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:iconanniberri:anniberri posted a status
Ideas I have for my own works (some for quite some time, others recently XD)
- season naruto adoptables (fall and spring-females/summer and winter-males)
- Suna wanderer adoptable with camel companion
- Finish Chinese Zodiac Adoptables
- Susumu will now have a summoning; a prairie dog (male) that tunnels underground to set traps and knows shadow clone jutsu to make process faster
-still need to design Ryouta ' chameleon summoning (female)
-opening-based naruto oc art (will not be based on any current opening)
-Family photo album/wall
-Design Tsukikage Kuragari (TK) spies/people who work along with them
- TK Takigakure spies; orphans named after Japanese folklore characters, face Team Akina (AKA Team 12) in chunin exams
-Naruto OC setteis (both main and minor charaters)
- Write Susumu and Takeshi's profiles
-Write Odori Clan info

Wonder how much I will actually finish this summer... x'D

Devious Comments

cixu Featured By Owner May 31, 2016
Looking forward to all of this! Especially Opening-based art, TK spies. :eyes: //still working on mine orz just have to draw her out...
I swear I saw opening naruto chat :iconfryplz: guess i was just seeing things.
anniberri Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2016
Hopefully I can make those soon-ish XD and take your time on the spy, at least you have a good start with the headshot~

I think so too... It was like a season themed for one of them (I think lol)
mistressmaxwell Featured By Owner May 28, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Quite the list but I look foreward to every bit of it! Oh a prairie dog!! Sooooo cute I love them!
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