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Jupiter's Madness
here you go, molding our worlds

To suit you, and only you.

You control the gravity on our

Little unstable planets

Throw everything into chaos

Like the ruthless god
 you made yourself to be.

Your fire breeds our fear and hatred

We have little patience for when 

We will finally be thrown out of orbit 

Either we will be consumed by the void 

Or we will be able to sustain ourselves

But either way, it’s all the same to us.
:iconannie--chan:Annie--chan 0 0
(Don't) Rewind
Familiar faces all aglow,
Powdered and rouged to appear flawless.
Luminescent smiles hide the horrors beneath,
Their consciences seemingly unbroken,
They only appear as if they are oblivious.
As they stare grinning at me,
My stomach lurches and sinks
As if I was being transported to a different time
By an intangible force.
I could almost hear their chatter, every one of their voices distinguishable
But then I remember I’m forever separated by space and time
Reality, for once, allows me to breathe a sigh of relief.
:iconannie--chan:Annie--chan 1 0
Cessair Brennan *READ DESC FIRST*
I, the florist, saw Minerva being dragged
To her untimely death to be slaughtered by her butcher.
She had been kind to me, and I to her.
We had exchanged laughs and conversations
But she gave me something I could not return.
Fate had so rudely taken away
A gift that was endowed to my care.
The poetess perished without
Tasting life’s sweetness.
Swine should not be permitted to
Trample on priceless pearls.
She was far more beautiful than
The elegant flowers I arranged.
Yes, I was the one who broke
The butcher’s legs and
Blotted out his eyesight.
I committed this deed not out of
Evil but for his own good
So that he may know how it is like
To see nothing but darkness as black
As his soul so long as he breathed.
Since her death I sold nothing but roses
Because she told me the last time
I saw her that they were her favorite.
:iconannie--chan:Annie--chan 0 0
Request - Peregrine Falcon Sprite by Annie--chan Request - Peregrine Falcon Sprite :iconannie--chan:Annie--chan 2 3 Request - Ice Cream Cone Sprite by Annie--chan Request - Ice Cream Cone Sprite :iconannie--chan:Annie--chan 0 0
1:33 AM
Stringing words together
is all I'm good for.
My thoughts always wander
to the beginning of the end.
I'm staring at pitch black
unable to find a solution
to cease the ramblings of
my mind.
All it does is swim around
itself in circles, circles.
Only when I'm dazed I allow
the rest of me to rest.
:iconannie--chan:Annie--chan 0 0
It's a mutant of my imagination
with flecks of reality mixed in.
A concoction created by a
worried mind and a tired soul.
It wants to swallow me whole,
engulf me so I never wake up.
It relentlessly chases after me,
wanting to become my reality.
But the monster dies as
soon as I open my eyes.
What is left is its remnants;
ghosts that haunt only
me and no one else.
:iconannie--chan:Annie--chan 3 2
It was a symbol 
of what we 
never were 
and what we 
never will be.
We gave each other 
awkward smiles that 
became nothing after 
I pryed it off its chain.
The pitiful left half 
glistens with one word
that is meaningless
without the other.
It isn't gone but
it's hopeless
it's worthless
it's nothingness.
:iconannie--chan:Annie--chan 1 2
Let's hitch a ride on a shooting star
and explore the universe for ourselves.
We can spin around planets' rings
and watch our little earth from afar.
Let's be the men on the moon
or meet the martians on Mars.
We can discover new constellations
as we somersault in the air.
Gravity is no longer a problem.
:iconannie--chan:Annie--chan 2 0
Cake, ice cream,
and toppings galore
A sweet tooth utopia we
can't resist to explore
Thick, rich swirls
of chocolate await
There's so much for
you to eat and taste
Like yellow, white
and red velvet cake
Would you like some
delicious samples to take?
While gobbling ice cream
and cake with glee
you notice a difference
that the eye can't see
Reverting to innocence,
you feel like a kid
More satisfied and carefree
than you ever did.
Lose yourself in
vanilla-chocolatey bliss
Trivial reality
has nothing to miss
Your fantasy is filled
with strawberries'n'cream
Soon your bliss will fade
to nothing but a dream.
:iconannie--chan:Annie--chan 0 0
Liberation from
a cage is not easy.
It takes a while
to figure out how
you got there and
an eternity to plan
out your escape.
You plot your exodus
all day and dream every
night that you are
finally free from that
repulsive metal box,
soaring endlessly in
blue-hued skies.
But at this moment
you are observing
the world around you
through steel bars.
:iconannie--chan:Annie--chan 0 0
Time's Legacy
The hands of Time
paint a mural
of jarring strokes
and violent colors.
The occasional, soft
strokes of green hide
behind broad, vibrant
As our earth spins,
an insignificant sphere
in a vast universe,
the hands of Time move
quickly, steadily.
No moments are neglected.
Every detail must be
expressed for mankind to
Time's hands will grow feeble
but no one knows if its mural
will fade along with it.
:iconannie--chan:Annie--chan 1 13
Head boiling
fists clenched
heart aching
Your cause invalid
your fight brutal
Lips stitched together
hands bound
wide eyes burning with fury
As you look around
it appears that you are
the only one fighting the battle.
Your cry is lost
among the weak and unjustified.
You may win, you may lose.
But will you persist?
:iconannie--chan:Annie--chan 2 6
A filthy rag doll sits with a tattered dress,
black button eyes that have long lost their luster
and a tangled mop of brown yarn on its head;
trampled countless times in a busy street corner.
People couldn't help but pity the abandoned little doll,
but no one ever noticed its peculiar feature, a zipper for its mouth.
The contents inside would surprise them, fade away their pity,
but the doll would have to accept it.
It still rests in that little street corner, mouth tightly shut,
gazing at the world whizzing by with tired, dull eyes.
If only it could share its secrets. If only things could be different.
:iconannie--chan:Annie--chan 0 5
Animation Test by Annie--chan Animation Test :iconannie--chan:Annie--chan 5 4
To The Fairest Of Them All
Oh, my good queen,
you are declared the
fairest of all. Your
emerald green eyes
speak of ultimate
intelligence which
no one else obtains.
Oh, my good queen,
you haughtily wave
away your hideous
suitors in haste,
wishing for only
sole supremacy.
Oh, my good queen,
you once had so many
companions close at
heart, but severed
ties to familiarize
yourself with only
the pure elite.
Oh, my good queen,
you carry such
virtuous airs,
tell the peasants
to be of good cheer,
and send them on
their merry way.
They are unaware of
the lies, the
deception that you
have dealt with. They
have been fooled
for eternity by your
wicked intentions
and your dark magic,
but this "peasant" has
opened her eyes.
Oh, my good queen,
you believe that
you are the supreme
of the elite, when
in reality, you hold
no more value than a
mere servant.
Oh, my good queen,
I believe the time
has come to open
your eyes, and
realize that your
corruption has done
nothing but demoralize
you, defile you,
:iconannie--chan:Annie--chan 0 3


R.I.P Robin Williams
I am totally stunned by the news of the passing of Robin Williams.   I don't normally get very emotional about celebrities but I really am upset and shaken by this, lots of tears today.
He was and will always remain a legend in so many ways.  I grew up watching him in one of my favourite Disney movies as a kid, Aladdin and of course Jumanji, Hook, Mrs Doubtfire and so many other movies, he was so diverse I loved his comedy and serious roles.  Even if I didn't like a particular movie he starred in very much he would always be awesome and would make it worth watching as he had such a great and unique voice and wonderful energy and talent.
This morning the kids and I watched Robots, the first movie of his I could find as our little tribute to him.
R.I.P Robin Williams, you will be sorely missed.
:iconclaremanson:claremanson 13 19
Halfne Miku Studio by JohnSu Halfne Miku Studio :iconjohnsu:JohnSu 29,166 2,568 Robert N Rami by Hallpen Robert N Rami :iconhallpen:Hallpen 622 21 Love those shirts by Hallpen Love those shirts :iconhallpen:Hallpen 408 13 Rami and Christian T-T by Hallpen Rami and Christian T-T :iconhallpen:Hallpen 321 12
5 Literary Journals - Publish Your Writing

No More Excuses Submit Your Writing To These Journals
:iconeawood: eawood
:iconsultan-alghamdi: sultan-alghamdi
my identity
Many of us — especially writers — find ourselves buried beneath a growing pile of books we’ve been meaning to read but haven’t been able to find the time. More depressing is the even longer list of book titles we know we need to read. The pile gets higher, the list gets longer every day. There’s always another seminal classic we haven’t gotten around to. It
:icontechgnotic:techgnotic 372 31
watching fish swim by kenglye watching fish swim :iconkenglye:kenglye 5,161 322
Dear 2015,
Please be the year when the world becomes a better place. 
Please be the year when people are no longer killed because of their skin color or religion or gender or sexuality. Please be the year when hatred comes to an end and everyone learns to accept and respect each other. Please be the year when there is more positivity in the headlines rather negativity.
I know it's a lot to ask, but please. 
:iconlupus-astra:lupus-astra 13 8
A Tribute to Robin Williams

A Tribute to Robin Williams
By techgnotic
Robin Williams Tributeby EmilyStepp
Notable Films

The World According to Garp 1982

Moscow on the Hudson 1984

:icontechgnotic:techgnotic 9,387 3,261
#211 RIP Robin Williams by Picolo-kun #211 RIP Robin Williams :iconpicolo-kun:Picolo-kun 7,625 503
never become a writer
i.never become a writer.
you will become a perfectionist,
picking life apart
with a magpie's eye,
hunting for the beautiful bits 
until you can make yourself
a sparkling throne
in the center of a junkyard. will write when you're sad.
you will write when you're happy.
whenever you feel something,
you will vomit the emotion out
into some sort of literature.
when you're finished,
you'll be empty
and surrounded by 
pages and pages of 
everything you once were. will try to make 
pain sound delicious,
painting over the ragged wounds
with pink paint
and candy-coat lies.
you will learn
how to decorate graveyards.
everyone will play in them,
but you alone will see the headstones.
iv.if you fall in love,
you will turn your love into a poem,
and you will always like your own words
more than you like the real person.
you'll become so selfish
you'll disgust yourself,
but you will not be ab
:iconlittleblueraccoon:littleblueraccoon 677 290
Gift - Large Altoids Tin Koi Pond by PepperTreeArt Gift - Large Altoids Tin Koi Pond :iconpeppertreeart:PepperTreeArt 3,852 320 Snowfall by vongolagirl12 Snowfall :iconvongolagirl12:vongolagirl12 3 2 Little Angel by vongolagirl12 Little Angel :iconvongolagirl12:vongolagirl12 4 0 #43 War and Peace by Picolo-kun #43 War and Peace :iconpicolo-kun:Picolo-kun 7,537 416 .: Iron Man ~ WIP edition :. by Martin--Art .: Iron Man ~ WIP edition :. :iconmartin--art:Martin--Art 256 46
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