Which one of your OCs... (please keep it in one fandom, doesn't have to be Naruto)
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The shyest, the most outgoing
Has the most scars, suffered the most injuries (could be the same OC or different ones for each)
The most sexual promiscuous (Male and Female)
The most physically strong, the most overpowered overall (could be the same OC, or different ones for each)
Has the most siblings
Has the best ass
The tallest, the shortest (could be divided into genders, or as a whole)
The pervert, the most prude, the hopeless romantic
The biggest tsundere
The most generous, the most greedy, the meanest
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Published: May 4, 2016
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ZombieChocolateHobbyist Traditional Artist
Hmm it will be a little hard, since i dont have art on DA for everyone on my devart (im more into writing, but too shy to post it :iconuhuhuhuplz: )

1. The shyest is Shizuka, who isnt confident in herself, and the outgoing is totally my main, Megumi :D
2. This is Shizuka too, since she was present when enemy ninja's burned down their home, and she has about 40 % of her body burned, what she hides with clothes
3. This is Megumi for the female, altought she is just flirty, but for males it is totally Ryou, who loves to search for pleasure (totally doesnt mind if the partner is male or female D: )
4. The most physically strong is my girl Yoru, and the most overpowered in all is my pregen OC Rakasha,  who founded my fandmade clan.
5. well i have only two pair of siblings, the pregen twin clan founders, Rakasha and Akasha, plus the current gen Megumi and Hisae
6.  Shizu <3 She is a little curvy and has a nice ass <3
7. The tallest is Ryou, and the shortest is Hisae xD She is only 143 cm ;w;
8. Pervert is Ryou, prude is Hisae, and the hopeless romantic is Yoru xD
9. Is Ryuuji, but he is a shy tsundere, if something like that exists xD
10. That is Megumi, and the last two is Ryou xD

Unfortunately i dont have art uploaded of Yoru, Ryuuji and the twin founders D:
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It's okay, maybe someday you'll be comfortable enough to post some more ;3;

Thank you for filling one of then out! Hope you enjoyed it (and it gives me the chance to know some of your OCS, even if not all of them have drawn references yet XD )
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ZombieChocolateHobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you i hope so, im just not confident in my english grammer, and dont want to shame myself xD

I plan on doing the other one too, i just need to find 5 mins to do it, im a little busy with finishing requests right now ^^
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JoTehDemonicPickleStudent Filmographer
I only have a handful of OCs so this could either be really easy or really hard XD

1. The shyest is definitely Michio without a doubt. The most outgoing would probably be Yuuna, once she recovers from all the events of the Sasuke Retrieval Arc stuff.
2. Tami for sure. Mostly because she's the oldest of all my OCs but also because she was quite the rebellious troublemaker when she was a kid.
3. Koji is definitely a player, he's not sore on the eyes at all. As far as my females go, they're relatively modest in that sense. Yuuna doesn't really start doing the do with Shikamaru until after The Last, so I guess I would say Tami considering she's a newlywed at the beginning of the series.
4. Kaede for sure. She's hella strong. At one point, just because she's bored, she ambushes a group of about 25 people and slaughters all of them just for fun without even breaking a sweat lmao.
5. All my OCs with siblings have one. Michio has a little sister, Yuuna has a twin brother, and Kaede had a little brother.
6. I like to think that Michio has the best booty in Team Bomber.
7. Tami is the tallest coming in at around 179.5 cm (5'9"), and Kaede is the shortest coming in at just under 5 feet (152.3 cm).
8. Koji is both a pervert and a hopeless romantic. Michio is asexual, so he has no interest whatsoever in any kind of sexual anything with anyone lmao.
9. Tami is very tsundere. She's got a harsh exterior but she has such a soft spot for her students. She'd literally do anything for them.
10. The most generous of all my OCs would have to be a tie between Michio and Yuuna, they're both very selfless. As far as greedy and meanest, definitely Kaede. She's just all around fucked up lmao.
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Which one was it?:XD:

Does Koji ever settle down, or are you not sure yet? And I like how he's a pervert and a hopeless romantic, usually you don't see that combo. :lol: 
Were the 25 people ninja, or just random civilians? I have a thing for fucked up OCs XD
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JoTehDemonicPickleStudent Filmographer
Some were easier than others, I had to really think about some of them XD

I haven't actually decided what Koji's marital status is at the end of the series. I'd like to think that he gets with a really nice lady who loves him dearly but who that is yet and how they get together and if they have kids, that's all still to be decided XD

Oh they were definitely well trained ninja. The majority were jonin but there were some chunin in there too. She's crazy powerful and is basically batshit insane lmao.
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Hebi-no-MajoHobbyist Digital Artist
Well... I'm just like; :| I deleted all my art so how could you know all the OCs I'll be naming.. XDDD

1. The shyest is probably Himeko, Shiori's youngest daughter (Majo's granddaughter), the most outgoing is probably Kara (Shiori's teamleader) or Madoka, an innkeeper.
2. Majo and Howori both have the most scars, Majo has 5/7 on her back. Howori has a few here and there, shown on his sheet, I'm sure he has more than that. I don't think either of them had the most injuries though, idk XD
3. Well.. shit.. I'll have to say Majo, she is the only one I've thought about having quite some one night stands or short relationships. And only 2 of them were very serious long relationships.
4. Strength wise, Howori scores the highest of all my OCs. Overall overpowered, I'd think Majo but not sure. I also have a jinchuuriki OC I guess could be seen as overpowered? XD
5. No OC that has more than 2 siblings as of yet :P
6. Majo :iconmingplz: Miho probably second, hehe
7. Tsubaki Senju is the tallest, 174,2 cm. Shortest is Kazebana, 156cm (full grown) (one is actually 152 age 18 so still growing a bit, but thinking about selling her)
8. Most perverted is Kazuteru. Most prude; Probably Yuji (teammember of Shiori). Hopeless Romantic: Madoka
9. Miho perhaps? XDDD
10. Shirushi. Kazuteru. Kemuri
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Yeah... I didn't recognize some of them XD I know Shiori, Majo, Miho, and Howori. I think I know what Himeko looks like and the jinchuuriki OC.

Part II is coming up~
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Hebi-no-MajoHobbyist Digital Artist
x''D want me to show them to you?
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Hebi-no-MajoHobbyist Digital Artist
gyazo.com/344a8454f5c3805a45f0… x'D here they are
oh forgot Yuji though, but what ever XDDD
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HatakeHimeHobbyist Writer
For mine;

1. Shyest is Aika whereas Shirahime is the most outgoing
2. Chihiro has the most scars, Arinori with most injuries
3. Most sexually promiscuous is my next gen oc Obito
4. Physically strongest is my next gen Miki
5. Most siblings is Chihiro
6. Best ass is my next gen Kameko
7. Tallest is Susumu, shortest is Miki
8. Most 'perverted' is Obito, prude is Kimiko, hopeless romantic is Aika
9. Biggest tsundere is Akihiko
10. Most generous is my next gen Rei, greediest is Kiyoko, and the meanest is Fumiaki though she has antisocial personality disorder so she doesn't have any empathy/sympathy for others.
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Thank you for filling this out! :la: a part II will be coming up XD
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HatakeHimeHobbyist Writer
Of course! I'm curious to know this about your OCs :la:
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On the next poll, I did both if you're still interested XD
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Crimson-KunoichiStudent Digital Artist
Well for my OCs:

1. Okamiki Mizutaro, Kenshin Matsume
2. Its a tie between Setsuna and  Ayumi Miharu, unless amputation counts, then it'd probably be my main antagonist Juro Tanaka.
3. Juro / Midori Katsumaru i suppose? None of my girls are overly sexual.
4. Hmm...Takeo, whos a major antagonist in the third part of my fanfic...there's quite a few justus that make him too OP.
5. Suzume Uzumaki, since she has four other siblings. XD
6. Setsuna, shes curvy.
7. Akira Miharu /Okamiki // Setsuna M / Ayumi 
8. Kenshin, Shiro Miharu, Ayumi (even though she wont admit it
9. Ayumi, if course. Her fanfic would be called The Underdog Tsundere if she were any more moody XD 
10. Ayumi/ Ishiko Miharu/ Juro
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I guess for 2, Juro might have the most "devastating" injury, since he's handicapped now X'D
is Takeo a NG or in Ayumi's storyline? I couldn't find him ;A;

Thank you for filling this out! It was nice to read and learn a little bit more from your OCs~
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Crimson-KunoichiStudent Digital Artist
Ohhh trust me, that creep (Juro) still gets around fine even with one less arm. XD Takeo isnt a next gen, hes an adult. Basically the third part I speak of is before any next generation actually occurs in my AU storyline. It's a few years after Shippuden and would occur a little around the years when The Last would take place, since (for obvious reasons) that doesn't take place. XD He doesn't have a reference yet because hes still physically being designed. He's among the other sixty I need to make references for. XD
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