What do you particularly like and dislike about the Naruto OC fandom?
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Published: August 27, 2014
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Kura-KairaiHobbyist Digital Artist

I love the Naruto OC fandom for its variety of different characters and views on the series. I love seeing well-developed OCs and OC x Canon / OC x OC Pairings. And without this community I would not have improved with my characters as much as I did :meow:

But yeah, Sues... Though we need to define the term "Mary Sue" first. For me, a Mary Sue is a character that is inappropriate for the universe and breaks the canon rules. Along with this there comes the OOC-ness of Canon characters. Sure, everybody has got their very own interpretation of a Canon but sometimes I am not sure if people have actually watched the series/ read the manga ... And this bugs me a bit.
But a Mary Sue is not a character with strong abilities, long hair, big boobs or whatever. I mean, look at Kaguya Ootsuki or Mei Terumi who would be hated if they were OCs :XD:
Yet, no matter how bad an OC might be, no one deserves to get bashed for their creations and I despise these Mary Sue Blogs on tumblr.

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Very true!

I feel like the word "Mary sue" is pretty broad and everyone has their own opinion on what makes an OC a sue. But your definition makes more sense than some. 

It's fine if you summit your own character but it causes unnecessary problems if they bash on others. What gets me that they just post it onto a blog, they don't even try telling the creator what they can do to fix their character... One time Michiko was on one just because her stats were too high. They didn't even bother to tell me. :lol:
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Kura-KairaiHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh, Michiko was? o.ô Because of high stats? These people don't seem to know much about characterdesign then because this is no valid reason to consider an OC a Sue.
Yeah, it's only senseless bashing and no advice on how to improve the character's design properly. It doesn't help anyone after all.
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LuckiiNanaHobbyist General Artist
If I wrote everything down, it'd be basically what Shadowpup said xD;

My biggest problem would be the hostility and defensive fire that sparks when an OC, pairing (canon or not) is insulted. Everyone goes nuts or just the one person who feels 'offended,' then amg it's the end of the world.
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Her list pretty much summed everything up. :XD:

It's pretty pathetic. Not everyone is going to like the couple or your OC. But those type of fights are usually the more well known OCs and the followers might cause more trouble than the creator themselves. ^^;
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LuckiiNanaHobbyist General Artist
Yes. :giggle:

I've actually seen more 'fanless' fights and where it's usually moreso the creator acting like you've killed their whole family, lol. :XD:
But I think 'popular' fights I tend to ignore anyway, because whatever happened is normally blurred by all the fans getting rowdy and making accusations, pft. So you may be right, I've just avoided popular fights at all costs. :'D
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Shin-JonesHobbyist Artist
Hmm...  There are a few things.  I don't like mary-sues, that's a definitely though I'm wondering if I can talk or not because my character first started out as a mary-sues, so glad she's changed over time.  I do need to find someone that I can talk to her about though, to help improvement.
  I also don't like some of the pairings, some pairings just don't fit well, both appearance-wise and personality-wise.
     Annnnnnnndddd characters that don't follow the laws of the Naruto would kinda get on my nerves but I don't say anything, I don't say anything.  I just let them be, not my business, not my problem.  I used to be made at characters that have two different hair colours but Itama says other-wise basically, so I'm fine with it now.  As long as things follow canon and it all fits in well, I'm basically fine with whatever.

Though I'm a bit jealous when there's a Naruto OC with one of the Naruto characters, includes all characters.  What a problem I have. .___.
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The only problem is that some Mary sue characters don't change or the creators take it way too personal, even though the other person is only trying to help. 

That's good that you changed her! :D
There's place on tumblr that offers Naruto OC critiques and help, you can check those out if you would like~

It's probably better to leave them alone unless they ask for a critique to be honest... 

What do you mean by that? Like a character that has multiple pairings? 
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Shin-JonesHobbyist Artist
Ahh, yes.  So I've heard!
  I've never encountered someone with a Mary-sue character before but someone told me quite some time ago that she met one and they wouldn't really changing and they were godmodding or something with other people's OC's. .__.

Yeah!  It's actually quite funny thinking back to how she used to be.  She was all chipper and happy when she was first created, now she's some kinda badass in my mind. .___.
  ....  Wait, really?  There is?!  OMG! :iconyuiwahplz:

I will stick with that then. -w-

Ahhh.  No, not that but now that you mention that, that's also something that I do particularly like.
  Nah, I just get a bit jelly when I see someone's OC paired with a character.  Usually, their art makes me mad too because it's so fab..! ;___;

Aw, I also dislike it when a character has a name that's not Japanese.  I don't mind if it's spelt and pronounced how the Japanese say it, Lucy and Rushi.  It's cute. ; v ;

Ahh, I forgot to mention what I like about Naruto OC's.  I like seeing different character that people make and the OC's adventure. :3
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Hebi-no-MajoHobbyist Digital Artist
the sue's
there seem to still be people that make OCs with traits that absolutly do not fit in the Naruto fandom. And I don't get why they still go on with it.
There is this OC that I see allot and its annoying the crap out of me, who is paired with Yamato and has pointy elf ears and diamond shaped thing on the head like Sakura and Tsunade. ugh D: why

I agree with everything Shadowpup just said.

Also, allot of Naruto OC creators (especially the young ones) seem to have such a big ego.
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You  would think they would learn, but I guess there's a lot of older OCs that still have pretty bad Sue traits. 
But if you have just gotten into Naruto or at least into OCs they would probably be a Mary Sue since all beginning OCs were most likely sues. x'D

Elf ear naruto ocs are better off in a fantasy story...

Editors/thieves have big egos too
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Hebi-no-MajoHobbyist Digital Artist
indeed XD

x''DDD yup
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ShyLeviathanHobbyist Digital Artist
:bulletorange: The originality is stunning and every oc is interesting to look at/read about. 
:bulletorange: The fandom brings people together who share similar interests, and creates friendship. :lol:
:bulletorange: OC making is lots of fun and can even lift some stress off of people's shoulders. 
:bulletorange: We are all supporting Masashi and his franchise in our own, special way! Isn't that neat? :D
:bulletorange: The support some people get with their oc's uplifts self confidence and encourages creativity. 
:bulletblue: The fandom has very little support from outside. Most people make fun of the idea of OC making in general... 
:bulletblue: The Naruto OC fandom is infamous for its Mary-Sues. 
:bulletblue: The Naruto OC fandom has remade the idea of Mary-Sues specifically for the Naruto OC fandom. 
:bulletblue: The Naruto OC fandom has sparked so many flame wars it's not even funny. 
:bulletblue: The Naruto OC fandom may be to blame when it comes to the way the DeviantART community behaves these days. 
:bulletblue: The Naruto OC fandom might as well be a set example of what could go wrong in a fandom. 
:bulletblue: The Naruto OC fandom is growing in numbers with supporters and their oc's. Because of this growing fame, adolescents or even young adults will over-glorify the idea of a Naruto oc and mistake the fame as being much larger and widespread than it actually is. This over-glorification will make them appear very annoying to their peers, as all they ever seem to talk about are their oc's. 
:bulletblue: The over-glorification of Naruto OC's in the fandom often creates arrogance and territorial behaviors in many of its supporters. (To put it simply, it creates hostility.)
:bulletblue: Ideas are stolen. 
:bulletblue: TL;DR (Pros): It's taken way too seriously. 
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I agree with everything one the list. :XD:
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