prying Yuuri's arms apart and hol
:icononyxdeathangel:OnyxDeathAngel 41 35



I'm new at DA, so I beg your pardon for any mistakes I do. I'm not a native speaker of English!

My drawings will be released soon (after my exams). They will be based on my fanfic about Pride & Prejudice, yaaay! But I will make drawings about Gumlee, Sherlock, etc too, don't worry.

If you wanna to read my fanfic:…

AGAIN: I'm not a native speaker of English, but I'm trying to improve my skills on it! :D

See ya!




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