Time for another headcanon poll~ (Gimme your headcanons of your OCs!)
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Either already written ones you posted, such as a journal or written piece
Or I can use headcanon memes that I found and you can fill out the character(s) I ask for (memes provided in the commets)
If you have any you want to know about mine, I'll do it too
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By anniberri   |   Watch
Published: June 8, 2016
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I'm so sorry for replying so late on this ;A;

Like what you got so far! Annai sounds like what I would be if I were a ninja lol Hope she doesn't get splinters from the woodclones though and I like Raku's interaction with Anko~

Also if you're up for it, I can give you some questions from the headcanon memes posted in the comment section :D
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Oh no worries!  :)

XD thank you! I'm so glad you've enjoyed it so far! 

Oh absolutely!  That'd be wonderful!
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  • 😃: What does your muse's smile look like?
  • 💯 What is my muse’s ideal date?
  • 🔎 - Random detail about them

  •  What is your muse's saddest memory from their childhood?
  • 😍: What is your muse like when in love?
    • ✪ - favourite food/eating habits


  • 😃: 
    • ✮ - sleeping habits
  • 👑 …someone my muse is jealous of.
  • 🏨 - Sleeping position

💢 - Something other’s do that gets on their nerves
💑 What are my muse’s requirements for a potential partner?
8. Where and when do they seem most and least at ease? Why? How can you tell?
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X3 I'll get right on it!
Also, would you be okay with me using the formatting style you created for your headcanon compilation? I'll give you credit of course, it's wonderfully organized.
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Looking forward to it! :la:
Of course, go right on ahead :D
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- she is very fond of Naruto and regrets not befrending him when they were children.
- had a mental breakdown when realised how easy is to take people's lives in Kakuzu/Hidan Arc, but got over it (long story hehe)
- is the only person in team who doesn't have a familiar to summon
- all of her taijutsu moves almost completely consist on kicks
- she makes an impression of happy-go-lucky individual and so she partly is, however she also deeply cares about her family and Kanten's self-esteem issues
- tried to teach Kanten and Naruto how to pick up chicks but they don't seem to get it
- often makes pun of her name as "she's not only an ingredient but also the food itself" which is a reference to Naruto's name
- loves using hypocoristics

- he tends to faint when being too close to girls or when sexy justu is used in front of him
- always ends up in some kind of gay gag even if he's straight as a ruler
- seems to be a tight-arse but on the battlefield he's the boss
- has self-esteem issues and try to act as like a "true man"(always fails) which led him to focus more on his problems than cooperation with Mochiko
- but he realised how much she really loves and appreciates him and felt sorry that he underestimated her
- is overprotective of his sister but too shy to "defend" her from girls
- has a huge crane as a familiar
- is always polite and addresses himself as watashi
- social failure 

- enjoy hotsprings
- prefer mild dishes
- befriend team 8 (mostly Lee and Tenten)
- are like ying-yang where Mochi is the lucky one and Kanten may seem unlucky, but he has Mochi so eventually he ends up saved from Sakura's rampages and any kinds of disasters//slapped
- have earrings
- like "pretty" things
- move gracefully

so much headcanons and i don't even have ful referencesssssss<
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Jesus so sorry for such a late reply ;A;

Michiko is so nice and love the little relationship she has with Naruto as well as her brother~ what are some nicknames does she have for people?

And poor baby Kanten, he's so awkward it sounds like XDD but at least he's a good fighter lol

Headcanons are easier and more fun to write though XD and if you want I could give you some questions from the headcanon meme posted in the comment section
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np :33

aww im so glad you do! ♥ she mostly uses -chan or 1st sylabe + chan, like Ka-chan for her future girlfriend well surprise is a key to successful assassination >:"D
(btw psst would you mid if i shipped my ocs with yours in platonic way? uvu i'm very into them tbh and i just keep imagining scenarios in my head ---- but if you don't agree/want to discuss it it's fine -!) 

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Ohhh cute, and very true XD

(I don't mind, I'm always happy to hear that people like my OCs well enough for that! But I would like to discuss it though just because it would be fun :XD: you can hit me up and send me a note or we can just talk about it here, that's fine too)

And here you go~


🎨 - Artistic ability
🏠 - What does their living space 
💐 - Favorite type of flower


💀 - What are they afraid of?
😒: What does your muse find disgusting?
✎ - taste in music/literature


👰 Would my muse ever get married?
👻 …someone my muse considers a best friend.
🔋 - What makes them feel better after a long day?
🔎 - Random detail about them

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mistressmaxwellHobbyist Digital Artist
Whatever you haven't done yet XD I don't know what to ask, it's early lol
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Here you go~

💐 - Favorite type of flower
💘 What are the ways my muse says ‘I love you’ without actually saying it?
♮ - body type

👻 …someone my muse considers a best friend.
😅: What does your muse do when they goof up?
🔎 - Random detail about them

☕ - Tea or Coffee?  How do they take theirs?
👙: What does your muse's bathing suit look like?
🍑 - Favorite fruit

What is your muse's deadly sin?
✮ - sleeping habits
🔋 - What makes them feel better after a long day?
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mistressmaxwellHobbyist Digital Artist
without a doubt her favourite flowers are chrysthanthemums 
Kaiya is big into rubbing Kakashi's back when he's nearby. As a a way of showing she loves him and also to show support to him. She also keeps a happy, clean home and makes sure he has a soft place to fall after a long day. This is her way of showing love
shes a pear type body shape. Slim but a little wider at the bottom XD

oh her best friend is Naho her teammate. They're inseparable 
she usually gets pretty embarrassed about it because she doesn't like to fail. After an appropriate period of pouting or self reflection she usually tries again to get it right.
beniko loves to collect buttons ^^

tea for sure. And she usually takes milk and a little honey.
her bathing suit I imagine to look something like this sta.sh/01p3vjsga35h the style not necissarilt the colours XD
her favourite flute are plums, kiwis and raspberries

of the 7DD she'd be categorized as either Pride or Envy
shes a pretty good sleeper. She likes to sleep on her side with one leg pulls up to her stomach. Usually hanging onto a pillow in her sleep
after a long day a long shower and a good meal usually help her calm down quickly. A full stomach usually makes her happy lol
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Oh chrysanthemums are pretty, never heard of them before until now~ And does Beniko ever do anything with the buttons, or try to collect multiple sets?
The swimsuit style would defiantly fit Satsuki I think, not that pattern or colors though XDD 

And here's some headcanons for some of the boys :D

✿ - laugh
💑 What are my muse’s requirements for a potential partner?
❅ - keeping warm/keeping cool techniques

😍: What is your muse like when in love?
😏: Is your muse a good liar?
💍 Has my muse ever had a one-night stand?

 Is your muse more self loving or self loathing?
🚿 - Do they like hot or cold showers?
😒: What does your muse find disgusting?

🍙 - Favorite snack
👠 What was my muse’s last serious relationship like?
 How does your muse deal with their anger?

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mistressmaxwellHobbyist Digital Artist
Beniko's rule of thumb is "you just never know when you're going to need a button" XD

yojou doesn't belly laugh often. You'll be lucky to get a little giggle out of him now and then
obviously not someone high strung. He wants a mellow girl who is content to go slow with everything and not rush. He doesn't want to have to keep up with her. Humble girls as well would be a plus.
keeping warm he stands near group fires in the tribe over night and to stay cool he's pretty simple. A cold drink and usually going shirtless for him

he starts writing love songs and being a little musher then he usually is. He's normally flirty/touchy-feely though
he can lie but he's not good at keeping them when pressed. He folds like a deck of cards
many....many times.... *facepalm*

youre joking right? Tadaharu is ridiculously self loving XD
hot showers. He's not fond of the cold
girls without class or feminine traits really upset him. And it's going to sound horrible but it's true, he's really adverse to homosexuals. e____e

favorite snack is sesame crackers with maybe some dip
it was okay. It ran its course and ended on decent terms. No blow up fighting or anything like that
he internalizes it until he can take it out on the training grounds or the battlefield XD
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