When pairing your OC with someone, which one do you do more often?
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Pair them with canon characters
Pair them with your OC's
Pair them with someone else's OC
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Published: October 23, 2012
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i used to pair them with canon characters but 've started pairing them up with my other oc-s now acutally... so, the first 2 ;) and the second one would be fun to doo i think...
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IgnisKatStudent Digital Artist
All three, really.
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I pair my OC with some of mine because I find it fun or Canon because I love how the character are and does so with out making them Ooc
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BeefAndBubblesStudent Interface Designer
I tend to pair my FCs with canon characters, but I really work hard for them to actually make sense and keep the canon in character. But I do have some FCxFC couples. ^^
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IviveHobbyist General Artist
All of the above? XD
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Kazumi-SenpaiHobbyist Digital Artist
I actually like to pair my OCs with mine because you can do whatever you want with them :D I usually don't like OC x Canon because people usually makes the canon OOC (out of character) :XD: But sometimes I like to pair my OC with a canon character (of course I try to make them not OOC :aww:
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when i paired my oc's with canon characters, it was really hard keeping them in character. Sasuke, for example... how can you keep him in character if he's supposed to love your character? He's not like that, so it was really hard to keep him in character.... he became ooc. I really admire pwople who can keep the canon characters in character :3
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Kazumi-SenpaiHobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah.. Many people makes Sasuke looks OOC a lot.. I don't really like that D: I agree with you =D
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