What's worse?
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Working on a drawing for a long time and after it's finally done, end up hating it.
Working on a drawing for a long time and suddenly your computer crashes, making you start all over again.
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Published: September 1, 2014
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Shin-JonesHobbyist Artist
I've never had any of those experiences.
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21543185Hobbyist Artist

      I don't think anyone truly hates something they finish. Perhaps you're not 100% satisfied with something, but that is the nature of the beast isn't it? Artist, of any media, are all perfectionists. It would truly be sad if, at the end of a project, you can't congratulate yourself on finishing and take away something positive from the experience. I think that, if you do, then maybe this isn't what makes you happy, you know. Hate is such a strong word, stronger than people give it credit for. Unfulfilled or, maybe, overly critical would probably be a better way to surmise that feeling. 

      But loosing work is by far the worse thing that can happen. Nothing more frustrating or disheartening than that.

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