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Elsa crochet toddler doll - Now with pattern!

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© 2015 - 2020 annie-88

Hey guys, some of you asked If I would sell my pattern, the answer is NO....but I post it for free, since it is not perfect and in Germany it is against copyright laws to sell pattern of figures, you did not imagined yourself. it is! My Elsa pattern, feel free to ask if you don't get my crazy intentions, maybe I will answer later, please be patient with me!

Elsa crochet toddler doll

You need:

  • 3,5 mm hook, worsted weight yarn in bright blue and skin, bright yellow (vanilla) for hair, black for shoes

  • Tapestry needle for sewing

  • Black and dark blue ribbon

  • Some black lace

  • Acrylic paint (optional)

  • Water-based clear gloss varnish (optional)

  • Safety eyes (optional)

  • Hot glue gun or fabric/craft glue

  • Microfiber tissue for eyes or alternative (safety eyes, buttons)

  • Embroidery floss in light pink

  • Oil-free pastel chalks in red an pink for the cheeks

  • Soft brush

Legs: (in bright blue) crochet 2

R1: 6 sc in MR (6)

R2: increase every sc (12)

R3: increase every 2nd sc (18)

R4: increase every 3rd sc (24)

R5: sc (in back loops only) (24)

R6: sc (24)

R7: 8 sc, decrease 4 times, 8 sc (20)

R8: 6 sc, decrease 4 times, 8 sc (16)

R9-R18: sc (16)

(10 rounds total)

R19: increase every 8th sc (18)

R20: sc (18)

R21: increase every 9th sc (20)

R22+23: sc (20)

R24: increase every 10th sc (22)

R25+26: sc (22)

R27: increase every 11th sc (24)

R28-30: sc (24)

  • Crochet legs together with a slip stitch, go on from here with the body and head.

  • Legs, body and head are worked as 1 piece.

  • Tutorial for crocheting legs together:…

Body and head:

R1: sc (46)

R2: increase every 23th sc (48)

R3-7: sc (48)

(5 rounds total)

R8: 14 sc, decrease (3 times) (45)

R9: sc (45)

R10: 13 sc, decrease (3 times) (42)

R11: 12 sc, decrease (3 times) (39)

R12: sc (39)

R13: 11 sc, decrease (3 times) (36)

R14-22: sc (36)

(9 rounds total)

R23: 10 sc, decrease (3 times) (33)

R24: sc (33)

R25: 9 sc, decrease (3 times) (30)

R26: 3 sc, decrease (6 times) (24)

  • Color change to skin

R27: decrease every sc (in back loops only)(12)

R28-30: sc (12)

(that's the neck)

R31: increase every 2nd sc (18)

R32: increase every 3rd sc (24)

R33: increase every 4th sc (30)

R34: increase every 5th sc (36)

R35: increase every 6th sc (42)

R36: increase every 7th sc (48)

R37: increase every 8th sc (54)

R38: increase every 9th sc (60)

R39: increase every 10th sc (66)

R40-46: sc (66)

(7 rounds total)

R47: decrease 4 times where you want to the nose of your doll (62)

R48: decrease 2 times above the 4 decreases from the round before (60)

R49-55: sc (60)

R56: 8 sc, decrease (6 times) (54)

R57: 7 sc, decrease (6 times) (48)

R58: 6 sc, decrease (6 times) (42)

R59: 5 sc, decrease (6 times) (36)

R60: 4 sc, decrease (6 times) (30)

R61: 3 sc, decrease (6 times) (24)

R62. 2 sc, decrease (6 times) (18)

R63: 1 sc, decrease (6 times) (12)

R64: decrease 6 times (6)

  • Fasten off

  • Weave in your ends

  • Stuff while you are working, gently secure the neck with toothpicks, pipe cleaners, or what works best for you

Head shape:

Nose and eyes:

  • Embroider the nose and mouth, attach your eyes

  • I make my eyes with a micrifiber tissue: I paint the eyes with acrylics onto the tissue, secure them with a water based clear glosh varnish, cut them out and glue them to head as I like

Ears: make 2

R1: ch 6 (6)

R2: in 2nd ch from hook, 5 sc (5)

R3: decrease, 1 sc, decrease (3)

R4: decrease, slip stitch (one ear) (2)


slip stitch, decrease (other ear) (2)

  • Fasten off, leave long tail for sewing

  • Sew to the head befor you attach the hair


  • Take a soft brush, rub some chalk off and attach this pastel chalk pouder to the dolls face


  • Embroider Elsas bangs with your vanilla colored yarn, attach the rest to the top of the head, secure the sides of the hair with glue (hot glue works best for me), braid her hair in the back and attach a black satin ribbon as a headband


  • Attach your brigth blue yarn to the extra loops of round 27 with a slip stitch to the middle of the chest

  • Make 1 sc, crochet with double crochets around the collar, make 1 sc, 1 slip stitch, leave one loop right in the middle of the chest unworked

  • Weave in your ends

Arms: (begin in brigth blue) make 2

  • Leave long tail for sewing, if your arm „grows“, bring your tail outside

R1: 6sc in MR (6)

R2: increase every sc (12)

R3: increase every 2nd sc (18)

R4-7: sc (18)

(4 rounds total)

R8: 1 sc, decrease (6 times) (12)

Color change to skin

R9: sc (in back loops only) (12)

R10: sc (12)

R11: decrease 1 time, sc (11)

R12-14: sc (11)

(3 rounds total)

R15: decrease 1 time, sc (10)

R16-22: sc (10)

  • from now on: hand

R23: increase every 3rd sc (3 times), 1sc (13)

R24: 1 sc, chain 2, crochet back, 1 sc in same loop like first sc, sc around

R25+26: Leave your thumb unworked, jump over this place, sc around for 2 rounds

R27: 1sc, decrease (around)

R28: flatten the hand and crochet your loops together,

fasten off and weave in ends

  • Alternative: Don't make a thumb, just work a simple hand after round 23

  • Stuff your hand only a little bit, so you can flatten it without problems

  • For the „sleeve“ look, attach your bright blue yarn to the extra loops of round 9 with a slip stitch, ch 2, double crochet around, join your round with a slip stitch, fasten off and weave in your ends.

  • Be careful to watch the direction of the thumb, it has to point into your direction if you attach the arms to the body.


  • Attach black satin ribbons as the straps and bodice, decorate as you like (I glued mine to the upper torso, my bodice is painted with acrylics)

  • Cut out a skirt from middle blue felt, attach it over the ends of the straps, sew or glue black lace to the hem of your skirt, attach a black satin ribbon and decorate as you like (mine is painted as well)

  • Attach dark blue ribbon as the belt, glue an extra bow to the back where the ends of your belt meet

  • Draw 2 thin lines above and under the black ribbon on the skirt for decoration (you can use water color pencils for example


  • Work in black yarn, like the legs until round 8, fasten off and attach it with one stitch of sewing to your legs (in the back), weave in ends

Now you should be done! I would love to the your creations, post your links into the comments, please! =)

If you use this pattern, please give me credit and don't sell it as your own. I also don't want you to sell the finished doll.

Enjoy your very own Elsa! <3

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MoonlightshadowwlkrHobbyist Artisan Crafter

Your work is amazing ! and thank you so much for sharing your artistry !

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ToryumiHobbyist Digital Artist
sooo cute. would you mind if i used this pattern to make other dolls to maybe sell at one point?

anyway thanks
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Very cute and lovely.
Ich gratuliere ihnen fur dieses artwork
Grüsse aus Paris!
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How cute and adorable
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This is absolutely adorable! I started making her, but the link to crocheting the legs together is broken unfortunately. Is there another link you can share? Thanks!!!
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OrnjaHobbyist Digital Artist
Started this, not making Elsa but I wanted to learn to make a doll shape like this but Dang! Almost done with one leg and she is going to be A LOT taller than I was expecting! 
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This is beautiful!
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rabbithutchHobbyist General Artist
(030) cooooool
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kiwikikiBOA1Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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😮This is amazing and sooo cute💗
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HumbleMarty General Artist
I'm faving this for my mom. I'm not the yarn wielder in my family but she finds your doll quite cute.
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tricotdelphineHobbyist Artist
So so cute ;)
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So cute! Thank you for the pattern!
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Beyworld101Student Traditional Artist
Amazing work here!
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kiminodakeHobbyist Digital Artist
So cute! (⋈◍>◡<◍)。✧♡
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Nature-essenceHobbyist Digital Artist
This is so cute! I love the eyes!
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Ich bin noch Anfängerin im Bereich Amigurumi und habe von Nähen keine Ahnung, ich habe immer die Bemühung, dass die Figuren, die ich nachhäkel auch so aussehen wie auf den Bildern, nun der Kopf sieht nicht so breit sondern eher hoch aus, was aber am Füllen und an der Wolle liegen kann, ist nicht schlimm, dass ich die Haare nicht so hinbekommen habe okay, da ich aufgeklebte Augen nicht mag, habe ich sie gestickt ( noch nie gestickt) auf einem Material und dann ausgeschnitten und aufgenäht ( wobei ich den überschüssigen Rand schwarz gemalt habe, daher wirken sie sehr dunkel), alles verkraftbar, aber wo ich gerade wo Wut am liebsten geheult hätte ist, der Rock aus Filz. Ich habe keine Ahnung wie ich den hinbekommen soll und egal was ich mache er sieht vom Schnitt her nicht so aus wie am dem Bild,  die Deko kein Problem aber Himmel, ich bin gerade so unzufrieden mit dem was ich da fabriziert habe.
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wouaaaaa... magnifique !
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This is so amazing! :)
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Ich werde mich mal dran wagen, schade, dass die Links tot sind, besonders für das Gesicht macht es dann. Schwierig 
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NaisuraStudent General Artist
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JulianaChristine1760Student General Artist
Thank you!
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