What are your Ocs turn ons? Turn offs?
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Idk LOL I couldn't think of a good poll revolving OCS but I know I want to make one
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Published: September 9, 2015
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Hm...well, we have way too many OCs, but the ones we've mentioned previously on your polls...
Well, Masaru prefers flirting with words, but he doesn't like the touching that some people like to do...He likes girls that can take care of themselves. 
Ayane is a major flirt, but she does it more for approval than anything else. She likes people who don't judge her without knowing her. 
Noboru isn't interested in romance at the moment. He's pretty awkward, so he usually doesn't pick up on flirting, even when it's obvious. ^^;

What about yours? 

(P.S. Susumu's adventures with girls are sooo funny! X'D)
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Awww Noboru ;3; Is they're any physical traits and personaltiy traits they seem to be drawn into?

I haven't thought about my Tsukikage Kuragari OCs too much, I'll update the comment when I do... Although Shintaro and Yuuna are both Asexual and Aromantics so they wouldn't have any. Shintaro does like the feelin of hair if that counts though. ^^; Here's the others though~

Michiko: Straight
Turn-Ons: The male torso and she likes a sweet smile, even though she wouldn't admit to that. :XD: She's interested someone who is genuine and honest, especially about their own feelings since she has trouble doing so. Likes someone who smells good and is a good cook.
Turn-Offs: Complaining since that really annoys her. Any type of flirting since she really isn't into it at all. Being overly giggly and loud is something that would turn her off too; a little is okay but if it's constant then she would literally get a headache. PDA, whether it's her doing it with someone or seeing others do it, it would either embarrass her or gross her out, depending which type of PDA it is.

Susumu: Straight (always joked he's metrosexual XD)
Turn-Ons: Boobs :iconmingplz: He doesn't care what size they are and likes the other obvious parts on a woman such as their legs and a nice butt.... Although he likes all girls, the ones he likes best are the confident ones and those that take the time to look good and know they look good. Generally goes for older women since they're supposed to have more "experience" but no one elderly. Blushing and a sweet laugh are also turn ons. Thinks shorter girls are cute.
Turn-Offs: Any woman that's taller than him, it makes him feel uncomfortable... Anyone with bad hygiene or doesn't take good care of themselves. Women who are "too" muscular and crossdressing, doesn't matter what gender since it confuses him. :XD:

Ryouta: Straight
Turn-Ons: A feminine walk and more of a slender body type. Likes someone with plump lips and jaw and neck kisses/nibbling is a turn on for him. As in personality, he likes someone who knows what they want and are ambitious. Also likes spontaneous women and who are willing to try new things.
Turn-Offs: Women who are clingy in terms of not moving on in a relationship, not necessarily in affection since he doesn't mind being affectionate. Anyone controlling since he's a very independent person and doesn't like the feeling of being trapped. Doesn't like those who fall into routine or who are not willing to try new things, again with being spontaneous and adventurous.

Takeshi: Straight and Demisexual; although he's only attracted to women, he will only feel a sexual attraction through a strong emotional bond first.
Turn-Ons: Those who are determined and not easy to give up, confidence and unlike Akina, still would admire those who may have a big ego because a least they're confident...  Also tends to like those who are calm and will help him when he feels he can't do something since he can be quite insecure at times. Likes tight hugs and kisses on the cheek. He doesn't really care too much about physical appearance, but he does like long legs.
Turn-Offs: Violent tempers and those who yell a lot; makes him feel tense/nervous. Not one who likes to be flirted with or to be touched without consent. 

Akina: Straight 
Turn-Ons: Muscular or well-defined arms, being picked up, rubbing her sides, and soft kisses. In Zenshin's case (Akina's love interest) she likes it when he pushes his hair back, more in the act of doing so if that makes sense. :XD: In terms of personality, she likes a little bit of confidence since that's something she lacks in and someone who isn't afraid of showing PDA. Not really a turn-on but she is drawn to those with more relaxed personalities and she really loves Eskimo kisses and cuddling. 
Turn-Offs: She's not a very flirty person so those who are too forward with flirting turns her off.  She doesn't like aggressiveness since it makes her uncomfortable. Although she likes confidence having an oversized ego is a huge turn-off. People who are disrespectful and curse a lot is another thing she doesn't like.
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Sorry, been really busy! Waaaah! School...I can only come on on the weekends...
To be honest, we haven't really given it much thought...I'm very bad at writing about romance...
Well, Masaru has had a crush on another OC, Aiko, since they were kids. He thought she was pretty, probably because of her girly eyes. Later on, he likes that she's smart and can give him a hard time in an arm wrestle. He doesn't like girls who spend too much time on their looks; he prefers the effortless look. 
Ayane likes people with nice smiles, but again, she's not really interested in a committed relationship. She doesn't like guys who are short. 
Hm...we have been developing a love interest for Noboru, but he ends up liking her more because of their emotional connection than her appearance. But right now, the most important woman in his life is his mom. XD

Haha, of course Shintaro likes hair! 
Wow, you've really thought this out! It's so detailed, and I love how it fits their personalities so well!
That's so funny that Michiko would never admit that she likes sweet smiles! It's so fitting!
Oh, Susumu...The first thing is boobs...XD

This is probably weird, but thanks for the poll! You've really made me think about an aspect of character that I mostly ignored! :D
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mistressmaxwellHobbyist Digital Artist
I think at this point we both know pretty well what gets Zenshin going...
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Anything else than those things? ;iconmingplz:
Turn offs ig? X'D
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mistressmaxwellHobbyist Digital Artist
Hmmmm he's not into the overly rough stuff and no into thing getting overly vulgar. I think he likes to try different things though. Keep things interesting
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An amazing story. Anyone can make an oc look good, so i don't care about looks or anything like that xD
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I meant what your oc's think what is attractive and what's not XD

I guess it was confusing since I forgot an ' sorry about that ^^;
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Oh! Oops! I read it too fast xD
-Ryuun likes blondes which is why he has some feelings for Ayane, Amai, and Rei.
-Iroshi likes strong girls. Both physically and mentally. His makes him pursue them further and get him in trouble.
-Koharu is Asexual xD
-And Ayane is... It think it's Demisexual? The one where they're only attracted to people they have a deep emotional relationship with.
-Tsuki and Taiyō are Asexual like all the other villains in my story xD
-And Amai likes Ryuun because of their similarities.
I may have missed some xD
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It's okay XD

And I enjoyed reading it! Like Iroshi's :lol:
And yeah you're right about the demisexuals. Have you thought about their turn offs?
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Iroshi's is my favorite xD
Yes! I got it right! :3
Huh... I actuay haven't xD
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gingerhighlandergirlHobbyist Traditional Artist
dunno really, I tend to make most of my oc's have a weakness for cute things and children (I believe children are precious)
and that they are really protective of those that need their protection......
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gingerhighlandergirlHobbyist Traditional Artist
thank you!
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Hebi-no-MajoHobbyist Digital Artist
Thats a hard one for so many OCs that I have OTL
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Uh how about Majo, Howori and Miho since you probably thought about theirs more in detail? X'D

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I use zodiac signs to help with stuff like this too x'DD
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Hebi-no-MajoHobbyist Digital Artist
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Hebi-no-MajoHobbyist Digital Artist
not really :iconmingplz:
still hard to think of something
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DreamWorkkzHobbyist General Artist

Satomi (Naruto OC): She is paired with Gai-sensei and she finds his enthusiasm, smile, and dark eyes incredibly enticing. Ahem...and his ass. She finds an ignorant personality to be super unattractive. It pisses her off. 

Erai (Bleach OC): She is paired with Kenpachi  and she finds his challenging personality to be rather seductive. As for turn off...hmm, well. I've never really thought about that for her.

Makina (Bleach OC): I'm between pairing her with Renji/Ikkaku. If with Renji, she secretly finds his gentlemanly attitude rather sweet. If with Ikkaku, she thinks his sarcastic personality to be challenging. Submissive personalities are def a turn off for her.

Shiori (Bleach OC): She is paired with Komamura and she finds his intelligence and loyalty rather attractive. His warmth is what pulls her in. She doesn't think about sex much... Aggressive people would be a turn off though.
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Not too familiar to Bleach so I had to look the characters up ^^;

Couldn't help but laugh a little on how Satomi thinks Gai has a nice ass :XD:
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DreamWorkkzHobbyist General Artist
Lmaoooo! Me and my friend have this idea that Satomi and Gai would be trying to get in the mood and you know...this ensues:

Satom is splayed out on the be, looking as seductive as she can. Gai appears naked in front of her and then flexes ALL his muscles. He even turns to show her his bulging buttocks. Of course she stops and she's like... "Uh...Gai, what are you do?"

Gai of course, giving his dazzling smile, flexes even more with his trademark thumb pads flipped up youthfully. "My dear Satomi! I am trying to seduce you with my youthful physique!"

OF course...she would secretly love it. 
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turn ons: you
turn offs: not you 

I've actually never thought about this for my ocs and it's pretty interesting so i'll get back to you. 
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