What "trademark" does your OC have according to their style of clothing? (examples in poll description, comment only poll)
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Like for Akina, it's bows
Susumu's trademark are belts
Michiko's is long arm coverings
Takeshi is armor/metal plates
Sadly I don't know of Ryouta, all I'm thinking of is black clothes and scrunchies X'D
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Published: June 1, 2016
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tsurugamiProfessional Digital Artist
Tsubaki has modest style with iconic colors : tosca, mustard yellow, black and cream. With the red umbrella-sword
Hotaka's trademark is his side hair which is longer than the other side. Clothing wise, there's no particular style, but orange & black is his colors.
While Tanuma's trademark is hoodie and his headband.
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Insanity-DrivenHobbyist General Artist
Akira's is the black choker primarily
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JoTehDemonicPickleStudent Filmographer
Yuuna is the black and white colours, Michio is the vest-type shirts, Koji is the bandages and bracelets, and Tami is the long sleeves~ :la:
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ZombieChocolateHobbyist Traditional Artist
Well, most of my ocs wear mostly green, since its a clan color, so my clan ocs dont really have any unique trademarks ^^" Only my non-clan oc Shizuka(on my icon) who uses a non-transparent kind of mesh/fishnet to cover 90% of her body, only her fingertips and face are the expections. She has pretty gross scars on her body due to a fire, and she doesnt feel comfortable with them uncovered ^^"
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Annai's is long skirts and Raku's is turtlenecks ^^
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Eleanor-DevilStudent Digital Artist
Naomi is the bare shoulders eleanor-devil.deviantart.com/a… eleanor-devil.deviantart.com/a… eleanor-devil.deviantart.com/a… xD I don't know why I choose it that way, I guess I just went with the flow
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I guess it's kind of an unconscious thing :XD: I didn't realize it until recently lol
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