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My Bio

Hi! My name is Annie...

Since the start of the trouble with people coming and stealing art and posing it on other sites. I have taken the position that I will no longer save or fav work of anyone's on DA. I don't want the responsibility. So please don't take it wrong if I do not save you fav your work. If I like what I see I will comment on it. Even those who do not let you comment on their work I still look. So please know you are appriciated.

Recently someone took the name of a folder I had called Annies Funny Collection and stole the contents and placed then on a site called They even used the folders name on the account.

The theft detection of Deviant art found the collection and reported it back to the owners whose deviation's were found on the site. Naturally since my name is Annie I began getting asked why I stole their paintings. I was devastated about the whole situation. I never stole paintings and or tried to sell them. I am not the thief I am just the person they stole from my collection of favorites. I would not steal anyone's art. I am an artist also and know what it is like to work hard on a project.

Those who accuse me of this don't know me, if they did they would not of accused me of such a thing. If this could happen to me, it could just as easy happen to you. I can walk into anyone site and look at their favorites and then download them or copy them or collect them. this could happen to any of you. I will no longer fav anyone's work.

I Rather spend my time looking at your work and commenting and spend less time thanking people for looking at my work or for faving my work. So if you don't hear a thank you for commenting on my work do not think that I don't appreciate it... because I do.. Thank you!

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Favourite Visual Artist
I really like Bobby Chiu from Imagines Studio His work is so great and you just cant help smiling as you look at any of his pieces
Favourite Movies
City of angel , You got mail, Benny and Joon, The outsiders,
Favourite TV Shows
Walking dead, Greys anatomy, American horror story, Big bang therory
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Aerosmith, Nazerath , Beatles, Van halen,The Who, Rolling stones. Joe Walsh,Lynard Skynard, Styx, Rush, and many more 70's bands
Favourite Books
The Gun Slinger
Favourite Games
I never play games
Favourite Gaming Platform
A deck of cards
Tools of the Trade
I really loved java tool but since chrome and windows arent supporting it I have switched to gimp ,and krita

Funky Fronds

Retro Welcome Light

Thank you for stopping by and having a

look at my work. I appreciate you time.


It is my pleasure to view your work. Each day is a surprise of beautiful flowers and landscapes that you post and I get to see. I find myself admiring the abstract of a building, a mountain with snow cap or a cartoon that only could come from deep inside the artist. I never know what will wait me. I just know that the many skilled people I have met, learned to appreciated and befriended over the years here on DA make my day. 😁