Which one of your OCs... (part II, if you want to fill out the first one it's the previous poll)
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The Prodigy/Genius, The Loser
The most humorous, the one with no sense of humor, the sarcastic one/ The most flirty, the most unflirty
The cat lover, the dog lover
The most busty female, the most "well endowed" male/ The smallest bust, the not so well endowed
Has the longest hair, has the shortest hair
The potty mouth, the biggest liar, the bragger, the most blunt, the optimistic, the pessimistic
The most cuddly, the not so cuddly one/ gives the most kisses, gives the least kisses
The most confident, the most self-conscious, the humble one
The gullible one, the lie detector, the mischievous one, the most well-behaved/ The most intuitive, the most rational
The materialistic, the penny pincher, the richest, the poorest
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Published: May 5, 2016
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Crimson-KunoichiStudent Digital Artist
The prodigy would be Atsushi Mizutaro, the eldest son of Okamiki and Hinata. He seemed to have developed a traditional higher up hyuuga way of thinking and takes the kekkei genkai and training very seriously, and is talented with the byakugan just the same. / Ayumi would be the loser of her clan because she never met up to the expectations of her clan and what was expected of her as a girl in the clan, and went her own route. Also, since she was never bestowed with much chakra at first, and had to put in hard work to get strong.

2. Jun would be the most humourous because her clan is anti-social and she keeps up the beat with her smile and conversation. She's always laughing. Ishiko has no sense of humor because shes a stuck up old codger. Ayumi is probably the most sarcastic, with Midori a close second. Kenshin is the most flirty because he flirts with anything capable of breathing and rational thinking. Shiro couldn't flirt his way out of a paper bag.

3. Ayumi loves cats. She still has her stuffed kitty plush she's had since she was five. Akira Miharu would be the dog lover.

4. My most busty female would be Shizuka, my most endowed male would actually be Okamiki. XDD But of course hes modest about it. Ayumi is my least busty, and while I think all the guys I have would still be average, Shiro would be the smallest maybe.

5. Rie Miharu would have the longest hair, Jun has the shortest in Shippuden, but Ayumi"s is shortest in preshippuden and after shippuden.

6. I tend to not write cursing in my writing but if I was more free about it, Ayumi would probably curse quite a bit. She tends to yell "bakayaro" a lot as her main curse (which means a**hole xD). Juro would probably be the biggest liar since well...he tends to say seductive things and promised to his victims betore he does...unspeakable mentionables. Kinda like a man with a white van and candy. Kenshin is the biggest bragger. Ayumi is the most blunt. Jun is the most optimistic. The most pessimistic would probably be Ayumi, she puts herself down more than people realize, even though she still never gives up.

7. The most cuddly would be Okamiki. Ishiko is heartless so she wouldn't wanna cuddle. Kenshin is very promiscuous so he kisses the most. Ishiko again lacks many affectionate qualities so she would kiss least.

8. Kenshin is the most confident. Tetsuya is very self concious. Okamiki is the most humble.

9. Kotone is the most gullible since her mind regresses to a child like state in shippuden due to her circumstances. Ayumi is pretty good at telling when someone is lying. She can find tells in someone when she gets to know them. Well mischevious...in regards to actually being evil it'd be Juro for sure (cause yeah...serial raping is a no no...) but on the good side Kenshin would be considered mischevious. Shiro is a huge stickler for rules. Ayumi becomes pretty intuitive as she combines her growing ninjustu and taijutsu together, since nintaijustu is not widely done (as far as my knowledge). She becomes pretty intuitive in battle as a result. Shiro would be the most rational.

10. Kenshin is extremely materialistic. Ishiko is a greedy butthead so shes definitely a penny-pincher. Kenshin's family would be the richest, as they own a major weapons manufacturering company. Juro would the poorest because he doesn't care for money, he just steals what he wants. XD
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Decided to fill all these out too~

1. The shyest, the most outgoing
- The shyest would be Takeshi and Mutsumi. The most outgoing is Ryouta and Susumu, although Ryouta has better people skills than Susumu; Ryouta is more personable, while Susumu is more selfish and talks to talk. In terms of Charisma, Shintaro has both of them beat
2. Has the most scars, suffered the most injuries (could be the same OC or different ones for each)
- Yuudai Chiba has the most visible scars caused by injuries. However, Yei and Nobuyuki Higashiyama have the most scars overall, due to scar tattoos, which is popular among the clan.
- For the most injuries... No idea :XD:
3. The most sexually promiscuous (Male and Female)
- My males, my most sexually promiscuous is a tie between Susumu and Masamune. Susumu is just a player, while Masamune it's kind of a clan custom... due to polygamous sexual relationships, for various reasons...
- My most sexually promiscuous female is Yei Higashiyama, it's her line of work as a seductress. Other than than my females are modest.
4. The most physically strong, the most overpowered overall (could be the same OC, or different ones for each)
- Masaru is the most physically strong, followed by Junko, then Takeshi, then Ryouta.
- While Shintaro is extremely strong when it comes to his "complete" form of lightning ninjutsu.. I would say Yuuna would be considered more OP; she has a very high resistance to poisons and venoms due to her family training, as well as a high resistance to pain (she wouldn't bat an eye if a limb got cut off). Shintaro simply doesn't have that, and for that reason it could be argued 5hat Yuuna would be more OP.

5. Has the most siblings

- I have a lot of OCS with 2 siblings but not any more than that.

6. Has the best ass
- for my boy, Ryouta has the booty. For my girl it's Michiko. What can I say, it runs in the family //hit

7. The tallest, the shortest (could be divided into genders, or as a whole)
- the tallest male is Masaru, standing at 6'4" while the shortest male I'm not for certain (it would be in the Higashiyama clan)
- the tallest female is Yuuna, who is 5'8" while more shortest are Misaki and Kasamii Higashiyama, who are 4'9" fullgrown.
8. The pervert, the most prude, the hopeless romantic
- Susumu is the biggest pervert next to the infamous pervy sage, Michiko is the prude, and Akina is the most hopeless, hopeless romantic ever.
9. The biggest tsundere
- Hiromasa is #1 tsundere I have, surprisingly it's not Michiko... but she takes second place...
10. The most generous, the most greedy, the meanest
- Takeshi is the most generous, while Akina would be next. While Susumu is selfish, I wouldn't say he's greedy. Junko is the most greedy, as well as the meanest.
11. The Prodigy/Genius, The Loser
- Shintaro is defiantly my prodigy OC. Other than him I have very strong OCs. They wouldn't be considered prodigies, just above average, very skilled people.
- I guess my loser OC would be Mutsumi, being a ninja anyway, she makes a great medic. Susumu is a loser in terms of grades, but that was ultimately due to his dyslexia...
12. The most humorous, the one with no sense of humor, the sarcastic one/ The most flirty, the most unflirty
- The most humorous would be Kano and Michiko's father, Seiichi. Yuudai has no sense of humor, he'll just give you a blank expression (although that's what his face always looks like XD) Michiko doesn't have a big sense of humor; it's hard to get a laugh out of her. Gin Kihaku, despite his looks, does not have good sense of humor, although he does laugh a lot, it isn't due to humor. The sarcastic one is Kokona, but Hosho Odori and Shingen Tategami are also sarcastic, just not as much as Kokona.
- The biggest flirt is defiantly Susumu, that's all he does. :XD: Masamune Tategami is also a huge flirt. The most unflirty would Yuudai, again since he's oblivous to all of that. Takeshi, Michiko and Akina would also be considered unflirty.
13. The cat lover, the dog lover
- Kokona is the cat lover, although she loves all animals, she just has a favorite towards cats. Masamune also is a cat lover. Shintaro is the dog lover, he likes how loyal they are to their owners. He hates cats though, since he finds them unpredictable and finicky. Ryouta would be a close second for being the dog lover, however.
14. The most busty female, the most "well endowed" male/ The smallest bust, the not so well endowed
- The most busty is Chiyemi (Akina's mother) while Akina follows her, then Hosho, then Kokona. All my other female OCs fall in the average to small sizes. The smallest bust would be Rei Kihaku and Umeki Otaka (Susumu's mom), they're about the same.
-For my boys, Ryouta is the most well endowed in length, for girth it's Masaru. Susumu isn't so lucky for endowment... I thought about giving him a micropenis because how he is, but that would be mean af lmao
15. Has the longest hair, has the shortest hair
- Shintaro and Hiromi (Kano and Michiko's mother) are tied for the longest hair. Reizo Higashiyama has the shortest hair, he's bald. XD
16. The potty mouth, the biggest liar, the bragger, the most blunt, the optimistic, the pessimistic
- Junko has the potty mouth, the bragger is a tie between Michiko and Susumu, although Susumu's sister, Kyo, also tends to brag. The most blunt is Michiko for sure. :XD: The optimistic one is Susumu while the most pesstimistic from all my OCs would have to be Akina.
17. The most cuddly, the not so cuddly one/ gives the most kisses, gives the least kisses
- I'm leaving my aromantics out of this... But the most cuddly is Akina, she's a good snuggle buddy :XD: Ryouta is also cuddly, although he tends to do it a little too hard... You would think Michiko wouldn't be cuddly, but she's actually is more in private with Takeshi. Not sure about the not so cuddly one tbh...
- Ryouta would give the most kisses from all of my OCs, Susumu isn't much of a kisser, and Michiko isn't much of a kisser either.
18. The most confident, the most self-conscious, the humble one
- Most confident is a tie between Michiko and Susumu, the most self-conscious would be Mutsumi (MichikoxTakeshi's biological daughter), although Takeshi would be very close (Akina is only really self-conscious about her looks...), the most humble is defiantly Izagani, but Takeshi is very humble as well.
19. The gullible one, the lie detector, the mischievous one, the most well-behaved/ The most intuitive, the most rational
- Izagani is the most gullible, the lie detector is Yuuna. Takeru, Gin, and Masamune are equally mischievous I would say. Mutsumi, Akina, and Takeshi are my goody two shies :XD:
- Izagani is very intuitive, Shintaro says his intuition is on the mark, Akina is also intutive. For rationale... I would say Akina too, although she relies more on her intuition.
20. The materialistic, the penny pincher, the richest, the poorest
- Junko is the most materialistic, but Susumu is also very materialistic, and so is Chiyemi. The penny pincher would be Hiromasa (Akina's father). The richest would be Chiyemi, since her family owns a successful business in Kirigakure. Although I will say that Tsukikage Kuragari as a group has quite the money stash... The poorest OC would be Junko in her youth, which is why she is so materialistic when she does experience being around more money.
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Hebi-no-MajoHobbyist Digital Artist
1. I'd say Tenne, but her intelligent doesn't fully come from herself, Jun is more of a genius one (Shioris teammember and boyfriend). Hakkou and Yuji are both quite the losers.
2. Yokina. Howori. Shiori. Kazuteru. Kemuri.
3. Asaka. Hoderi
4. Majo (or her mom XD ). Howori. Asaka or Manaka. eeehhh N/A
5. Majo atfirst always had the longest hair but I decided to keep it till her bum and not past it, Longest now Moriko or Amari. Shortest hair I think Shizukana XD for now.
6. Kayako or Howori. Kayako. Hakkou or Kazuteru. Shiori or Youta. Kazuteru. Most of my OCs XDDD idk
7. Shirushi. Howori?. Madoka. Youta. (this is getting hard, so many OCs that are such cold monsters x''D )
8. Shiori. Naoki. Shirushi.
9. Aki. Tsubaki. Junko. Asaka, Majo. IDK
10. Sanyu. most of them probably. Tenne. Kintaro.

Here are the chars if you don't know which ones who XD
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JoTehDemonicPickleStudent Filmographer

1. Michio is the prodigy of the Akihide clan, but it takes him a long time to live up to that name. He was born with the gift to surpass his clan in his kekkei genkai, but because of his anxiety he doesn't have the courage or the confidence to do it. So I guess he's also kind of the loser too.
2. Most humorous is definitely Koji. He deals with a lot of his own problems through laughter and jokes. Tami's got next to no sense of humor. She can understand it, but when it comes to her own, she couldn't crack a joke if her life depended on it., Tetsuya is probably the most sarcastic of everyone. The most flirty is Koji, and the most unflirty is Michio.
3. Koji and Yuuna both love cats, and Yuuna ends up getting a cat for her kids after her and Shikamaru settle down. Tetsuya's more of a dog lover in comparison to his sister.
4. Kaede is the bustiest of the ladies, and Yuuna's got the smallest chest. Tetsuya's packing a lot, but Koji not so much.
5. Tami has the longest hair of the ladies, and that inspires Yuuna to grow hers out. At one point they have hair that are relatively the same length, but in The Last Tami cuts it to mid-back length, so post The Last, Yuuna has the longest hair. Consistantly through the series Koji has short hair, but in the epilogue Tetsuya cuts it similar to Naruto's, so in the epilogue it's Tetsuya and Koji.
6. Kaede is the biggest potty mouth, biggest liar, and the biggest bragger all in one. She's also the most blunt of everyone because of her nature. Yuuna's the most optimistic, and Michio is the most pessimistic. He's working on it though.
7. Koji is the most cuddly, but Yuuna gives the most kisses. Kaede is the exact opposites. She would rather kill the person attempting to cuddle or kiss her than actually cuddle or kiss them.
8. Koji's the most confident, and Michio is the most self conscious and humble. He doesn't really see much value in his own worth for a long time.
9. Tetsuya's extremely gullible and Yuuna likes to take advantage of that for sure. Tami's got a built in lie detector in her brain, she's never been wrong when calling someone out on their bullshit. Koji's the most mischevious. Michio is definitely the most well-behaved and has the strongest intuition, considering of the three students, he's the team leader. Tami is the most rational and down to earth of all of my ocs.
10. Kaede is extremely greedy  and materialistic, and she'll milk the money out of everything and everyone if she can. The richest is Michio, since he comes from a well known respected clan. The poorest is Koji, but he doesn't care about money. He has a great relationship with his dad and that's all he needs.
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I'm glad you like these XD (I'm going to end up filling this out too lol)

So does Tami laugh at jokes at least? XD

Michiko is so precious omg
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JoTehDemonicPickleStudent Filmographer
She very rarely understands jokes and sarcasm, but when she does, she laughs her ass off because she's a big fucking nerd.

my precious readheaded baby
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